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Allu SM Screener-Crusher helps bring natural gas to eastern Kentucky
Gary “Red” Bailes of Leslie Equipment puts his pickup truck into four-wheel drive and heads up the almost vertical slope of the construction right-of-way to where ST Pipeline workers install the Big Sandy Pipeline. Building a 68-mile pipeline in the rugged mountains of eastern Kentucky requires not only a four-wheel drive, but also Allu’s SM Screener-Crusher to prepare blasted and excavated sandstone in place for use as structural fill material. A specialty attachment for loaders, excavators and backhoes, the SM Screener-Crusher has rotating discs with hammers that pulverize and size material.

Leslie Equipment, an Allu dealer headquartered in Cowen, West Virginia, has sold eight Screener-Crushers to ST Pipeline to use on this steep-terrain job – six 80-inch-wide Model SMH-317s and two 101-inch-wide Model SMH-423 SM Screener-Crusher attachments. The SMH-317 has three chain-driven drums with 40-millimeter disc spacing and hammers and is driven by a two-way hydraulic drive system; the SMH-423 has four drums. Steel cable winches connected to Deere JD700JLGP and Cat D8T bulldozers hold 68,000-pound Deere 240CLC and 270CLC excavators onto the mountainsides. ST Pipeline, based in Clendenin, West Virginia, is the contractor for Equitrans, L.P., the company building the $154 million pipeline. The 20-inch natural gas pipeline will relieve summer capacity constraints that restrict gas production in the eastern Kentucky basin.

The pipeline installation requires frequent rock blasting, as the area is mostly white sandstone. Workers use the attachment to prepare the blasted and excavated rock for use in pipe saddles and in ditch line barriers, or water breakers. The pipe saddles are soil-filled burlap bags that support the pipeline. Water breakers are also made up of soil-filled burlap bags that are stacked to form walls around the gas pipeline. They slow the water flow in the pipeline trench on steep slopes to prevent washout of the soil around the pipe. The workers from ST Pipeline use the SM Screener-Crusher to prepare excavated backfill and then fill the burlap bags by hand.

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“Given the steepness of this terrain and the difficulty of moving materials up to the jobsite, we had to find something that could give us useable structural fill in place,” says Jim Shafer, owner, ST Pipeline. “I found information about the Allu equipment on the Internet and called Red Bailes to get more information.” Shafer’s workers use the Screener-Crushers for several different jobs: preparing excavated soils and rock for use in pipeline saddles and ditch line barriers, for temporary anchoring of installed pipe, and for backfilling of the pipe prior to final grading. “With a gas pipeline, you’ve got to be careful not to allow any rocks to drop onto the pipe and scratch or damage the coating. If that happens, then the pipe will pit at that scratch and eventually leak,” notes Shafer. “These attachments have been just what we needed to keep up with our goal of installing 2,000 linear feet of pipe per day.”

The primary purpose of the Allu SM Screener-Crusher is to backfill the pipe after installation. The unit can quickly pick up 2 1/2 cubic yards of excavated soil and deliver screened fill onto the pipeline without damaging it. The excavator operator then empties larger rocks out of the bucket before picking up the next load. “I am extremely satisfied with my Allu equipment,” says Shafer. “I’ve been installing pipelines for over 40 years and I’ve never seen anything so efficient.”

Work tools a flexible solution for contractors
Versatility is the key when it comes to attachments, also known as work tools. Contractors want to maximize every machine they own. Work tools provide the way.

Here are a few life lessons from some businessmen who depend on work tools the most.

Work tools on multi-terrain loaders and compact hydraulic excavators “have revolutionized the way we do work,” says Steve Woods, vice president of Stonehedge Landscaping, Newington, Connecticut. Stonehedge uses both a Cat 287B multi-terrain loader and a 304 CR compact excavator.

Working constantly with concrete and stone, Stonehedge also uses rubber track skid-steer loaders on slopes and needs pallet forks on their machines to handle materials to loads of some 3,000 pounds. That’s after fine-grading with a general-purpose bucket.

Creators of fine golf course environments, Stonehedge also uses an auger for tree plantings, a trencher, and – being in the north country – snowblowers for clearing properties. The company calls on its compact excavator for jobs requiring a trenching bucket or standard bucket, using the machine’s quick coupler, for fast, easy changes between tools.

