Israeli construction workers accused of kidnapping contractor for backpay

Tel Aviv, IsraelTel Aviv, Israel

Pretty scary story out of Israel where three construction workers were arrested for allegedly kidnapping a contractor and demanding he pay them $10,000 in backpay, according to Durability and Design.

The suspects, ages 34, 41 and 62 made an appointement with the 24-year-old contractor and demanded the backpay for work done months ago before dragging him into a sealed box on the back of a truck.

The kidnappers drove him to Tel Aviv where they locked him in an apartment and called his girlfriend to demand the money from her as well.

Luckily, the contractor had a cell phone hidden in his sock. He was able to call the police who then tracked the phone to his location.

The crazy thing about all of this? The contractor kidnapped did not own the construction company these men worked for and was not even the employer in charge of them.