Atlas Copco receives honors

Atlas Copco has received acclaim for its innovative and sustainable business practices. Honors include Newsweek’s Green Rankings, Thomson Reuters’ Top 100 Global Innovators and rankings in the Patent Board of global industrial equipment manufacturers and Forbes magazine’s Top 100 most innovative companies in the world, as well as inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 2011.

Newsweek’s Green Rankings identified Atlas Copco among companies as global leaders who incorporate policies, practices and programs that foster environmental well-being. The company ranked number 161 among global companies, number 15 among Capital Goods companies and third among companies with headquarters in Sweden companies as global leaders.

Thomson Reuters’ Top 100 Global Innovators is based on an examination of the intellectual property of all companies or organizations that have had 100 patents or more approved in the past three years. Atlas Copco made the list based on the success of their patent applications, the global scope of the patents and most importantly, the influence these patents have had on other companies’ inventions.

The Patent Board of global industrial equipment manufacturers, which measures the quality of the companies’ patent portfolios, ranked Atlas Copco as number 13 on the list of 119 companies. The company’s ranking was number 23 the previous year.