Landscape work doesn’t stop with the first frost for Evergreen Landscape Associates, in Lake Forest, Illinois. The company uses a variety of buckets and blades on its two 287B multi-terrain loaders, including blades with rubber edges to protect driveway surfaces during snow removal.

The results are proven in return calls and new work via word-of-mouth. “I’m always trying to establish a long-term relationship with my customers,” says Bob Stell, owner, Evergreen Landscape Associates.

Versatility is first for Brad Nickel of Lakeview Harvester Farms, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. When this grape grower puts his Cat 257B multi-terrain loader to work in his vineyards on the edge of Lake Ontario, he needs output in all seasons.

He equates his 257B and its endless array of work tools to a Swiss Army Knife. “We use it for everything. It is used every single day with one tool or another,” he says.

The loader hauls manure with a general-purpose bucket onto the vineyards during the growing season, and the pallet forks carry loads of heavy grapes at harvest. “We even pulled out orchard peach trees this summer,” says Nickel.

Equipped with a quick coupler, Nickel’s crews switch from one tool to another, including:

  • hydraulic auger
  • hydraulic post-pounder
  • 72-inch Cat multi-purpose (clam shell) bucket
  • specialized ice wine harvest net roller.

New line of utility forks available in two widths
Atco’s Blue Diamond line of heavy-duty utility forks for wheel loaders and backhoes feature quick coupler attachment connections and will also fit some brands of telehandlers. The carriage is available in widths of 60 and 96 inches and the tines come in lengths of 48, 60 and 72 inches. The 2 1/2-inch carriage shaft allows the forks to be adjusted.

Multipurpose bucket forks offer easy positioning
The MP60 Forks from CTI are designed specifically for use on 4-in-1 or multipurpose buckets. MP60 Forks use the clam mechanism to hold the forks securely in position so they don’t swing or shift sideways. They require no welding or screws, are easy on, easy off, and can be loaded or unloaded from trucks and repositioned with the bucket. MP60 Forks feature solid steel construction, 48-inch tines and a 6,000-pound lift capacity specifically for backhoe loaders in the 1.3-yard range.

Drill six holes from one position
The H-3SS hydraulic drill unit from Minnich Manufacturing will drill three holes then side-shift and drill three additional holes without repositioning the skid steer. Minnich also offers a new side-shift quick hitch plate for the unit that allows the operator to side-shift the entire drill unit to make positioning quicker and easier. Combine with the H-3SS to dramatically decrease drilling and positioning times.

Increase stability when digging and backing out of trenches
The Versatile Track System from Loegering features a durable track design, which transforms your skid-steer loader into a highly productive track loader. The complete rubber track undercarriage bolts directly to your skid steer’s standard hubs in less than one hour and does not require any machine modifications. The easy on, easy off design of the VTS provides skid steer operators with the versatility of switching between a wheeled machine and reliable track loader.

Replace rock trenchers, hammers and blasting at a fraction of the cost
Leading Edge Attachments now offers a new larger size class Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper bucket that will fit machines of all sizes up to the 300,000-pound excavator class. The 120-metric ton size class also features five shanks and the SHARC “staggered shanks on an arc” technology, which allows the bucket to slice through any rip-able rock, resulting in a relatively flat trench bottom and clean ripped sidewalls. The Multi-Ripper Bucket sides are made of 3-inch-thick Swedish Hardox 400 steel for durability.

Extend drill life with automatic shut off
The E-Z Drill Model 210-5 equipment mount multi-gang dowel drill mounts to almost any backhoe or excavator quickly and easily. It uses pneumatic drill motors, and has a standard hydraulic “side-shift” feature that allows for faster positioning, and can also be used to drill two sets of holes without moving the boom. The drill also features a “floating” bucket curl pin for faster positioning and a safety swivel lock for easier, safer transporting.

Quick coupler increases productivity and durability
SAS couplers are designed and manufactured in two weeks or less and handle more than 12 million lifts annually. High strength steel and increased visibility through the coupler prevents operator damage to the product. The interface allows the operator to use attachments from multiple manufacturers. SAS couplers are best suited for 16,000- to 45,000-pound wheel loaders with auxiliary hydraulics.

