ARTBA Foundation launches ‘Hall of Fame’ for transportation innovators

Move over Babe Ruth, Joe Namath and Michael Jordan, there’s a new “Hall of Fame” coming to America that will honor the visionaries and game-changers of the transportation design and construction industry.

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF) is creating a “Hall of Fame” at The ARTBA Building in Washington, D.C., to honor individuals or families from the public and private sectors who have made extraordinary contributions to U.S. transportation development and demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout their lifetime.

“The transportation design and construction industry is full of talented, and often daring, men and women who helped build an infrastructure network that dramatically improved the economic, cultural and social fabric of America,” says ARTBA-TDF Chairman Leo Vecellio, the chairman and chief executive officer of The Vecellio Group, headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla., in a press statement.

“The Hall is our way of giving these individuals the recognition they deserve and sharing their stories with the general public and elected officials so they better understand the importance of strong transportation investment,” Vecellio continued.

The announcement of the Hall comes as the ARTBA-TDF celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2010. Nominations will be considered for two categories:

Transportation Design & Construction Industry Innovators

This category honors the men and women who discovered or created a “game changing” product or process that significantly advanced transportation design, construction and/or safety. It seeks to honor the original innovator.

Transportation Design & Construction Industry Leaders (Individuals or Families)

This category honors men, women and families who have made significant contributions—beyond just having successful businesses or careers—that have notably helped advance the interests and image of the transportation design, construction and safety industry.

Nomination Process

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Anyone can nominate a candidate. ARTBA membership is not required. Individuals can be living or inducted to the Hall posthumously. The selection process is extremely competitive, and only a very limited number of individuals will be inducted annually.

A committee of judges that includes transportation and construction industry journalists will select the inductees. Two-thirds of the committee must vote in favor of a nominee’s induction.

Information about the criteria and nomination forms and are available at or by contacting ARTBA’s Awards & Scholarship Program Manager Holly Bolton at [email protected] or 202-289-4434.

The ARTBA-TDF has launched a fundraising effort to help with the Hall’s start up costs, and has already secured a major financial donation from one highway and bridge contractor firm.

Nomination forms must be received by close of business Friday, July 2. Initial inductees will be announced in October during the 2010 ARTBA National Convention in New York City.