Sponsored Information: ’07 Annual Demolition Supplement

In a recent survey of Equipment World readers asking which type of business they would like to diversify into, the most popular answer was demolition. Today, the demolition industry is made up not only of pure demolition contractors, but also general contractors, civil engineering firms and recycling, landfill and salvage operators. Just as many demolition contractors have diversified into related industries such as recycling, other businesses are moving into the demolition realm.

Many companies join the National Demolition Association to take advantage of the wealth of resources it provides members, especially in the area of safety. The association is the repository of safe work practice information for the industry around the world. Each member receives a Demolition Safety Manual – the “bible” of safe work practices – as well as a Hazard Communication Program and a Demolition Safety Talks Program.

Other resources available to members are DVDs in both English and Spanish covering new employee orientation, lead-in-construction safety and skid-steer safety. A members-only section on the website has downloadable project survey forms that cover project information, description of structure and stabilization, safety and environmental, utility locates and disconnects, license, permit, notifications and regulatory notification.

The site-specific program and job hazard analysis forms are templates that can be customized to suit the needs of the individual demolition professional. Topics include competent person assignment, jobsite hazard assessment safety meeting sign-in sheet, job task hazard analysis, site-specific safety plan, site-specific safety training sign-off sheet and weekly safety meeting sign-in sheets.

The materials also include a model drug and alcohol program for the demolition industry and a planning document that provides project managers, estimators and supervisors an opportunity to review projects before starting work.

Another advantage for professionals who join the association is the ability to network with other members at the annual convention. New members are offered free registration for one representative and a spouse to attend. Next year’s convention will take place February 24-27, 2008, in Las Vegas.

The demolition industry is benefiting from the healthy economy and the strong scrap market right now. Those companies looking for information on regulatory and safety matters, the latest on technical products and services and general business support should go to this site to learn more about the benefits of joining the National Demolition Association.

— By Michael R. Taylor, CAE, executive director of the National Demolition Association.

Eslich Wrecking demolishes deadlines
John Eslich of Eslich Wrecking in Canton, Ohio, knew he had accepted a challenge when the company received the contract for the complete demolition of a 650,000-square-foot plant in southeastern Ohio. Armed with a highly skilled machine operator and an Allied-Gator MT Series Multi-Tool Model MTR 20 S, however, Eslich Wrecking accomplished the project in only 10 months, two full months ahead of their one-year deadline.

Eslich attributes a large portion of this accomplishment to the power and efficiency of the MTR 20 S. “We were impressed with the speed and strength of the MTR 20. It allowed us to finish everything on time and on schedule,” Eslich says. “I was surprised by the productivity of a 4,000-pound tool compared to other tools in the same weight class. Typically, we would have used the next larger sized tool for the project.” The MT also provided Eslich’s operator the ability to work at a much quicker pace. “The operator loved the MT,” says Eslich. “He said he enjoyed running the tool because it was at least 50 percent faster than any other tool he’s ever run.”

Eslich says the attachment allowed the entire demolition of the structure, which yielded more than 5,000 tons of structural steel, to proceed at a fast but safe pace. “It allowed us to dismantle the structure in a more orderly fashion and sort materials as we went along,” says Eslich. “The process was cost-effective because the MTR 20 S was powerful enough to cut down the heavy building trusses and precise enough to remove the miscellaneous steel pieces attached to them. This reduced the amount of wasted space in every truckload, as the trusses were disassembled and more manageable.”

The MT Series Multi-Tool features 360-degree continual rotation and Allied-Gator Speed Circuit Technology. The Quick-Change Jaw Sets eliminate time-consuming shaft removal and hub adjustments. They can be switched in the field in as little as 15 minutes. The Multi-Tool is available in sizes ranging from 700 to 52,000 pounds.

Set grapple fork in four different positions by simply pulling a pin
Handle long beams and poles safely with Atco’s new Blue Diamond grapple fork, featuring an 18- to 46-inch spread. The 42-inch-long tines have a 3,500-pound capacity and can be set in four positions with the pull of a pin, allowing the grapple to open wider or close tighter.

Perform primary and secondary demolition work with single attachment
Demolish, process and sort material with one attachment with Breaker Technology’s RP Series rotating pulverizers. Hydraulic rotation provides fast, precise jaw positioning while the hydraulic speed valve ensures the moveable jaw opens and closes fast. The pulverizers are fabricated from high strength, wear resistant steel for durability and long life. Five models are available for 22,000- to 132,000-pound carriers.

