MWV Specialty Chemicals and Majeska & Associates forming new business: Invia Pavement Technologies

MWV Specialty Chemicals Division and Majeska & Associates have agreed to form a new business – Invia Pavement Technologies – to deliver new pavement solutions to transportation agencies and roadbuilders worldwide.

“We’ve been serving the transportation industry for over 60 years, and we understand the challenges and opportunities our customers face,” said Ed Rose, president, MWV Specialty Chemicals, in a written statement from MWV. “This business will accelerate adoption of new pavement preservation technologies that meet the global needs of our customers and grow their businesses.”

Invia Pavement Technologies will work closely with customers to provide a comprehensive concept-to-market approach for solving the transportation industry’s challenge of effectively growing and maintaining roadway infrastructure, according to MWV. Through innovative advances in asphalt materials science, the new business will deliver green paving technologies and unique, cost-effective pavement preservation solutions.

The new business will combine novel technologies with industry-leading marketing strategies. MWV Specialty Chemicals is a customer-focused leader in innovative chemistry with world-class research facilities reaching global markets. Majeska & Associates is well known for its value-focused consulting approach to public sector marketing, applied materials science, product development and commercialization agility.

“Invia Pavement Technologies will bring value-added solutions to help our customers and agencies by offering an open, inclusive approach to technical marketing that will allow the greatest rate of growth for pavement preservation worldwide,” said Brian Majeska, President, Majeska & Associates.

Invia Pavement Technologies is expected to begin operations in September.