Take on any task with the Ramrod 950 tire and 1150 track models
Ramrod’s unique Self-Leveling Loader Arms enable the operator to maintain the angle of attachment throughout the entire raising and lowering process. These tough and rugged machines are designed to fit in spaces as small as 32 inches and feature 1,150 pounds lift capacity.

Roof-mounted cooler eliminates impact damage concerns
The Cool Flow cooler from Loftness/US Attachments allows full hydraulic flow to the attachment in either direction without risking damage to the cooler. The roof-mounted skid-steer attachment features a state-of-the-art self-cleaning design with a 12-volt heavy-duty auto-reversing fan controller that automatically reverses the fan and air flow for 30 seconds every 10 minutes to help blow off most debris caught on the outside of the cooler’s screens.

Rotary disc cutters are environmentally friendly
Use the rotary disc brush cutters from Pro Mac for land development, seismic line work, forestry thinning, power line right of ways and much more. Available in 24-, 36-, 52- and 66-inch models, these cutters fit excavators up to 40 tons.

Pipe lift allows for hands free movement of any pipe
The Kenco Pipe Lift doubles production of pipe installation versus methods using slings and cables. Its unique design allows for lifting a wide range of pipe sizes with each model. No additional hydraulics are needed as the weight of the pipe causes the lifter to grip the load. The pipe lift is available in sizes to accommodate all types of pipe from 3 to 100 inches.

Handle pipes from 4 inches up
The RC 20 Lifter from Vacuworx International has a lifting capacity of 40,000 pounds. A larger overall chassis design increases the lifting capacity and an advanced rotator design allows for better pipe handling in the field without sacrificing lifting height of the excavator.

Improve grip with weld-on thumb attachment
Maximize your excavator’s grasping ability with Amulet’s new StickGrip. A simple weld-on attachment, the StickGrip delivers a positive grip profile on the machine’s lower dipper stick for easy maneuvering of debris, logs, boulders and scrap.

Dozer blade suited for multiple jobs
The new skid-steer dozer blade from Grouser moves loose material, spreads fill material, levels sand and gravel, backfills around foundations, backfills trenches, creates run-off trenches, removes rocks, pushes and piles snow and builds septic tank mounds. Enhance the blade’s performance by equipping the carrier with tracks.

Grind up to six acres per day with self-powered stump grinder
The Sneller Stump Mills’ patented tooth and wheel design allow for fast and smooth stump cutting. These powerful stump grinders will grind up to six acres per day. The grinders feature triple sealed lower bearing systems that increase the cutter wheel bearing life up to 7,000 hours. The Sneller Stump Mill attaches to the Sneller Multi-Task carrier or your existing excavator with no modifications. The Sneller Stump Mill is available in a 275-horsepower model and a smaller 170-horsepower model.

Foam cores add strength, not weight, to portable conveyor systems
Miniveyor portable conveyor systems are available in two widths and can move 25 to 50 tons per hour. Only 7 inches high and capable of operating lying on the ground, the system excavates below grade, through windows or in other restricted areas. A single 20-amp circuit can operate four units, so you won’t be searching for power at the jobsite. The Miniveyor features an aircraft grade aluminum frame and solid stainless steel slider bed for durability.

Save money with sander attachment
The Hydraulic Truck Conveyor from HTC Conveyors becomes even more efficient with the addition of its sander attachment. The sander’s detachable baffle allows you to sand one or two lanes of highway. This attachment eliminates the need for expensive single-use sand and salt hopper trucks, does away with costly hand labor for spreading sand and salt and saves changeover downtime on multi-use equipment.

Bucket design ensures clean start every time
AIM DC excavator buckets feature durable construction with AR400 steel cutting edges and beveled AR400 steel side cutters. The ditch cleaning bucket design also features an abrasion resistant bottom with thick wear straps. Optional bolt-on edges and extra pins are also available. The wide, shallow shape evenly removes sediment along the length of the entire ditch and allows wet, uneven soil to easily slide out when dumping, giving you a clean start each time.

Grinder ideal for multiple uses
The Progrind Series 50 is a grinder with a 50- by 26-inch smooth drum head with fixed carbide patented teeth, a patented drive belt system, hydraulic motor drive and 440-horsepower Caterpillar power pack. The Pro Head clears utility line right-of-ways, cuts low lying limbs around fields, grinds and chips building lots and selectively grinds trees in a forest. Mounted on an excavator, the Pro Head has minimal ground pressure and clears areas in one pass, reducing the impact on the environment.

