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A New American Transportation Vision: “Critical Commerce Corridors”
America does not have the modern, intermodal transportation system necessary to facilitate future robust economic growth, or to safely meet the mobility needs of U.S. citizens and businesses. Failure to address this fact will significantly impede the nation’s future competitiveness. In response, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association has developed a proposal aimed at improving and expanding the U.S.’s surface transportation network to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Freight bottlenecks
In ARTBA’s view, there is currently no national strategy to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of freight. A January 2006 Federal Highway Administration report illustrates the scope of the problem. The report, “An Initial Assessment of Freight Bottlenecks on Highways,” found bottlenecks are causing truckers 243 million hours of delay annually. At a direct user cost of $32.15 per hour, the delay price tag for trucking companies is nearly $8 billion annually.

Between 1980 and 2004, U.S. vehicle miles traveled doubled, with truck travel increasing faster than automobile travel in recent years. At the same time, total lane mile capacity increased only 5 percent. The result: growing traffic congestion at critical freight transfer points and in communities across the nation. By 2035, the amount of freight tonnage shipped on roadways by truck is projected to double and trucking’s share of total freight tonnage is estimated to grow from 74 to 80 percent.

Hard realities and the federal government’s role
With virtually no vision for the nation’s surface transportation system from the federal government since 1956 when the Interstate Highway System construction program became law, a new approach to transportation planning is long overdue. ARTBA believes the federal government should take the lead, given its constitutional role in regulating commerce among the states and with other nations. The U.S. Constitution also requires the federal government to provide for national defense. To meet this responsibility, the government must help facilitate construction of efficient transportation facilities that expedite emergency and military mobilizations.

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“Critical Commerce Corridors”
In September 2006, ARTBA’s board of directors endorsed a new initiative focused exclusively on developing the capacity necessary to better facilitate the movement of freight. ARTBA believes in the next highway and transit reauthorization bill, due in 2009, the federal government must restructure these programs to address America’s current and future transportation needs.

The result should be a holistic federal surface transportation program that consists of two separate, yet equally important, components.

The ARTBA plan sees significantly expanded investment in the current core federal highway and transit programs through the existing user fee structure. These must be refined to address future safety and mobility priorities, particularly on the national highway and interstate systems.

To complement these programs, ARTBA’s “Critical Commerce Corridors” (3C) initiative would create new user fee revenue mechanisms that would focus on a 25-year plan to upgrade and build a new generation of intermodal facilities aimed at vastly improving freight movement and the nation’s response in times of crisis or emergency. Where possible, the network would separate commercial traffic from passenger vehicles, which would help boost safety and alleviate congestion for motorists. One of its hallmarks would be the extensive utilization of the latest in safety, communications and material technologies.

The 3C system should be defined through a process led by the U.S. Department of Transportation; including significant consultations with a wide variety of public and private stakeholders, such as state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, the trucking and logistics industries, major port operators, representatives of international and domestic shippers and the freight rail industry.

Such a collaborative process would focus on producing a comprehensive assessment of the nation’s current surface transportation freight network and identifying the appropriate areas to add capacity. This same process would develop specific recommendations to generate the revenues necessary to finance the new system and ensure the users would benefit from it. It would also be important that the user fees be statutorily protected so the resulting revenue is not diverted for non-transportation purposes.

Other countries with aggressive economic objectives, such as China, recognize the need for a strong transportation infrastructure foundation. The ARTBA 3C plan offers a national strategy to help improve mobility and ensure future U.S. global economic strength. The American people and business community deserve nothing less.
T. Peter Ruane, President and CEO
American Road & Transportation Builders Association

Compact back-up alarm operates at 97 or 107 decibels
The new 3000 Series alarm from Preco brings reliability and accuracy to a compact form. The 3000 Series is a back-up alarm that produces an audible warning higher than the +/-4 decibels of SAE requirements. The 3000 Series can operate at 97 and 107 decibels via jumper or wiring connections. Increase reliability with the Preco sound chamber design, which reduces speaker movement and protects the speaker from environmental damage. This small alarm applies easily across many vehicle platforms, so operators can have one alarm for the entire fleet.

