Leading Edge Attachments to intro rippers, bucket at ConExpo 2020

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Updated Mar 3, 2020
The Wolverine Stump Ripper is designed for stump removal.The Wolverine Stump Ripper is designed for stump removal.

Located in the Central Hall at booth C20771, Leading Edge Attachments will showcase three new attachments at ConExpo 2020.

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The Wolverine Stump Ripper (shown above) provides a way to remove stumps without leaving grindings or stump remains, says the company. Using a pin or a quick coupler, users can attach the ripper on to an excavator or backhoe weighing more than 6,000 pounds. The curved vertical blades have no cross members to impede the ripping action. When used with thumb, the stump can be grabbed and pulled out, removing the stump completely and just leaving the ends of its roots.

Hi-Production Multi-RipperHi-Production Multi-Ripper

The company’s Hi-Production Multi-Ripper is designed to break through rock, frozen ground and coral up to up to four times faster than a hydraulic hammer, says Leading Edge. Other advantages over using a hydraulic hammer include lower cost, less machine wear, easier switching between attachments since no hydraulic lines are involved and no depth limitation, says the company. The Hi-Production version of the multi-ripper has five shanks instead of three. The ripper can be used on excavators, backhoes and compact excavators.

Multi-DigNRip V-Raptor BucketMulti-DigNRip V-Raptor Bucket

The Multi-DigNRip V-Raptor Bucket is a new version of the company’s V-Raptor Bucket. Designed for excavators and backhoes, the ripper-bucket allows operators to easily rip rock, coral or frozen ground with the minimum breakout force, says the company. The unit can also pry out and carry stumps, cradle boulders, rip a narrow V trench for laying utilities, and scoop and load the materials. It fits on backhoes, compact excavators and excavators weighing more than 6,000 pounds.