Crusher made for safe, quiet and controlled demolition
The UCC concrete crusher from UB Equipment uses the excavator’s hydraulic force to crush concrete and cut rebar. Fitted with four-way rebar cutter blades and made of high strength, abrasive resistant steel, the concrete crusher can be used for a variety of demolition and reconstruction tasks.

Roadside processing machine gets job done fast and efficiently
Reclaim roadside gravel, mulch grass, grade and level material and break up large sod clumps with Handy Hitch’s Gravel-Pro. Power is supplied to the rotor via a heavy duty drive line system which includes a slip clutch and shear bolt arrangement for protection against excessive torque buildup and shock loads. The moldboard attachment features an adjustable and replaceable grader-style cutting blade.

Dig, place and compact with a single attachment
Felco’s Roller Wheel and Vibratory Compaction Buckets eliminate the need for separate compaction and bucket attachments. Every set of bucket ears is manufactured to match each excavator’s OEM specs or to adapt to quick couplers. The compaction bucket combines the compaction performance of Felco’s tamping pad roller design and a sealed journal bearing all within the regular duty bucket. The vibratory compaction plate bucket, with flow control valve, combines the compaction performance of a vibratory plate unit with the versatility of a bucket. The bucket’s vibration forces the air in the soil to surface and decreases air pockets in the soil, enabling the operator to compact granular materials.

Thumb installation requires no welding on boom
Hydraulic thumbs for Cat-D series wheeled backhoes with E-stick from South Fork Industrial require no welding on the boom for installation. The thumbs are direct acting and non-link with 115 degrees of rotation. They retract out of the way when digging and are furnished with required hoses and two anti-cavitation cartridges for factory sixth valve section. Constructed from Weldox 130 plate, the heavy wall hydraulic cylinder resists denting.

Tread designed for utility ATVs
The LiteFoot M3-UR tread from Mattracks features a 13-inch-wide track with a 1 3/4-inch-deep paddle lug. The LiteFoot utility rated model is specifically designed to meet the demands of the popular 4-by-4 UTVs, or utility ATVs, and features a GVW rating of 3,500 pounds. This model features enhancements integrated into the track system, which provide cushioning to the internal track components for a smooth controlled ride.

Delta Wing System protects buckets from edge wear
This system from H&L alters standard ground engaging designs by the addition of sharp, delta-shaped lateral wings, featuring pin cradles for enhanced pin installation and retention. The system is a direct replacement for 230 series backhoe teeth, and solves the expensive problem of bucket lip scalloping, while providing enhanced bucket penetration. An additional benefit is an increase in bucket capacity, resulting in fewer swings per job. It is currently available in general purpose, heavy duty and tiger style for backhoes.

Brushmonster features bi-directional cutting
Constructed using /-inch A-36 steel, and heavy-duty construction, the Brushmonster’s bi-directional cutting helps assure you won’t get stuck in the toughest jobs. Other features include a heavy-duty Bob-tach hook-up for fast, secure attachment and a cushion valve for smooth shutdown. A stump jumper skid plate ensures blade protection, and two or four double-sided 5-inch breakaway forged blades are included for easy repair.

Laser increases grade accuracy
The ATI Level Best laser-grading box uses lasers, machine control technology and a digital proportional valve to increase grade accuracy. Using this technology, operators can reach grade faster and easier. The finish grade elevation is consistently level to within / inch or 1⁄8 inch, depending on the laser system used and the deadband setting. The Level Best system can grade up to 50,000 square feet in an eight-hour day without need for costly motor-graders, dozers or backhoes.

Stump grinder features optional oil cooler
Ryan’s Equipment’s new Predator stump grinder for skid steers features less hydraulics and a heavy-duty backfill blade and is capable of using various style teeth. Optional chip curtains contain 90 percent of flying debris and can fold in and be removed for easy transport. For long steady grinding and hot summer days the optional oil cooler reduces hydraulic oil temperatures lengthening the hydraulic life of your skid steer and grinder.

