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Once a small community of American demolition contractors, the National Demolition Association today reflects the changing nature of the industry. The association has expanded dramatically in scope to comprise businesses from around the world that are involved in a wide variety of services related to the demolition process. Today, the association is recognized as a worldwide source of all things demolition.

One way that is being accomplished is through a completely redesigned website, www.demolitionassociation.com. The website now serves as the portal for demolition contractors, engineers, general contractors, government regulators, the public and the media to learn about NDA’s complete mission. We wanted to develop a powerful, easy-to-navigate site that contains a wealth of practical information. It now serves as the source of technical information for those involved in the industry and as well as a platform for discussing best demolition practices.

During website development, the association conducted in-depth interviews with a host of audiences, including those directly involved in demolition, federal agencies that regulate the industry and the trade media. We wanted to create a site that offers vital information to all of these constituents. The site now offers safety training courses, a member/supplier locator, access to the Demolition Safety Manual and training video downloads. There are currently 178 training courses available on the site, with more scheduled to be added later.

A series of new videos available online answer questions such as, “When is demolition needed?” “What is the process of demolition?,” “How does our work benefit society?” and “How does the NDA support its members?” The idea is to communicate the services demolition professionals provide and how the industry contributes to the health of the economy, leads to economic prosperity and ultimately benefits the environment.

Coinciding with the introduction of the new website is the creation of a new National Demolition Association logo and tagline. The logo, using the identifiable industry symbol of the wrecking ball, presents a streamlined look. And the new organizational tagline, “Making Way,” communicates the promise that progress accompanies the demolition process. This can involve abating asbestos, cleaning up weapon sites or brownfields, salvaging re-usable materials or recycling demolition debris for re-use. “Making Way” conveys that the industry prepares for the future of new development, historic preservation, better schools, safer factories, all while helping to create new jobs.

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NDA members can download any of a series of “Demolition Safety Talk” educational programs. Demolition workers can use the site to keep track of the courses they have taken. Links to OSHA, EPA and other government agencies are available on the site.

The face of the demolition industry continues to change. Many of today’s demolition firms are vertically integrated, owning their downstream buyers. Many association members provide services that may including recycling, landfill operations and salvaging, while others perform hazard material management and remediation, which often precedes the actual structure take down. Today, these businesses, as well as civil engineering, architectural, and general contracting firms, are all considered to be integral to the demolition process. NDA will continue to evolve to meet the fast-moving needs of this important segment of the economy.