Blaw-Knox commercial paver legacy lives

By Mike Anderson

LAS VEGAS – Under a manufacturing and licensing agreement with Volvo Construction Equipment, the heritage of Blaw-Knox commercial asphalt pavers and road wideners lives on in a new division of VT LeeBoy.

VT LeeBoy, parent company of the LeeBoy and Rosco brands, introduced the new LB Performance division at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011. Depending on the distribution route, the new division will manufacture products under the LB or Blaw-Knox brand, the latter currently licensed for use for five years. Regardless, LB’s pavers – currently both rubber-tired models – will not be co-branded LeeBoy, says VT LeeBoy president and chief executive officer Kelly Majeskie. The renowned compact LeeBoy asphalt paver product line includes an 8-foot-class tracked and wheeled models considered at the top of the commercial paving range.

Along with the all-new 34-horsepower RW-35A and 80-horsepower RW-80A road wideners, the re-launching of Blaw-Knox commercial paving products at CONEXPO-CON/AGG includes four models updated from previous Blaw-Knox series machines, acquired by Volvo as part of the former Ingersoll Rand road machinery business. These are the 67-horsepower PF-150B and 110-horsepower PF-161B paver/finishers and the 110-horsepower RW-100B and 190-horsepower RW-195E road wideners.