Haul anything from dirt to logs
Sidump’r’s Super Tri-Axle 49-86 has a 36- or 38-foot, one-piece rolled AR 400 tub with no center divider that hauls anything from dirt to logs. Dump angle is 42 degrees. Features three stage, dual telescopic cylinder with two-year warranty. Tuthill AR23 Air-Ride suspensions offer stability.

Versatile drill system creates dowel holes for variety of jobs
Drill dowel holes in all types of concrete paving jobs with the Model 210B SRA from E-Z Drill. The 210B SRA fits in a 4-foot patch and drills up to 18 inches deep. Drill from 5/8-inch to 2 1/2-inch diameter holes, with a minimum requirement of 100 cubic feet per minute of air. This drill is suited for patching, lane additions and other applications where dowel holes are required. An adjustment for “skew” drilling is included, which adjusts for vertical drilling.

Mid-sized cold milling machine to be introduced at WOA 2007
Wirtgen’s Model W 120 F high performance cold milling machine has a milling width of 4 feet and features front-end loading of recycled asphalt product via a larger two-part conveyor system, and can be equipped with wheels or crawler tracks. A 300-horsepower Cummins engine powers the W 120 F, which cuts 12.6 inches deep and accepts the optional Wirtgen Flexible Cutter System for quick exchange of different width milling drums and bit spacings. The new Level-Pro leveling system is also available with this machine.

Curb and gutter machine pours concrete from right or left side
Pour concrete from the right or the traditional left side with Power Curbers’ new 5700-C curb and gutter, sidewalk and barrier slipform paving machine. The new standard swivel chute allows the operator to pour in a single traffic lane with the concrete truck lined up in front instead of on the side. The 5700-C also has a water capacity of 132 gallons and a fuel capacity of 66 gallons. A narrow machine body reduces maintenance and makes the machine more productive in tight spots. With fewer catch points for concrete, the 5700-C is easier to clean at the end of the day’s pour. Several control system options are available, including a new electronic system.

In-cab computer spray system ensures precision asphalt delivery
Rosco, a LeeBoy company, introduces its Maximizer 3 Asphalt Distributor equipped with the EZ Spray computer system and a hydraulically controlled, continuously variable spraybar reaching a width of up to 16 feet. Draw the spraybar in or out during operation for maneuvering around obstacles such as bridges, or for taper or radius shots. The EZ 3-S computer system matches the pump output to the distributor speed by incorporating radar speed sensing equipment to ensure precision asphalt delivery. All spray functions are operable from within the cab. For simple clean up and maintenance, the Enviro-Flush Cleanout System is included on all Rosco asphalt distributors.

Barrier lift aligns existing barriers
Kenco’s new barrier lift can be used on any concrete surface including median barriers, sound walls and curbing and piling. The barrier lift provides a three-to-one grip ratio to safely and efficiently grip loads, and elastomer pads offer reliable performance in wet weather. Kenco’s optional self-aligning guides align barriers that have already been placed. The guides extend down from one set of pads to allow the lifter to align itself with the barrier wall when the lifter is lowered into position. Lifting capacities from 1,500 to 40,000 pounds are available.

Customize wheel loader performance to environment or application
Kawasaki’s new ZV-2 wheel loaders cover a wide range of applications from asphalt and concrete plants to road construction. The loaders feature Cummins diesel engines with 96- to 720-flywheel horsepower and dual power mode, so the operator can select the appropriate torque curve. Additional features include 1.8- to 13-cubic yard bucket capacities and an adjustable declutch. Each model also has an Efficient Loading System to increase rimpull and digging power, while decreasing fuel usage.

Packer/roller attaches to grader as a “tow behind”
Handy Hitch’s 90-, 105- or 120-inch Contour Packer/Roller’s walking beam design allows the tires to pivot on 11 degrees of travel from front to rear, ensuring 100 percent road compaction. The heavy-duty box tube frame uses thousands of pounds of the grader’s weight with the help of the ripper/lift assembly down pressure to evenly pack the road surface. The Contour attaches to the grader as a “tow behind,” eliminating the need for another machine and operator. Each unit comes with a hydraulic accumulator for precise control of down pressure and a pressure relief valve in the event of sudden impact.

