Integrate robotic total stations with layout system to lay out, measure jobsites
Built to withstand tough jobsite conditions, Trimble’s SPS710 and SPS610 Robotic Total Stations for construction layout can be used with the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager to perform jobsite layout and measurement tasks. The stations feature easy-to-follow user interfaces and can lay out control points on or offset to construction lines, as well as execute light topographical measurements for cut/fill balance. The SPS710 and SPS610 can also check or tie into property boundaries, lay out excavation lines, concrete forms and anchor bolts.

Skid steer transports materials through narrow passages
Bobcat’s 1,000-pound rated operating capacity S100 skid-steer loader has a large cab, easy-to-read instrument panel and a transversely mounted, 33.5-horsepower diesel engine in a frame small enough to access and work in tight jobsites. The S100 replaces the Bobcat 553 skid steer for demolition and landscaping applications. Its narrow width of 50 inches – bucket included – allows operators to travel through backyard gates in residential areas, access the inside of buildings for interior demolition and work between buildings. The S100 also features a height of 8 feet 6 inches for loading and dumping debris and materials.

Auto-darkening helmets eliminate accidental arc flash
Miller Electric’s Performance Series line of auto-darkening welding helmets include three arc sensors, quick-release front cover lens holders with a rubber spatter gasket and lens controls at the bottom of the lenses. Both the Motorsports helmet and the Fire Storm helmet feature Miller’s auto-on and grind modes. Auto-on eliminates accidental arc flash by detecting the arc even if the helmet hasn’t been used for awhile. Grind mode allows the helmet to be used as a protective shield, preventing the lens from darkening while grinding.

Light tower withstands gusts of up to 65 mph
Allmand’s reconstructed Maxi-Lite packages offer 360-degree light output, four-point outrigger systems for stable operation in gusts up to 65 mph and removable 50-gallon polyethylene fuel tanks for up to 100 hours of continuous operation. The standard ML 6 and ML 8 models use 6- and 8-kilowatt generators, respectively, and each size comes in a customized package. Users can choose from the Maxi-Lite Artic Special, the Maxi-Lite Canadian Standards Association Approved or the Maxi-Lite Hydraulic. Each 30-foot galvanized steel tower has three telescoping sections, 10-gauge side panels and a 12-gauge hood for strength. A low oil pressure and high temperature automatic shutoff protects the engine from damage.

Portable, multi-voltage generators meet power needs
Mi-T-M manufactures eight portable generators ranging from 6,000 to 8,000-watts maximum AC output, and four feature an electric start option. All generators come equipped with either a 13-horsepower Honda OHV engine or a 13.5-horsepower Subaru OHV engine. The engines are externally powder coated and zinc-plated internally to prevent rusting. All the generators offer low oil engine shutdown, brushless 120-volt/ 240-volt alternators, fuel shutoff valves, easy-to-read fuel gauges, voltmeter/hour meter, idle control and industrial air cleaners to hold up under dusty conditions. The generators also have USDA/USFS-approved spark arrestors and meet the California Air Resources Board and EPA emission standards. Optional wheel kit and lifting hook allow portability and mobility on the jobsite.

Partner Insights
Information to advance your business from industry suppliers

Weather resistant storage unit fits in back of truck
Highway Products’ Pickup Pack supplies contractors with lock-up security storage. The Pickup Pack includes a gull-wing saddle box, two lockable low side boxes, a flat or dome center hatch and a removable ladder rack. When closed, the hatch locks the tailgate, making the bed area secure and weather resistant. An optional Gorilla Slide 2000-XT cargo tray can be installed in the truck bed and handle up to 2,000 pounds. The cargo tray glides on sealed roller bearings on a galvanized steel Tee-Bone track system. It also locks into position with a dual Stab Lock mechanism.

3-D local positioning system offers higher speed operation under all conditions
Topcon Positioning Systems’ 3-D local positioning system – the LPS-900 – includes Topcon’s X-Trac tracking technology and integrated radio communication for higher speed operation under all conditions. Providing dual use as a base for high-accuracy machine automation or traditional robotic surveying operation, the LPS-900 supplies grade information in a continuous stream via high-speed radio and allows users to switch from GPS to LPS whenever necessary. The system compiles electronic site plans and refers back to them to control the grade of machines. The measurement differences are then transmitted to the machine via radio link.

Silent pump aids in projects where noise must be minimal
Emitting less than 70 decibels at 23 feet, Griffin Pump and Equipment’s Variable Use Compressor Prime Silent Pac Pump provides quiet operation where noise must be kept to a minimum. The enclosure has doors for access to operating controls and for regular maintenance. Strategically located air vents maximize airflow to the engine. This pump also features a non-clog impeller design with 3-inch spherical solids handling. The large cleanout area allows debris removal from the impeller without having to take off the suction hose or suction piping. Available in several models, Silent Pac Pumps can be used for multiple applications such as bypass, wellpoint dewatering systems and sumping.

Durable screen bulkhead gives drivers security
Weather Guard Van Solutions’ 16-gauge steel screen bulkhead for 2007 Dodge and Freightliner Sprinter vans separates the driver compartment from the cargo area for a safer ride. The screen bulkhead fits either standard or high-roof Sprinter vans and can be converted into a swing door bulkhead by using Weather Guard’s hinge kit. Shelving accessories are also available for organizational needs.

Cutting system extends tooth and pocket life
Designed to make on-site tooth replacement or rotation quick and simple for its stump cutters, Vermeer Manufacturing’s Yellow Jacket stump cutting system features universal indexable carbide-tipped teeth and reversible pockets. Users can loosen one nut and rotate the tooth, which has two cutting edges, for an almost new cutting surface. More side pocket clearance limits pocket rubbing that can cause power loss and premature pocket wear. The Yellow Jacket system requires only three pocket styles and one tooth style to complete a cutter wheel setup. The reversible or bi-directional pockets may be used on either side of the cutter wheel. Reversing the pocket to the second tooth mounting can also extend product life.

Slip-on boots keep dirt, muck off carpets
Intromark’s Original Cleanboot slips over work boots or shoes to protect carpeting and flooring from dirt and markings when entering customers’ homes or businesses. Made of Neoprene, the lightweight, flexible boots slip on and off easily and can be reused. Rubber grippers on the bottom of the footwear help eliminate accidents. Sizes available include small for men’s shoe sizes 6.5 to 8.5, medium for 8.5 to 10.5 and large for shoes sizes 10.5 to 12.5.