$706 million allocated to create jobs, improve CA’s transportation infrastructure

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has allocated $706 million to 121 projects statewide. The funding includes $479 million for 28 projects from Proposition 1B, a $19.9 billion transportation bond championed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and approved by voters in 2006. The remaining $227 million in allocations came from assorted state and federal transportation accounts.

“When California voters approved Proposition 1B they wanted action, and we are delivering that action,” said Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency Secretary Dale E. Bonner. “This funding will not only help relieve the traffic congestion that clogs our freeways – it will create jobs and help stimulate California’s economy when we need it the most.”

Nearly $5.7 billion in Proposition 1B funding has been allocated to improve California’s transportation system during the past three years. Highlights of the Proposition 1B project allocations include:

Orange County – $186.3 million for the West County Connector Project, which will construct direct bus/carpool lane connectors and bus/carpool lanes from Interstate 405 to Interstate 605.

San Luis Obispo County – $55.9 million to convert State Route 46 to a four-lane expressway between Geneseo Road and Almond Drive near Paso Robles.

San Joaquin County – $27 million to reduce traffic delays in Stockton for vehicles waiting while trains pass by separating railroad tracks from the roadway on Eight Mile Road and Lower Sacramento Road.

Imperial County – $47.9 million to construct a new four-lane divided expressway on State Route 78.

“Funding from Proposition 1B is helping us put people to work rebuilding California’s transportation infrastructure while providing a big shot in the arm to California’s economic recovery,” said Caltrans Director Randy Iwasaki.

For information about all projects that received allocations. go to http://www.dot.ca.gov/docs/ctcprojectallocationsapril2010.pdf.