A cuppa joe and The Construction Blog


Marcia Untitled 1I’m a morning person, and I have a morning ritual: sitting down to breakfast with my local newspaper.

I know, I know – totally a dying breed. Who eats breakfast anymore?

And, yes, newspapers do seem to be going the way of Blackberrys.

At Equipment World, we’re hoping you add a new ritual with your morning coffee: visiting The Construction Blog. It’s kinda sorta new for us. We actually started a blog in 2009, but it eventually died when it became clear that only one blogger – our always-opinionated Tom Jackson – took to it. Sustaining a one-man show became a hard feat with the full writing load Tom has.

“It’s fun for us and more important, we think it will be informative for you.”

 But it’s now worth a second visit, because several voices have been added to Tom’s. Our managing editor, Amy Materson, using her degree in business management, hones in on company concerns such as employee motivation and recruitment. We’ve added Wayne Grayson to our staff, who wrote a technology blog for our local newspaper, and so brings a natural curiosity about all things technical. And of course there’s Tom – now going by @Tier4Tom on Twitter – taking on the California Air Resources Board, Mayor Bloomberg’s Great Big Gulp Ban, and diesel hybrids.

Me, I’ll write what I want to write, which is actually true for all of the above.

It’s fun for us and more important, we think it will be informative for you. But it’s not just entertainment. There’s a lot of good stuff here, as recent headlines will attest:

“Methanol may be the best alternative fuel yet”

“Diesel exhaust said to be a carcinogen”

“No texting while driving… a tractor”

“Send your kid to heavy equipment camp”

“Hackers breach infrastructure systems”

Don’t take my word for it. Examples of blog posts can be seen throughout this magazine, in both our up-front Reporter section and in Tom’s Final Page posting.

So fire up your iPad (our web traffic says you’re beginning to cozy up to the high graphics capabilities of these devices), pour yourself a cup of joe and enjoy.