On Record – September 2009

I’ve noticed a strange dichotomy with contractors – while most of you are extremely confident in your capabilities, you also have a reluctance to toot your own horn.
So I’d like to offer a suggestion: Let us do it for you.

We’re now in the 11th season of a program we take great pride in: Contractor of the Year. Even though it’s ingrained in our editorial schedule, you may not be familiar with it, so let me offer a quick recap.

Each year, we solicit nominees with specific qualities. We’re looking for contractors with a proven excellent safety record and keen business acumen. Above all, we want them to be able to represent the ideals of the construction industry: hard work, the ability to create teams that get things done, and a laser focus on customer service.

Our editors thoroughly review each application and select 12 finalists. Then we visit each finalist to get a close-up impression of his or her operation. The ensuing selection of the winner can get quite heated, because there are usually several strong candidates.
You could be part of this debate in 2010.

I know you might be hesitant to raise your hand, so let me give you this elbow-prod: Imagine yourself in Larry Davis’s spot next year. That’s him below along with his wife Linda and son-in law Scott Matlock, on our May cover. Larry and his crew at L.E. Davis Construction, Harrison, Arkansas, impressed our editorial team with his ability to adapt with the times and his intuitive equipment management.

We know there are more Larrys out there, and we want to know about you. But you need to make the first move, and you need to make it by October 2. Go to www.equipmentworld.com/coy to download an application form or apply online. Think of it as a bid letting date, only this time the project is future bragging rights for your company.