Powerful air compressor fits underhood
Save valuable deck space with VMAC’s underhood air compressor, which provides air output of up to 70 cfm or 150 cfm and 155 psi at 100-percent duty cycle. The VMAC features rotary screw technology in a compact size, allowing contractors to reserve payload for tools and equipment.

Abrasion resistant bucket fits loaders of all sizes
AIM Attachments’ GPL heavy-duty loader buckets fit wheel loaders of all sizes, and are ready for stockpiling, bank loading or excavation tasks. Each bucket features an AR400 steel cutting edge that is more wear resistant, stronger and harder than commonly used T-1 steel, as well as reinforced corners and gussets for durable construction. All buckets are pre-drilled to accept optional bolt-on side cutters and teeth. The sloped bottom design has thick wear straps and is abrasion resistant. The design also provides maximum dump clearance while maintaining the breakout forces of the machine.

Heavy-duty features ensure trouble-free trailer operation
Clement’s MonStar half-round trailer features /-inch AR450 plate steel, 102-inch sides, a barn door tailgate and an inverted cylinder. A longitudinal-free trailer design reduces overall trailer weight on the high-cube trailer, which has 25,000-pound, 102-inch-wide track axles with parallel spindles and common inner and outer bearings. The MonStar comes standard with a heavy-duty, 50,000-pound center point suspension.

Clamshell buckets offer high closing force
Handle up to 3,000 cubic yards of material with Rotobec’s hydraulic clamshell buckets for excavators and material handlers, or 4,500 cubic yards with the heavy-duty series. A four-cylinder design and high pressure cylinders ensure a high closing force. All of Rotobec’s clamshell buckets have sealed Rotobec RT rotators with the RotoMax system.

Deliver one cubic yard of bedding material in seconds with conveyor
Control bedding material placement in the trench when bedding pipe with Felco’s bedding conveyors. Mounted between the tracks and attached to the carbody, the conveyor taps into an excavator’s track drive circuit to power the hydraulic motor. Felco’s standard bedding conveyor delivers one cubic yard of bedding material every seven to 10 seconds.

Handle 800 gallons of oil and fluids with Sage Oil Vac’s 250 Series
Change oil and other fluids quickly and easily with Sage Oil Vac’s 250 Series Model 11256. The 11256 comes highway-ready with street-legal lights and electric brakes. Six ASME rated pressure tanks can handle more than 800 gallons of fluids. The Sage Oil Vac process eliminates transfer by pumps, using a vacuum pressure system for fast evacuation rates of up to 5 gallons per minute.

Handle a variety of attachments with feller buncher
Reduce operator fatigue and ensure efficient boom operation with Tigercat’s redesigned feller buncher, the 845C. The 275-horsepower machine has a compact upper assembly design and limited tail swing, and comes equipped with a D6-sized nine roller forest duty undercarriage. The 845C handles a variety of Tigercat attachments.

Dump truck weighing system alerts driver to unsafe conditions
Vulcan’s dump truck weighing system provides accuracy within 1 percent of gross vehicle weight, and can be used for both on- and off-road applications. A meter in the cab displays gross vehicle or net payload weights, alerting the driver to unsafe or overloaded situations. The system features pin-style load cells in the rear hinge and a hydraulic sensor for the front lift cylinder.

Line boring machine now features full function remote
Bore diameters from 1.5 to 16 inches with York Machine Tools’ 4-14 Electronic Touch line boring machine. The 4-14 features variable feed rates with rapid traverse, an optional remote control and auto or manual feed. The touch pad with LED indicator lighting allows the operator to know at a glance what function is in use.

Globe expands dump trailer line
Globe Trailers now offers 80-, 100- and 133-yard dump trailers. The drop deck style trailers have Grade 50, AR400 and Hardox Steel, and feature a full frame type dump body and single point suspension. The low center of gravity enables easier loading than a conventional flat frame dump.

Jaw crusher attachment now in four models
Move up to 60 tons of material per hour with Giberson Enterprises’ BF60 Eco-Crusher bucket jaw crushers. The crushers fit excavators from 15 to 40 tons and feature jaw widths of 35 and 47 inches.

Load and process material in a single step with screener crusher attachment
Process material efficiently with Allu’s SM Screener Crusher attachment. This bucket-like accessory has rotating drums with crushing blades and allows the operator to load and process material in one step. Screening sizes from 1-inch to 5.5-inch minus are available, and the crushing blades come in four different models.