Paver’s digital display provides onboard diagnostic capabilities
Ingersoll Rand’s PF-6110 track-mounted paver offers a hopper capacity of 14.4 tons for a production rate of 820 tons per hour. A 205-horsepower Cummins Tier 3 engine powers the paver, which has a paving speed of 246 feet per minute and a travel speed of 11.4 miles per hour. The paver includes a 30-kilowatt generator with four 110-volt outlets. The operator station’s new digital display provides onboard diagnostic capabilities in four languages. The PF-6110 also has dual control stations that rotate and pivot at two points for comfort. Each seat extends beyond the edge of the machine for improved visibility.

Cold planer cuts directly in front of curbs, fences or walls
Roadtec’s RX-400 4-foot cold planer’s rear-mounted drum allows the operator to start the cut directly in front of curbs, fences, walls or other obstructions. This planer aids in commercial work and completion of projects where a compact design is an advantage, such as shoulders and other narrow milling projects. The RX-400 features a milling width of 2, 3 and 4 feet and a maximum cut depth of 12.5 inches. The 325-horsepower Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine provides power for a maximum operating speed of 172 feet per minute. The conveyor is able to swing 60 degrees to either side, adding versatility.

Concrete mixer produces varying designs
Cemen Tech’s volumetric concrete mixers produce varying concrete mix designs including pervious, self-consolidating and rapid set for road construction and repair. With tolerances of +/-1 percent, Cemen Tech’s mixers are certified for use on many state and federal DOT projects. Models are available with material capacities of 2 to 12 cubic yards and production rates of 15 cubic yards up to and exceeding 200 cubic yards per hour.

Lube body accommodates different tank sizes
Eagle Pro Lube Bodies, manufactured by Service Trucks International, are available in a variety of configurations including standard lube body, fuel/lube body or a combination lube/service body to meet a company’s fleet maintenance needs. All lube bodies feature modular construction to accommodate different tank sizes and combinations on the same body base. Other features include a spring-mounted frame, tanks and an integrated spill basin. Operators can control all the dispensing functions with ease and accuracy with electric over air or hydraulic controls and in-cabinet fluid gauges.

Remove embedded rocks, roots or stumps
Leading Edge Attachments’ Straight Rake handles severe rock sifting, root raking and embedded rock removal jobs with a backhoe or excavator above 11,000 pounds. The Straight Rake covers a wide range of touch material applications such as land clearing, tilling, rock and root clearing, stump removal, demolition, material sifting and some ripping applications. Although similar to other designs, the Straight Rake has no lower cross members to get hung up in the material. Tines constructed from thick, long wearing Hardox 400 steel can be purchased with or without replaceable teeth.

Solid tires increase fuel efficiency and wear more evenly
TY Cushion Tire’s aperature structure solid tire rides like a regular pneumatic tire without the hassle of puncture tires. By reducing the amount of rubber used on the solid tire, TY Cushion Tire reduced the total weight (including wheels) by up to 30 percent, thus increasing fuel efficiency. State-of-the-art design combined with a special rubber compound cause the solid tire to wear more evenly and last longer than regular tires.

Track-driven tractor pulls scrapers over rough terrain
Bell Equipment’s high torque, track-driven tractor pulls scrapers over the toughest terrain. The new Model 4206D/T converts the output of its Tier 2, 422-horsepower DaimlerChrysler diesel engine with 1,486 foot-pounds of torque into 65,000 foot-pounds of drawbar pull. Equipped with four 6,000-pound rubber track-drive modules, the 4206D/T can pull up to three, fully loaded 18-cubic-yard pull scrapers in tandem over rough terrain. Each module provides added traction over a wide range of landscapes and applications, and includes a 36-inch continuous rubber track to minimize surface damage while providing sufficient flotation over adverse conditions. Rubberized idlers and bogies provide a cushioned ride.

