Pickup Truck Survey

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Updated Aug 6, 2013












In construction, the ‘company car’ is essential

From what our readers told us, the company supplied pickup truck is a nearly universal phenomenon, with 86.6 percent of respondents to a recent survey providing them.

The most common acquisition strategy is for the company to buy and supply the truck (97.5 percent), rather than having the employee own the truck with company reimbursement (9.3 percent). Straight purchases are the norm at 80.9 percent. Given the tough workout trucks get on the jobsite it’s not surprising that only 3.5 percent of respondents lease exclusively, although 15.7 percent combine leases and purchases.

It stands to reason that supervisors and company executives are more likely to enjoy this benefit (question 4), although curiously the bottom 20.3 percent of respondents in that question supplied pickup trucks to all crew members.

Questions 5 and 6 tell us our readers opt for a variety of cab styles. In addition, 3⁄4-ton vehicles are the most popular, four-wheel-drive models predominate, Ford edges out Chevy/GMC (but not by much) and at the end of a long day a generous 71.2 percent of companies let their employees take these trucks home.

Company pickup trucks

1. Do you provide pickup trucks to employees to use on the job?

Yes 86.8%

No 13.2%


2. Does your company own these trucks outright, or do the employees own them with company reimbursement? (multiple answers accepted)

Company owned and supplied truck 97.5%

Worker owned vehicle with company reimbursement 9.3%


3. If they are company supplied trucks, do you lease them or purchase them outright?

Purchase 81%

A combination of both 16%

Lease 3%


4. At what level do you provide this benefit for your workers? (Check all that apply)

Supervisor/superintendent/foreman 81.4%

Company executives 41.5%

All crew members 20.3%


5. What type of cabs do these trucks have? ((Multiple answers accepted)

Regular pickup cab 66.1%

Extended cab 55.1%

Four full-size door cab 43.2%


6. What size and type of trucks do you provide? (Check all that apply)

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1/4 ton 7.6%

1/2 ton 45.8%

3/4 ton 73.7%

1 ton 56.8%

Two-wheel drive 49.2%

Four-wheel drive 74.6%

Diesel 63.6%

Gasoline 66.9%


7. What brand of trucks do you have?

Ford 64.4%

Dodge 19.5%

Chevrolet/GMC 59.3% Other 4.2%


8. Do the employees you provide pickup trucks for take them home after hours?

Yes 71.2%

No 28.8%