Remove dirt and debris while cooling engine with Cleanfix
Keep equipment cool with Novatrax’s Cleanfix engine fans, which can be reversed to blow dirt and debris from the radiator and engine compartment. The fan features nine blades that can turn 180 degrees while the engine is running to change air flow direction. Powered by a 12/24-volt compressor or an optional electronic control module, the fans can be installed on skidders, loaders, feller bunchers and other equipment.

Excavator thumb’s boom pin mount ensures cutting edges meet throughout the cycle
The Craig Direct Link Hydraulic Thumb comes with a rugged cylinder and chrome induction hardened pin and can be custom designed for various applications. The thumb is available with two, three or four teeth to match specific buckets and optional progressive link (180-degree travel).

Heavy-duty compactor comes in two configurations
Choose from 48- and 60-inch configurations with Double D’s Roll N Go compactor. Roll N Go models feature replaceable hard surface teeth, rear scrapers, heavy-duty bearings, reinforced oscillating bolts, heavy duty 1/2-inch tubing throughout the tongue and a 360-degree oscillating hitch.

Hydraulic breaker features long stroke piston design
Okada America’s OKB330 hydraulic breaker is designed for carriers weighing 50 tons and larger. The OKB330’s long stroke piston design enables smooth operation while delivering maximum impact. Heat treating and precision machining ensures long breaker life.

Handle range of applications with grapple
Pemberton’s line of excavator grapples feature heavy- duty boxed tine configuration and can handle light and extreme duty jobs. Grapples come in 2/3, 3/4 and 4/5 tine configurations for different applications such as demolition, land clearing and bulk applications.

Demolish roads, foundations and buildings with excavator attachment
Crush concrete and cut rebar with UB Equipment’s hydraulic attachment for excavators. Made of high strength, abrasive resistant steel, the UB Equipment line has 100- to 130-ton cutting force, 35- to 45-ton crushing force and is suitable for carriers between 20 and 50 tons.

Handle demanding jobs with root grapple
Construction Attachments’ root grapple offers 1,500 pounds of maximum clamping force per grapple to accommodate demanding jobs. The grapple has a self-contained hydraulic system to minimize hose damage and features a low profile for operator visibility. Optional weld-on slats that reduce the tine opening are available.

Carry assortment of tools with Brokk 50
Perform demolition in confined spaces with the 24-inch-wide Brokk 50, powered by 5.5Kw engine and carrying a 150-pound Atlas Copco hammer. The Brokk 50 can carry a variety of tools such as a crusher, grapple or bucket.

Increase fuel efficiency and avoid punctures with solid tire
Eliminate the hassle of punctured tires with TY Cushion Tire’s aperature structure solid tire. The solid cushion tire also increases fuel efficiency through a 30-percent weight reduction. The tire’s design and unique rubber compound ensures even wear for a longer lasting tire.

Oil cooler roof-mounts to eliminate backpressure, vibration
Loftness’ new auxiliary hydraulic oil coolers for skid steers are roof-mounted, eliminating concerns about impact damage, vibration, debris and excessive backpressure associated with coolers mounted directly to the cutter head. The cooler offers between 10-and 40-gallons per minute flow capacity and 94,000 BTUs per hour in a 16-inch diameter fan.

Grapples have quick attachment and come in variety of sizes
Ryan’s Equipment’s grapples for skid steers and excavators come in three sizes – 48, 60 and 72 inches. Grapples feature a quick attachment for ease of use.

Perform variety of applications with heavy-duty, all-alloy steel grapple
Perform demolition, land clearing, scrap, log and pipe handling applications with Geith’s heavy-duty grapple. The grapple fits carriers from 12,000 to 160,000 pounds, is constructed with AR500 material and has high-tensile pins.

Demolition grapples have heavy-duty features and install easily
National Attachments’ custom fabricated demolition grapples fit machines from 4 to 180 tons. The grapples feature hardened pins and bushings and a box section tine made from T1 structural plates. Simple pin-on installation or a Quick Coupler system makes installation fast.

Drop hammers available in three sizes, fit variety of machines
Simplify flatwork demolition projects with Stanley Hydraulic Tools’ Cyclone drop hammer. Three models – the DH1500, DH3500 and the DH9000 – are available. The Cyclone line is designed to fit walk-behind tool carriers, skid steers, compact loaders and compact excavators.