Blueprint measuring software generates quantity takeoffs easily
Resolve the dilemma of how to generate quantity takeoffs from blueprints that are downloaded from the Internet or distributed on CD with Tally Systems’ Quick Measure OnScreen. The software allows construction estimators to measure directly from the digital image rather than having to reproduce the drawings on paper. Simply click around an object on the digital image using your computer’s mouse. The result is count, length and area totals calculated in seconds instead of hours. Clicking the mouse again transfers the quantity and image of the takeoff directly into the user’s existing spreadsheet.

Excavator drives at highway speeds
Gradall’s XL 5100 III excavator weighs just over 55,000 pounds and has a shorter carrier for easier highway mobility and a shorter rear swing. Unlike the XL 5100 that used two Cummins engines, the XL 5100 III has one Detroit Diesel Mercedes engine. The new engine is paired with a single 100-gallon fuel tank. Within the chassis cab, the operator can drive at highway speeds to one or more jobsites in a single day. The operator uses the same engine to reposition the carrier and control the telescoping and titling Gradall boom. Exert control over the carrier positioning speed as well using a two-speed switch in the upper cab. XL 5100 III models are available in 6-by-4 and 6-by-6 configurations.

Speed up lubrication process while controlling volume of grease
Lumax’s dual-piston, air-operated Pneuluber grease gun cycles continuously with high pressure delivery dispensing one tube of grease in less than a minute. According to Lumax, the Pneuluber delivers almost six times the volume of grease compared to other air operated grease guns. Requiring only 40 to 60 pounds per square inch at 3.5 cubic feet per minute, the Pneuluber works with small, portable compressors. The patented dual-piston gear motor provides constant torque to speed up lubrication and control the volume of grease without compromising the output pressure. Eliminate waste, avoid contamination and control the flow of grease with the variable speed trigger.

Smooth, seal and restore asphalt surfaces
Champion Motor Graders’ new Roadmaster RP626 Asphalt Profiler smoothes asphalt surfaces by grinding away bumps and irregularities within tolerances of 1/8 inch or less. The profiler mounts to a 6-foot grinder cutting head under the front frame of a Champion C60 Motor Grader. The complete three-step Roadmaster Ride Quality Improvement System follows up the smoothing process with a sealer to fill any remaining cracks in the surface and then applies a rejuvenator that restores life and resiliency to old asphalt.

Live bottom trailer delivers more payload
Trail King’s Advantage Series Live Bottom asphalt trailer delivers more than 2,000 pounds more payload than previous trailers. Reduce load segregation during transport with the trailer’s 60-degree sloped walls and eliminate bridging problems. A heat- and oil-resistant two-ply rubber continuous belt moves the entire load to the rear for discharge. The 36-inch belt is attached to patented steel slats and moves by means of a self-lubricating double-pitch roller chain on steel tracks. Direct hydrostatic drive, a double-reduction planetary gearbox and a solid, one-piece drive shaft eliminate the problems normally associated with chain drives.

Cold planer available first half of 2007
Terex Roadbuilding’s CMI PR950 mainline cold planer delivers cuts up to 15 inches deep with its standard half-lane cutting width of 86 inches at working speeds reaching 168 feet per minute. The PR950’s optional 150-inch cutting system converts the standard half-lane cold planer into a full-lane milling machine. The tapered cutter housing design carries substantially less material, greatly reducing clean up requirements. The design, combined with 42-inch upper and lower conveyors that quickly channel material away from the cutter, enable the planer to deliver efficient, high production milling capabilities. The machine is available in either a three- or four-track configuration and features all-track drive for maximum traction.

Reduce stress to the engine cooling system
Novatrax puts fans to work in demolition, construction, waste and recycling equipment, as well as forestry machines. Novatrax’s Cleanfix fan keeps the engine cool by pulling air through the radiator system and reversing when necessary to blow dirt and debris out of the radiator and engine compartment. Nine specially designed blades turn 180 degrees while the engine is running and push air out with the same force when rotating in the opposite direction. Adjust the blades for maximum effectiveness to pull or push air. Each blade rotates on an individual axis to cool the blade and dislodge debris, while an integrated air cylinder and linkage reverse the fan blade pitch with air pressure.

