First word: Traffic!

When we hear this word, most of us immediately think of congestion in our cities and towns or on our highways. But what is really starting to back up in our world today is on the information highway. Just look around. Watch people in their cars, at the airport, in the mall or at a sporting event. Most likely they’ll be talking on their cell or using their smart phone to email or look at the Internet. It’s as if we are starved for activity and are actually encouraging information overload.

If you really want to separate yourself and your business, take a side road and try some “old fashioned” communication with your customers and colleagues. When is the last time you had an unrushed, relaxed, productive telephone conversation with someone? How about a face-to-face meeting? Wrote someone a personal, hand written and addressed note?

Almost everyone has a preferred method of communication. Some people want to hear your voice or see your face while others prefer email, text messaging or online communities such as Facebook or LinkedIn. A wise man once said…”The only problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Our challenge is to communicate in a way that insures the message is being received.

At Equipment World, we are in the media and information business. We are committed to communicating with you through the pages of this magazine, on our website, in person or on the phone. Our goal is to break out of the traffic to make sure that the message is being received. We appreciate any feedback from you that will help us improve and invite you to contact me or anyone on our staff with your feedback. Oh, I almost forgot … you can call me on the telephone! My direct dial is (205) 248-1420.