Mulch standing material up to 8 inches in diameter
The UML/SSL skid steer mulcher from FAE is compatible with high-flow skid steers with at least 35 gpm and is available in two working widths: 48-inch and 57-inch. It is capable of mulching standing material up to 8 inches in diameter. The one-bolt design with the double carbide tip offers a better cutting surface with less maintenance and a finer end product of mulch.

Cylinder design assures high closing force
Rotobec’s standard series of hydraulic clamshell buckets for excavators and material handlers can re-handle materials with a density of up to 3,000 pounds per cubic yard while the heavy-duty series is rated for 4,500 pounds per cubic yard. Both are available from 1.5 to 6 cubic yards. The four-cylinder design and high-pressure cylinders assure a high closing force. All are equipped with the sealed and patented Rotobec RT rotators featuring the exclusive RotoMax system.

Wheels increase compaction productivity
Diamond Compaction Wheels from American Compaction fit excavators, backhoes and skid steer loaders, and require no special hydraulics or systems for power. They can increase compaction productivity by 75 percent or more and sizes range in width from 4 inches to 72 inches. The wheels are equipped with Rexnord triple seal bearings, rockguards, OEM mounts, pins, leveling plates and choice of sheepsfoot or wedgepad foot styles.

Excavator bucket designed for extreme digging
The full-size high-capacity heavy-duty excavator bucket from Werk-Brau digs in tough clay with rock scattered throughout the soil. The cutting edge is backed by a heavy reinforcing plate with horizontal AR400 high abrasion resistant ware straps protecting the rest of the bottom. Side wear plates reinforce the sides for backfilling. Werk-Brau buckets can be equipped with any industry-standard tooth configuration for extra durability, and special or custom tooth configurations are available. Box rippers are available and installed upon request.

Industrial grapple rakes available in two sizes
Two new industrial grapple rakes from Caterpillar equip skid steer loaders and multi-terrain loaders for debris cleanup and land clearing tasks. The two rakes are 72 inches and 84 inches wide. High clamping force, large vertical jaw opening and heavy-duty design make the rakes productive and durable. Reinforced and gusseted tines ensure durability in tough applications. The smaller rake has nine tines and the larger has 11. The grapples open vertically to 37 inches to grab large objects, and clamping force is 2,250 pounds per grapple.

SH Series shears has heavy-duty features
Efficiently cut steel beams and rebar, crush concrete and pick up and sort materials with BTI’s SH Series hydraulic shears. The SH Series features a large bore hydraulic cylinder combined with a speed/regeneration valve for improved cutting force and cycle time, a guide slide and puck system that reduces jaw stress and helps to eliminate jamming and a front blade that increases cutting capacity and eliminates wear inside the lower jaw.

Power broom available in varying widths
The MB Model HL angle rotary power broom sweeps snow, sand, gravel and other debris from sidewalks, parking lots and other worksites. The HL can be fitted on skid steers, backhoes and tractor loaders and is available in widths varying from 5 to 8 feet. Options include electric/hydraulic swing, dirt deflector, sprinkler as well as dual motor for hydraulic flow in excess of 22 gpm at 2,000 psi.

Drill post holes in tough conditions
Shaver’s new Pilot auger attachment fits any Shaver HD-10 or HD-12 post driver unit and is designed to make driving posts quicker and easier by digging a pilot hole where the operator plans to install a post. The attachment swings into position after the driver has been positioned, and digs a 4-inch-diameter hole where the post will be installed. The unit is suited for conditions where driving a post can be more difficult such as clay, gravel or compacted soil. The attachment is powered by the same power source used to power the post driver, so it can be installed on Shaver’s skid-steer loader, tractor-mounted or trailer-mounted units.

Handle more material with clamp rakes
Pemberton Loader Rakes with paddle clamp or two clamps can be used for many applications including recycling, land clearing and storm clean up. These rakes are designed with long teeth ideal for loading, piling and feeding grinders. They can handle about 75 percent more material than a standard loader rake without a clamp. The rakes are constructed with high strength and high tensile materials.

One attachment for numerous applications
The Allu SM screener/crusher attachment works on skid steers, wheel loaders and excavators. The SM can quickly scoop, shake and effectively separate useful soil from big fraction waste matter or mix materials. The SM attachment is available in 48 different models to suit a variety of applications from quick clean up of coarse material to compost turning and soil screening. Allu attachments have sizing drums with hammers that can size material from 5 inches down to 1-inch-minus product.