Custom carriers equipped with brush cutters for high production
Supertrak offers a variety of multi-purpose custom manufactured carriers equipped with brush cutters to provide an efficient means of vegetation management for the forestry industry. The Supertrak SK 120 TR custom track mulcher comes equipped with Caterpillar components and a Fecon Bull Hog shredder head for reliability and durability. The machine has a high debris and ambient temperature radiator and cooling system for low operating costs. Additional features include an enclosed cab with heat, air conditioning and a backup alarm.

Tilt buckets fit 9,000- to 100,000-pound machines
Amulet’s Hydraulic Tilt Bucket tilts 45 degrees each way, with a full 90-degree range of tilt for shaping, ditching and excavating. The bucket is composed of twin heavy-duty, guarded double-acting hydraulic cylinders, induction hardened pivot pins and bushings that minimize wear. Bolt-on edges are available to increase bucket life. Deep bucket profiles offer large material capacity, while the bucket’s tapered sides allow for easy release of materials. Bucket sizes are available to fit 9,000- to 100,000-pound base machines.

Control bedding conveyor from inside the cab
Control when, where and how much bedding material is placed in the trench while bedding pipe with Felco’s bedding conveyors. Mounted between the tracks and attached to the cab body, the Felco bedding conveyor taps into the excavator’s track drive circuit to power the conveyor’s hydraulic motor. The standard bedding conveyor delivers one cubic yard of bedding material every 7 to 10 seconds. Because the operator controls the conveyor from inside the cab, the bucket can be filled with the exact amount of material. Efficient and timely placement increases production, reduces job and street congestion and minimizes the impact of overheads.

Extreme grapples fit all makes and models
National Attachments, the U.S. distributor of NYE products, has introduced its new line of extreme service demolition grapples custom fabricated to fit all excavating makes and models from 4 to 180 tons. Features include a quenched and tempered multi-alloy Swedish steel plate which delivers 120,000 pounds per square inch and hardened pins and bushings throughout. NYE Manufacturing’s grapple tines are a box section design made from T1 structural plates that extend from the tips all the way to the plate. Optional shear plates are available for wood waste and garbage crushing. All models offer simple pin-on installation and Quick Coupler systems.

Reduce risk of dropping attachments
Reduce the risk of dropping attachments at the initial latching stage with Wedgelock’s I-Lock Multi-Model hydraulic quick coupler. The I-Lock coupler has an independent front latch that automatically engages onto the front pin. Even if an operator gets distracted during the changing of attachments, the I-Lock safety latch automatically resets itself ensuring the coupler is always in safe mode.

Protect undercarriages with bolt-on rubber track pads
Everpads’ bolt-on track pads, manufactured by Evertire, are made of tear and wear resistant rubber that lasts longer than polyurethane. The pads offer high elasticity while providing better traction and a smoother ride. Designed for maximum performance on high production cold milling planers, Evertire bolt-on track pads are easy to install and replace. Simply bolt down the pad to the grouser from behind. Only rubber pads need to be replaced, as the grousers do not need replacement.

No more line boring
The Expander System from Expander Americas solves the problem of pivot wear. The system consists of an axle, which is tapered at both ends, expansion sleeves, pressure washers and fastening elements. The parallel expansion of the sleeves eliminates play in the pivot lugs. The Expander System can be used on any piece of equipment with mechanical pivots, including construction machinery, offshore oil drilling rigs or as safety bolts on airplanes or trains.

Bucket eliminates need for separate tilting attachment
Werk-Brau’s hydraulic tilting grade bucket was designed to enhance a machine’s grading capabilities in ditch cleaning and sloping applications. With its ability to tilt 45 degrees in either direction to increase productivity, this bucket eliminates the need for a separate tilting attachment and can be used with a mechanical or hydraulic coupler, which are also available. High strength steel is used throughout and hardened bushings, which can be greased, are used at all pivot points. Cutting equipment options include an optional replaceable bolt-on edge.

