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Educational opportunities abound at ICUEE
Attendees to this year’s International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition, held October 16 through 18 in Louisville, Kentucky, can take advantage of more than 40 workshops and seminars targeting the latest industry technological, regulatory, operational and safety issues.

Sessions run from 8:15 to 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 to 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and all offer Continuing Education Units.

Monday, October 15

  • Advanced HDD Workshop (1 day)
  • OSHA 10-Hour Course for Construction (1 1/2 days)
  • OSHA Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics (2 1/2 days)

Tuesday, October 16
8:15-9:30 a.m.

  • New Technology: FTTX and Electric Equipment
  • Converting Overhead to Underground
  • What Every Engineer and Utility Needs to Know About HDD
  • Telecom Infrastructure Issues – Rehab, Aging and New Technologies
  • Cutting-Edge Technology for Managing Equipment Fleets
  • Work Zone Compliance – Are You Ready?
  • Communication – Uncover Your Style!

10:00-11:15 a.m.

  • New Technology: Underground Utility Equipment

10:00-11:15 a.m. (continued)

  • Modern Methods for Installing Power, Communications, Fiber Optic Cable
  • HDD’s Role in Overbuilds: Skills vs. Dime-A-Dozen
  • New Techniques in Landslide and Erosion Stabilization
  • Alternative Fuels and Emissions – Understanding Your Options
  • Arc Flash and Flame Resistant Clothing – An Update
  • Leadership Takes GUTS

Wednesday, October 17
8:15-9:30 a.m.

  • Pipebursting: Anytime, Any Place
  • Planning, Managing Installations with Modern Software Solutions
  • FTTX Outlook
  • Vegetation Management 101
  • Managing Your Return on Investment for Equipment and Fleets
  • Utilizing Adult Learning Principles in Safety Training
  • Weather the Storm – Best Practices in Emergency Restoration

10:00-11:15 a.m.

  • Matching Compact Equipment with Utility Applications
  • HDD: Locating Sewer Laterals
  • Private Fiber – What You Need to Know
  • A Day in the Life of a One Call Ticket and 811 Implementation
  • An Introduction to Vehicle Specification and Procurement
  • Proposed Transmission and Distribution Rule Changes
  • New Digger Derrick Standard and its Impact on Training Requirements

Thursday, October 18
8:15-9:30 a.m.

  • OSHA Underground Construction Update
  • Mud Mixing and Recycling Systems
  • Enhancements for Tools, Vacs and Coring Equipment
  • Security on the Jobsite – How Good is Yours?
  • Maintenance and Inspection Requirements for Bucket Trucks
  • NESC-2007 Update
  • Strategies for Turning Your Crew into a High Performance Team

10:00-11:15 a.m.

  • Common Ground Alliance Updates
  • Evaluating Used Rigs
  • New Keyhole Methods and Service Connections
  • Emerging Trends in Utility Design/Construction
  • Hybrid Technology – Applications for Today’s Utility Market
  • OSHA – Issues Relating to the Utility Industry
  • Essentials in Motivating and Retaining Employees

Rates for educational sessions are:

  • $85 – Single Ticket
  • $155 – Day Pack (2 tickets)
  • $395 – Show Pack (6 tickets)
  • $595 – Group Pack (12 tickets)
  • $175 – Advanced HDD Workshop
  • $199 – OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course
  • $495 – Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics Course

For more information on the ICUEE education program, visit

Loegering, Booth K195
Increase traction and stability with rubber track undercarriage

Give your skid steer a smoother ride with Loegering’s Versatile Track System, a complete rubber track undercarriage that bolts directly to the machine’s standard hubs. Forward placement of the front idler wheel maintains flotation and adds stability when digging and backing out of trenches as well as hauling and dumping heavy loads. Bi-directional suspension that adjusts independently from one side of the machine to the other maximizes the track footprint, evenly distributing horsepower and improving performance on uneven terrain. VTS installs in less than an hour. Additional products on display: QTS tracks for telescopic boom lifts, steel over-the-tire tracks for skid steers, universal skid steer attachments such as the Eliminator, the Mud Bucket, track loader buckets and pallet forks.

