Wacker Neuson fills a big booth

Formed as a merger between Wacker and the German company Neuson a year and a half ago, the new entity–Wacker Neuson–filled a big booth with several compact machines, a host of light equipment introductions and a new colors to go with the new name. A gray and red “W” serves as the company logo and over 250 light equipment models get new color schemes. As for new product introductions, there were plenty. Additional specs can be found on the company’s website by clicking on the links provided in the text below.


. Two new rubber-tracked models bring the Wacker Neuson line to a total of seven. The newest model, the 6003 minimum swing excavator weighs six tons, digs to a depth of 12 feet, 7 inches and offers a 58.7-horsepower, Yanmar four-cylinder engine. The 6003 comes standard with an air conditioned cab.  Also new, the 2.8 metric ton 28Z3 zero-swing compact track excavator digs to 9 feet, sports a 20.4-horsepower Yanmar engine and comes in an enclosed cab or canopy work station. Both models feature a dozer blade, boom-mounted working light, a control-pattern selector valve and your choice of a standard or long dipperstick.




Compact wheel loader. The company’s newest articulated loader, model WL 50, offers a straight load capacity of 6,870 pounds and fully articulated tipping capacity of 5,608 pounds with a standard 1-cubic yard bucket. A 75-horsepower turbocharged Deutz diesel engine powers the unit. On-demand differential locks boost traction in difficult ground conditions and a joystick puts all the bucket and F-N-R controls on your right hand. Jay Baudhuin, compact equipment manager, says the WL50 can perform the same tasks as a high-powered skid steer loader, but with 30 percent better fuel efficiency.

.  Mating John Deere Tier III engines to high-efficiency Mecc Alte alternators, two new Wacker Neuson mobile generators offer optimized power and fuel efficiency. The G 180 comes with a 300-gallon fuel tank for 28 hours of run time and the G 240 holds 400-gallons that will keep you in business for 30 hours. A new fuel fill system lets you refuel at up to 50 gallons per minute while reducing spillage and foaming. To help protect the environment, these machines offer 115-percent fluid containment, Racor crankcase oil vapor recovery systems (rather than vent tubes) and oil and radiator drain hoses. The G 180 is switchable for selection of three- or single-phase power. The G 240 provides low and high wye three-phase power by using a reconnectable board that ensures proper voltage connection and eliminates wiring errors. Mentioned, but not shown at the World of Concrete, were two new mobile ERTs (extended run tanks) G50 and G70, which provide enough fuel for 94 and 63 hours of run time respectively.




Compact light towers

. Wacker Neuson launched a new generation of compact light towers with the introduction of its LTN 6 generator (light tower, narrow body, 6 kilowatt). Durability, run time and saving space on crowded jobsites were the primary design considerations for the LTN 6. A stamped, 10-gauge, fully enclosed steel tub gives strength and protection from ground debris. The housing above it is made from dent- and rust-proof high-impact plastic. The steel tub also reduces noise and is protected from the elements with powder-coated paint, as are the mast, outriggers and other metal parts. The tower has a 32-gallon capacity and a 67-hour run time. The light fixtures are installed at the factory, reducing setup time, and adjust manually without tools. The 30-foot adjustable tower rotates 360 degrees. Two engines are offered: a 13.4-horsepower Lombardi diesel and a 15.3-horsepower Cat diesel. At 23 feet away, these engines generate 67 and 68 decibels respectively, which helps make the jobsite quieter and safer. The Wacker Neuson light towers are available with a manual or power winch, a highway- ready trailer with torsional axle and 120-volt/20 amp duplex receptacle for powering small tools.




Wacker Neuson Cub 700GMWacker Neuson Cub 700GM

Climate control

. The newest Wacker Neuson indirect-fired heater, the Cub 300HD comes with large fuel tank for 26 hours of run time at full load and 50 hours when using the optional remote thermostat. It has pneumatic wheels, a beefier undercarriage and a single, removable lift bracket. The unit puts out 302,000 Btu per hour with an airflow rate of 2,600 cfm to more efficiently push air through flexible ductwork and more evenly heat enclosures. It runs on kerosene, No. 1 or No. 2 winter-blend diesel fuel. The Cub 700 and Cub 700GM are trailer mounted indirect-fired heaters. The 700 series models crank out 720,000 Btus per hour at 7,700 cfm and hold 145 gallons of diesel fuel for a run time of 28 hours full load or 50 hours with the thermostat. Air outlet options include two 20-inch outlets or three 16-inch outlets. They run on diesel, natural gas or propane. The Cub 700GM includes a 12.5 kilowatt Kubota diesel generator. All the heaters in the Cub line up include stainless steel fireboxes and heat exchangers and what the company calls its Recircul-Air design, which allows recirculation of warm inside air to produce even temperatures and fuel savings.




Wacker Neuson two-stroke rammersWacker Neuson two-stroke rammers

Rammer update.

For some time now, Wacker has had the only remaining two-cycle engine rammer in the industry, the BS-21 series. Those have been updated with the new color schemes and have a redesigned engine cylinder that reduces emissions by 38 percent, boosts power by 5 percent and lowers fuel consumption by 15 percent. The redesign also includes a muffler that wraps around the engine and brings it in one inch closer, allowing you to maneuver better next to walls and vertical structures and reduces the risk of damage during transport. A new carburetor features an air purge bulb, eliminating the chance of flooding and making it easier to start the engine.




Hammers. The 15-pound EH 6M and 16-pound EHB 7M electric hammers use a high acceleration striker that hits with 9 foot-pounds per blow, yet they also allow you to reduce power by 40 percent for precision in applications such as drilling in tiled walls. To increase durability, the hammers are enclosed in a fiber reinforced plastic housing with large

cooling openings. The units have a patented vibration

dampening system, and a red/green LED warning light

alerts you anytime the hammer lacks grease or needs

brush replacement.


Concrete vibrators

. The IRFU and IRSE-FU high frequency motor-in-head concrete vibrators allow you to plug the units directly into a standard 115-volt outlet by using an in-line inverter that changes single-phase 60-cycle current to three-phase 200 Hertz current. This gives you the performance of a high frequency unit without the expense of a high-cycle generator.  The inverters have been redesigned with rounded corners to prevent them from snagging on rebar and other obstacles on the site. The units also feature the company’s “Bodyguard” system, which acts much like a GFCI circuit, only faster, shutting down the power within three-thousandths of a second when it detects a fault anywhere along the length of the unit from the plug to the vibrator housing. There are five models in the IRFU series, with head diameters ranging from 1.2 inches to 2.6 inches and effective compaction diameters of 15.7 to 39.4 inches. The four IRSE-FU models come with an ergonomically shaped handle and boast head diameters of 1.2 inches to 2.3 inches and effective compaction diameters of 15.7 to 33.5 inches.