United Rentals fires back at CARB

Yesterday, we reported on the California Air Resources Board issuing United Rentals a $166,800 fine for violating a law that requires annual smoke tests for diesel fleets and, in conjunction with ARB’s roadside smoke inspection program, ensures all machines are properly maintained, tamper-free and free from excessive smoke emissions.


Raymond J. Alletto, United Rentals’ vice president, risk management, responded by saying, “United Rentals is fully committed to meet or exceed the clean air standards required in California, and to fully comply with ARB regulations regarding diesel emissions. This fine related to testing and recordkeeping and not to emissions. The company has now completed the tests satisfactorily for all units, and we’ve instituted processes to ensure that we remain fully compliant going forward. As the leader in our industry, we will serve as a model for all businesses that must meet these requirements.”


California ARB also fined the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority $162,000 last month for similar violations in 2006 and 2007 at its L.A. terminals. “Everyone should do their part to keep California’s air clean,” says Mary Nichols, ARB chairwoman. “Meeting clean aire standards is a requirement for businesses throughout the state.”