AlturnaMATS, Booth 2600
Create a roadway or working platform with ground protection mats

Eliminate ground restoration costs and getting equipment stuck in mud with AlturnaMATS ground protection mats. Made of 1/2-inch-thick polyethylene, AlturnaMATS can withstand loads up to 60 tons and are useful for a broad range of construction applications.

Lincoln Electric, Booth L289
Welder generator delivers great starts and a smooth arc

The Vantage 400 has a four-cylinder, 1,800-rpm Perkins diesel engine that generates 400 amps of DC welding output, 19,000 watts peak of three-phase and 12,000 watts peak of one-phase AC generator power. Stick weld with up to /-inch diameter electrodes, CV wire weld with up to 3/32-inch diameter, arc gouge with up to 5/16-inch diameter carbons and run a variety of equipment including plasma cutters, pumps and inverter welders. Choose from four process modes and dial in the desired output for simple operation. The Vantage 400 comes standard with a voltage reduction device, allowing the operator to select a lower open circuit voltage when working in conditions conducive to electrical shock.

Takeuchi, Booth K150
Compact excavators let you run serveral functions simultaneously

Takeuchi’s line of zero tail swing compact excavators feature pressure compensating piston pumps, enabling the operator to run several functions simultaneously without losing speed. The system delivers the proper flow and pressure to achieve its breakout force, and the operator can feel and control the power of the boom, arm and bucket stroke.

Kubota Engine, Booth 434
Engine series offers high power and clean combustion

The Kubota 07 Series features a cylinder block design that allows a larger displacement within the current 2.4-liter compact engine package. An improved cooling system has a main water gallery and water passages between cylinder bores that serve as a counter measure against heat load, providing high power density and endurance. The engine series complies with EPA Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations, and increased fuel injection pressure combined with a redesigned combustion chamber achieves a 25- percent lower particulate matter level.

Genie, Booths L312 and L316
Trailer-mounted Z-Boom offers easy setup

With a working height of 55 feet 6 inches and a working outreach of 29 feet 2 inches, Genie’s TZ-50 works in a variety of applications. The TZ-50 features a 440-pound platform capacity and tows with a 2-inch ball and Class-3 hitch at a tow speed rating of 60 mph. An automatic self-leveling system allows the TZ-50 to set up and self-level to within 1 degree in all directions, and provides 10 degrees of leveling capacity from the ground controls.

Ditch Witch, Booths K110 and K212
Horizontal directional drill provides performance in a small, quiet package

Bore 4 1/2-inch-diameter pilot holes with Ditch Witch’s JT2720 Mach 1 horizontal directional drill. The new drill has 30,000 pounds of pullback in an extended range, self-contained machine. The unit features a 148-horsepower engine but produces just 82 dBA under normal conditions, creating low noise levels for the operator. The drill’s fluid pump delivers 42-viscosity drilling fluid at 50 gallons per minute and a rack-and-pinion thrust drive with a welded double rack prevents misalignment with the pinion.

Qualcomm, Booth 1235
Track and monitor equipment with wireless fleet management system

Manage your fleet and improve your business operations with Qualcomm’s GlobalTRACS Suite for fleet management. With the GlobalTRACS web service, authorized users can monitor equipment location, engine hour readings, critical health reports and alerts, maintenance service due notification and geographic boundary entry and exit alerts. The system features back office software systems integration and can be used from any computer with Internet access.

Auto Crane, Booth N2032
Take advantage of cargo space with Auto Crane’s sliding top

Maximize cargo space and add security to the bed area with Auto Crane’s new three-section sliding top. The top is constructed of 14-gauge galvanneal and uses stainless steel roller bearings for easy operation. Additional products on display: Upgradeable Titan 16 service body, Titan 50 crane service body, Titan 60 crane service body.

Palfinger, Booth N2013
Crane has heavy-duty features, high lifting capacity

Palfinger’s PK 74002 performance crane incorporates fine grained steel for a low deadweight, combined with heavy duty features. The crane has a 50,710-pound lifting capacity, a 66-foot 11-inch hydraulic outreach and a maximum outreach of 82 feet, 4 inches. The optional Dual Power System enables using the full lifting capacity of the fly-jib by using two pressure ranges, so cranes with a jib combination can use the full lifting capacity of the fly-jib even when the extension boom is not completely extended.

