Reporter: Allied celebrates 60th

From its start manufacturing Grip-Lug grouser replacements out of discarded railroad rails during the middle of World War II, Allied Construction Products has grown to its current product offering of attachments, earth-piercing tools and trench safety equipment. It also still makes Grip-Lugs, which are welded to worn undercarriage grousers.

But the core product for the Cleveland-based manufacturer is its hydraulic hammers. Allied offers several hammer lines, including the AR Series of rental hammers and the large compact series of Hy-Ram hammers.

Starting as Amalgamated Steel in 1942, the company that eventually became Allied introduced a number of products along the way:

  • Roto-Cut high-speed rotary asphalt cutter (1961).
  • Tren-Shore aluminum shoring system, used to hydraulically stabilize a trench (1964).
  • Ho-Pac, a backhoe-mounted vibratory compactor/driver (1965).
  • Ho-Ram, an impact hammer mounted on a backhoe (1967).
  • The Hy-Ram line added hydraulics to the impact hammer (1968).
  • Pedestal Breaker System, which includes the positioning boom, hydraulic hammer, electric power unit and operator’s control valve console (1971).
  • Hole-Hog underground piercing tool (1971).

“We intend to continue our corporate culture of product availability and support,” Leo Matthews, Allied’s CEO, says. “One of our strengths is our distribution system, where rely on our strong independent dealers. We also have a lot of employees who are true veterans in this business.”