Infrastructure roundup

So much is going on regarding infrastructure right now, I thought a summary might be in order. While some in our industry are giddy with anticipation of some kind of infrastructure stimulus package, even if the legislation passes, it’s no cure all for what ails the construction economy. The House of Representatives is asking for $500 billion–but keep in mind, in 2006 the construction business put $1.6 trillion into the economy. And as the Katrina/Gulf Coast rebuilding effort has shown, even if the government does pony up the money it can take years to reach the recipients. But here’s the latest news:

Denver: accelerating building to jump start economy.

Mexico to invest heavily in infrastructure.

Reuters says don’t get your hopes up.

From the New Yorker: a quick look at how infrastructure spending went from an low-priority item to today’s economic savior in just one decade.

What exactly would Obama build?