GE’s new Rebate Lease program provides flexibility and convenience

GE Capital’s new Rebate Lease program offers more flexibility and convenience by providing lessees with direct cash rebates for under-usage and lower pricing for over-usage of equipment.

“We heard from manufacturers and dealers of construction equipment that their customers found it challenging to accurately predict usage for leased equipment,” says Diane Cooper, general manager for GE’s Equipment Finance business. “If they guessed too low, they had high overage charges. If they aimed too high, they paid money on equipment they didn’t use.”

Cooper says the new program is designed to keep costs within the range of actual equipment usage, providing users with more flexibility.

The Rebate Lease program gives direct cash rebates for under-usage of equipment and lower than industry average over-usage charges. The program includes early notification of decisions points during the lease to allow for planning and resources to assist with end-of-term inspections, packing and shipping. The program also offers consultation and support throughout the life of the lease.

The Rebate Lease program is currently offered to construction industry customers on most types of equipment. The learn more about the program or to find out the types of equipment covered by the program, visit GE’s website.