Texas contractor to pay for repairs resulting from tar covered tires from recently paved road

Updated Jul 25, 2013

tar tiresIt always feels nice to drive on newly-paved roads. Typically, that doesn’t include taking the road with you.

Victoria, Texas contractor Brannan Paving has agreed to pay for all the repairs resulting from a botched paving job that for several days closed down a 2.5-mile stretch of road near Corpus Christi, according to KRISTV.com.

Officials told the TV station that the pavers were Officials say Brannan Paving of Victoria was working on FM 665 when it began raining heavily. Shortly thereafter, drivers on a portion of the road the crew had paved a few days before, began calling 911 reporting heavy tar buildup on their tires was causing them to swerve off the road.

Apparently, the rain didn’t allow the sealant coat they laid on that section to completely dry.

Two dozen vehicles, including tractor trailers became stuck.

KRISTV.com reports that at least 30 drivers have come forward and filed a claim for repairs.

You can see a video from the story over at KRISTV.com.