Cat streamlines organizational structure

In a move to meet business goals and improve customer focus, Caterpillar is aligning their machine product and marketing organizations. A key change in the aligned structure is the creation of five end-to-end machine business divisions: mining, quarry and waste, excavation, earthmoving and building construction products. The alignment also introduces three new regional distribution services divisions within Caterpillar, which will be replacing the company’s current marketing arms.
Caterpillar’s current motion and power control division will be expanded and reorganized into two new divisions. Vice President Hans Haefeli will lead the advanced systems division and the core components division is to be led by newly elected vice president Greg Folley.

Caterpillar’s board of directors elected Robert Charter, Gregory Folley and Jiming Zhu as new Caterpillar vice presidents effective January 1, 2009. Charter will lead the Asia Pacific distribution services division based in Singapore. Folley will head the newly formed core components division. Jiming Zhu will lead the newly formed Caterpillar China division.

Caterpillar also announced that two long-serving vice presidents have elected to retire in 2009. Thomas Gales, vice president responsible for Caterpillar’s Latin America division, will retire at year-end 2009. Michael Baunton, vice president with responsibility for Caterpillar’s EAME operations division, will retire effective April 2009.