Fecon, Booths 2001 and N2014
Simplify landclearing with crawler mulcher

Clear land, manage vegetation and perform right-of-way maintenance with Fecon’s FTX440 crawler mulcher. The FTX440 has a 440-horsepower Caterpillar engine and comes equipped with the Bull Hog BH350 mulcher. A synchronized interface between the mulcher and crawler allows a full range of motion for standing, fallen or piled vegetation. Large doors, a sliding cab and a swing-out hydraulic cooler simplify maintenance.

SubSurface Instruments, Booth 2724
Find everything with hand-held locator

Locate underground plastic, vinyl, PVC, concrete, fiber optics, graves, septic tanks and field lines with SubSurface Instruments’ hand-held locator. The one-piece instrument has no external attachments, transmitters or receivers and fits in a briefcase.

Sage Oil Vac, Booth N2051
Perform fast, clean fluid exchanges with oil vac

Change oil and other fluids quickly and cleanly with Sage Oil Vac’s 250 Series Model 11256. Equipped with street legal lights and electric brakes, the 11256 is ready to travel. Six ASME-rated pressure tanks can handle more than 800 gallons of fluids, transferring them by using vacuum and pressure instead of pumps. The enclosed system delivers evacuation rates of up to 5 gallons per minute.

Rayco, Booth N2006
Keep maintenance at a minimum with drum-style brush chipper

Rayco’s RC 16.5 drum-style brush chipper has a 140-horsepower Caterpillar engine, a 50-gallon fuel capacity and Fuel Saver Technology, which automatically decelerates the engine if the feed control bar remains in neutral for 60 seconds. The RC 16.5 has a hydraulic clutch that engages at the push of a button and never needs adjusting. A Torflex idler simplifies belt adjustments by eliminating the need to move the engine.

Magnum Products, Booth N2035
Generator’s flip-hood design improves accessibility

Perform daily operator checks and routine maintenance easily with Magnum Products’ flip-hood generator design. Available on 25 kVA, 35kVA and 55kVA models, the generator hoods on both front and rear flip open for complete accessibility. All electrical connections and wiring are centralized in a convenient control panel.

Air N Arc, Booth N3015
Two packages offer variety of welding options

Choose from two different platforms with Air N Arc’s new diesel power system – 200 amp, 100-percent duty cycle welding with 10,000 watts of A/C power and 24 cfm at 175 psi of air or 250 amps welding with 10,000 watts of A/C and 34 cfm at 175 psi of air. Both options come in a convenient package weighing just 1,050 pounds. The Air N Arc has a Kubota water-cooled engine and comes with an auto run feature to run the system in standby mode.

Solideal, Booth 1950
Improve cut resistance with skid steer tires

Reduce punctures with Solideal’s skid steer tires, which feature premium cording and high quality natural rubber compounds. Solideal’s “Gripper,” an entry-level tire that maximizes value, provides innovative compounding and tread design technology to deliver greater cut resistance. Additional products on display: Tracks, wheels and two new skid steer tires.

McLaughlin, Booth K120
Digital cable locator works to 30-foot depths

Perform pinpoint non-destructive utility exposure with McLaughlin’s Verifier G2 locator. The Verifier G2 features passive search mode, four active frequencies, two passive frequencies, Peak Mode, Null Mode, “Smart” transmitter technology, current measurement index, loop strength indicator, load monitoring and locates to depths of 30 feet.

Bandit, Booth N3000
New line of chippers has more power

Bandit’s new 007XP series of hand-fed chippers feature larger openings and more powerful feed systems than previous models. Bandit’s Model 1680 Son of a Beast horizontal grinder quickly disposes of brush, limbs and composting waste.

Bobcat, Booth K325
Make operation simple with radio remote control system

Enhance the capability of Bobcat skid steers and compact track loaders with the radio remote control system. The system features selectable joystick controls and can remotely start the loader engine and operate drive, lift, tilt and auxiliary hydraulic functions. The system has a wireless operating range of approximately 1,500 feet and easily switches between remote control mode and machine/direct control mode.

