Learn how to get the most out of your equipment appraisal at The Construction Symposium

Updated Jul 25, 2013

B.Hoffman_PhotoEquipment appraisals are an extremely important element to the business of construction. And we’ve written at length on the topic to give you as much advice and information on the topic as possible.

But if you’d like to discuss equipment appraisals with an expert in person, make plans to attend our Construction Symposium in Dallas, August 20-22.

On August 21, Brett Hoffman, the senior equipment appraiser for J.J. Kane, will present on how to get the most out of your appraisals.

Even though all appraisals should be equal, the person doing the appraisal, the conditions they’re being performed under and who owns the appriasal information can have a big impact on how your fleet is evaluated for sale, bonding or insurance purposes.

Brett has more than 30 years of experience evaluating heavy equipment fleets and will tell attendees how and why you must take ownership of the equipment appraisal process.

Afterward, attendees will have a good idea about how to steer appraisals toward goals that benefit their company’s future.

Registration for the Construction Symposium is free—and that includes your stay at the Dallas Omni, a gorgeous hotel in the heart of the city. To register click this link. 

To find out more about Hoffman and the rest of the Symposium’s great lineup of speakers, click here.