Product Focus


By Lauren Heartsill

Extendable Deck Untitled 1EXTENDABLE DECK

The Fontaine Magnitude 55MX heavy-haul trailer features a 55-ton frame capacity in 16 feet and a modular, extendable design.

• Clear deck length ranges from 29 feet retracted to 50 feet extended

• Includes a built-in tool box

• Has a 20-inch loaded deck height with 6-inch ground clearance.


Equal Suspension Untitled 1EQUAL SUSPENSION

The Kalyn Siebert, a Heil subsidiary, specialized heavy-haul trailer has a 170,000-pound capacity in 14-feet of the main deck.

• Hydraulic tower has 16 inches of travel for ground clearance

• Has a horizontal, four-pine design at the rear of the deck

• Features self-equalizing suspension.


Manufacturers struggle to meet trailer demands

Trailer manufacturers are seeing a spike in trailer orders, but many are unable to produce enough to meet this demand. During the recession, several trailer companies closed plants, made major layoffs, reduced their capacities to build trailers and sold inventory without replacing it, causing them to fall behind when the market picked up.

There also is a shortage of used trailers, says Jim Ladner, national sales manager, Landoll. Operators have been keeping their trailers longer – during a better economy they may have traded for a new trailer, making their used trailer available to the market – causing the demand to outweigh the supply.

“Trailers are used by many industries, not just construction,” Ladner says. “Many of those industries have stabilized, and that, added together with low field inventories and the aging trailer fleets, makes for better trailer demand.”

The Northeast seems to be seeing the strongest demand for trailers, with business starting to pick up in the mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes area, says Greg Smith, vice president of sales and marketing, Talbert Manufacturing. “The Southeast, Central and West still seem to be lagging, with the exception being natural resource areas such as shale and oil patch markets.”

Felling Trailers added a second shift, in February to decrease lead time and increase their production after they saw a large demand for their products. The company has hired 70 people this year, bringing its total employment to more than 150, a company record.

Load Up Untitled 1LOAD UP

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Simplify loading with Roose Manufacturing’s RR-335 three-reel, self-load trailer.

• Manual or engine-powered hydraulic pumps raise the reels

• Features a 3,000- to 3,500-pound carrying capacity

• Options include a power rewind attachment and tension brake.


Double Dump Untitled 1DOUBLE DUMP

The Clement SideStar2 side dump trailer has hydraulic lines routed through the frame’s cross members.

• Has two-speed suspension

• Overall trailer length is 35 feet 8 inches

• Uses two 5-inch, double-acting dump cylinders with advanced seals and flow divide to cylinders.


Change Angle Untitled 1CHANGE ANGLE

The Trail-Eze Trailers TE70XT’s design gives contractors a choice between a standard 15-degree load angle or a 10-degree load angle tail.

• Design is achieved without moving axles

• Handles 70,000 pounds distributed, 50,000 pounds concentrated in 16 feet

• Frame is composed of high-tensile steel.



Towmaster’s TC-Series drop-deck trailer has 80,000-psi junior I-beam crossmembers and two taillights per side.

• Has a six-position integrated hitch plate

• Uses a bolt-on parking jack

• Features the Towmaster DD sub frame with one-piece formed tongue.


Level Platform Untitled 1LEVEL PLATFORM

Advance Metalworking’s Lift-a-Load elevating platform trailer hydraulically lowers to ground height and rises to dock height while remaining level.

• Available in different styles and sizes

• Two-wheel models feature 3/16-inch, Grade 55 diamond plate flooring and tailgate

• Eliminates the need for slanted ramp boards.


Inverted Cylinder Untitled 1INVERTED CYLINDER

Jet Company’s side-dump trailer’s trunnion-mounted inverted cylinder design decreases tub acceleration and the sudden tub stop at the end of the cylinder travel.

• Has air ride suspension

• Uses two-speed landing legs

• Features four tub pivots per side.


Fold Ramp Untitled 1FOLD RAMP

Featuring a bi-fold ramp with an 8-degree load angle, the TrailMax TRD-54-PR is designed to haul equipment with low ground clearance requirements and angles.

• Has a 23-foot flat deck and 6-foot beavertail

• Ramp stows away and is powered by a self-contained power unit

• Features a tubular subframe with high tensile perimeter rails and tubular cross members on 12- and 16-inch centers.


Air Power Untitled 1AIR POWER

Felling Trailers’ air tilt deck-over trailer uses air powered from the tow vehicle to tilt the trailer and optional ramps, eliminating the need for hydraulics.

• Air-latch system unlocks the deck with a flip of a switch

• Main beam and cross members constructed of Grade 80 steel

• Deck height is 33 inches loaded.


Pullout Outriggers Untitled 1PULLOUT OUTRIGGERS

Trail King’s Advantage Plus series hydraulic detachable gooseneck features a five-position gooseneck door adjustment that allows for an 8-inch range of king pin height settings.

• Has heavy-duty pullout front outriggers

• Spring-loaded, stainless steel latches can be turned and locked open

• Covered knuckle trough in the rear deck comes standard.


Custom Lengths Untitled 1CUSTOM LENGTHS

Trailboss’s line of the Paver Special comes in 25-, 35-, 40- and 40-ton low boy and a 20-ton tag-a-long.

• 50-ton low boy is 48 feet long

• Custom bed lengths are available with a 6-foot dove tail and 11-foot hydraulically operated folding ramps

• 20-ton tag-a-long has 2-inch hardwood decking.


Third One Untitled 1PLASTIC DESIGN

Wink Trailer’s Innovator side dump is made with UHMW plastic, which reduces its weight and eliminates freezing and sticking.

• Features ride well suspension

• Can be ordered to dump on either side or both

• Plastic comes in several colors.


Sprng Assist Untitled 1SPRING-ASSIST RAMPS

Load equipment by driving it up the ramps and onto the rear deck of Transcraft’s beavertail trailer, which eliminates the need for a dock.

• Equipped with beavertail and spring-assist ramps and level deck option

• Spring-assist feature helps with manual ramp folding

• Level deck option enables ramp usage in the folded up position as deck space.


Tilt Deck Untitled 1TILT DECK

The Landoll LT1020 has a 20-foot, 10,000-pound capacity tilt deck and a tilt control system.

• Constructed from 6-inch channel main frame and 4-inch junior I-beam cross members

• Features powder coat paint finish

• Has 6,000-pound Torflex axles and 14-gauge formed fenders.


Over The Road Untitled 1OVER-THE-ROAD

The Load King Trailers 604/5 DFP SF hydraulic folding gooseneck trailer is primarily used as an over-the-road transport vehicle.

• Has a 60-ton payload capacity

• Available in 22- to 30-foot deck lengths and widths up to 12 feet

• Includes four, 25,000-pound fixed axles and connections for a fifth axle or a stinger.


Four Cylinders Untitled 1FOUR CYLINDERS

The Talbert Manufacturing 55SA trailer is outfitted with the Equalizer, a nitrogen-assisted dampening system that hydraulically transfers loads in all terrains.

• Has a 108-inch swing radius

• Features a non-ground bearing, hydraulic gooseneck design

• Engineered with four hydraulic cylinders.