Mala GeoScience, Booth 1839
Perform high resolution concrete imaging with 2.3-gigahertz transducer

Rapidly scan areas for 2D locating, mark targets or collect data on a grid mat with Mala GeoScience’s Ground Penetrating Radar Transducer for concrete imaging. The transducer emits a 2.3-gigahertz signal for high resolution imaging of rebar, conduit, post tension cable and other featured embedded in concrete structures. Compatible with Mala’s CX10 and CX11 concrete imaging radar, the system allows the user to image concrete in a wide range of thicknesses.

Landoll, Booth N1021
Landoll introduces new utility trailer

Landoll introduces the LT1420, the newest model in the company’s line of utility tags. The LT1420 is a 14,000-pound, 19,250-gross-vehicle-weight tag trailer with a heavy-duty gooseneck. The LT1420 comes powder coat paint finished for durability. Standard features include Grote’s Ultra-Blue Seal wiring harness and LED lights. A central grease system ensures simplified maintenance on greaseable points on the undercarriage.

Stellar Industries, Booth N1010
Stellar introduces utility residential underground truck

Pull underground cable and place pads with Stellar’s utility residential underground truck. The truck incorporates a 6620 Stellar telescopic crane equipped with a hydraulic capstan winch-mounted at the boom tip, all of which is mounted on a 19,500-pound gross vehicle weight chassis. The truck’s custom 12-foot service body has dual reel stands.

Goodall, Booth 2303
Power Center units available in variety of configurations

Conserve space and weight on your service vehicle with Goodall’s new Power Center units. The multi-purpose units offer integrated air, AC power, welding and jump start options. Choose from various configurations to meet your specific needs.

Akkerman, Booth K104
Reduce project costs with jacking frame

Akkerman’s new guided boring machine jacking frame, the 4812A, is suitable for installing steel casing, vitrified clay pipe, FRP fiberglass reinforced and concrete pipe. The 4812A features a rotational drive facilitated through a direct hydraulic motor rather than a gear powered motor. The frame has 200 tons of jacking force, up to 100 tons of pullback force and up to 20,000 foot-pounds of torque. The 4812A has lowered guide rails and requires fewer joints than other frames, reducing project costs.

Rayco-Wylie Systems, Booth 2015
Perform real time fleet management at your desktop

The new CANbus i3500 Rated Capacity Indicator offers you the option to track, control and monitor your crane directly from your desk by using real time satellite transmission.

Highly reliable, simple to install and versatile, this system will help you improve your fleet productivity while managing your cranes. Additional products on display: Rated capacity indicators and load indicators.

Compact Power, Booths 2902 and N3017
Boxer introduces largest mini-skid in line up

Boxer Equipment has unveiled the largest mini-skid in their product line, the 530X. An update of the Boxer TL-224-34, the 530X features a 30-horsepower Kohler Command Pro air-cooled gas engine and a two-pump 3,000-psi, 14.5-gpm hydraulic system. The 530X handles full-size attachments such as a 36-inch auger or a 48-inch trencher. The mini-skid offers an integrated track system that retracts from 43.5 inches wide to 35 inches wide.

Preco, Booth 2935
Prevent dangerous situations when backing up

Use Preco’s Standard PreView System with the new S.A.S. Alarm to improve safety when backing. When the vehicle is in reverse, the self-adjusting alarm operates at 5 decibels above the surrounding noise. Once the PreView unit detects an object, the output of the alarm increases to the full 112 decibels, warning those near the vehicle and the operator of a dangerous situation. The In-Cab Display provides an audible and visual notification of an object within the danger zone of the vehicle.

Bronto Skylift, Booth N2027
Bronto introduces new truck-mounted lift

Bronto Skylift introduces the Model S-170 XDT truck-mounted aerial device, capable of lifting a three person crew and equipment – up to 1,400 pounds total – to a 170-foot platform height. The S-170 XDT has a 115-feet horizontal outreach and features an advanced control system that monitors outrigger settings and platform load. In the stowed position, the platform boom folds next to the main boom for a low 13-foot transport height. Transport length is just 39 feet.