Learn how to quickly dry pavement at Road Dryer’s ConExpo 2020 booth

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Mar 3, 2020

Road Dryer Trailer Mounted

The truck-or-trailer-mounted Road Dryer RD-1200XT will be on display at the Silver Lot at ConExpo 2020, booth S6509.

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The unit dries asphalt and concrete pavement in just one pass, allowing crews to pave or apply surface treatments or striping. The machine blows heated air up to 400 degrees directly downward through multiple nozzles. This eliminates the risk of flying debris and allows traffic to flow in nearby lanes, says the company. It also allows users to dry paving surfaces on demand, giving them the ability to minimize delays caused by wet conditions or processes such as milling or hydroblasting.

The unit can be adjusted between drying widths of 8 to 12 feet.

Road Dryer says their process offers advantages over more traditional drying methods, including jet engine dryers, infrared heat or portable blowers combined with brooms and manual squeegees. In addition to being faster, it does not use jet fuel, does not operate at high noise levels, melt pavement or throw debris. Instead, the unit preconditions the incoming air to remove moisture prior to heating and directing the heated air to the road, which the company says allows faster drying time, typically within an hour.