Bucket control valve regulates flow and pressure
RR Equipment’s trommel screening bucket from Okada America is lightweight and easy to operate. The compact design and functional structural frame have a built-in control valve to regulate flow and pressure, eliminating the need for costly plumbing on the carrier excavator. The in-body control valves allow the drum rotation speed to be fine tuned for smooth operation. The rotation drum consists of four bolt-on concave screens that are easily replaced eliminating costly down time. A variety of screen sizes are available from 3/8 inch to 4 inches.

Crane service body resists corrosion
Auto Crane’s new crane service body, the Titan 70, has the capacity to support up to a 70,000-foot-pound crane. The Titan 70 uses a one-piece side pack constructed of 10-gauge galvanneal and an internal hinge design for strength and corrosion resistance. The Titan also comes standard with LED lights, advanced T-handle door latches and a tailgate that can be operated with one hand. Radius corners and double-panel doors also add to the strength of the crane body.

Track-mounted horizontal grinder processes large stumps
The Peterson Model 6710B track-mounted horizontal grinder is the newest model in Peterson’s horizontal grinder line. Powered by a 1,000-horsepower Caterpillar 3412E diesel engine, the 6710B was designed for big jobs. The feed opening of 50 by 66 inches can process large stumps that used to be reserved only for tub grinders. Peterson’s horizontal grinder is particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications that require mobility. The Adaptive Control System II controls all components of the feed system to optimize output. Monitor the grinding load and vary the speed of the feed system to keep the engine working at the top of its power curve.

Abrasion resistant bucket fits loaders of all sizes
AIM Attachments’ GPL heavy-duty loader buckets fit wheel loaders of all sizes, and are ready for stockpiling, bank loading or excavation tasks. Each bucket features an AR400 steel cutting edge that is more wear resistant, stronger and harder than commonly used T-1 steel, as well as reinforced corners and gussets for durable construction. All buckets are pre-drilled to accept optional bolt-on side cutters and teeth. The sloped bottom design has thick wear straps and is abrasion resistant. The design also provides maximum dump clearance while maintaining the breakout forces of the machine.

Apply and level road shoulder material in one easy step
HTC’s latest attachment for the Model 2000 Hydraulic Truck Conveyors makes road shouldering quick and easy. The 2-foot wide leveling capabilities of this attachment allow the operator to apply and level the material in one step. Designed for narrower widths, HTC’s Model 1218 Leveling Assembly is controlled with valve manifold and 25-foot pendant control. The assembly comes in either manual or hydraulic operating systems. With 1 inch of movement, the unit can extend from 1 foot to 2 feet wide, or reach up to 3 feet with an additional extension.

Road paver’s 3D system permits adjustments for various tasks
Road pavers’ elevation and cross-slope are often controlled by stringlines, but not Leica Geosystems’ LMGS-P 3D control system. Starting with the project data, the actual 3D prism position is measured by one total station and transmitted to the Leica Machine Computer. High-accuracy, machine-mounted slope sensors provide additional information on the longslope and cross-slope. LMGS-P transmits corrections to the Moba-matic machine controller, which regulates the hydraulics similar to controlling with conventional sensors – meaning your crew doesn’t need to be re-trained to work with 3D. Key components include an industrial PC, touch screen, USB port and keyboard, as well as the road paver’s and profiler’s application program.

Motor grader maneuvers easily for multiple roadway applications
Powered by either a 110-horsepower turbo-charged Cummins engine or a 100-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine and hydrostatic drive system, the LeeBoy 685B motor grader offers contractors a versatile and maneuverable machine for multiple roadway and jobsite applications. Features include a 10-foot sliding and tilting moldboard with a total sideshift reach of 36 inches, allowing the operator to shift the blade in or out of hard to reach areas. The grader’s 16,000-pound weight, scarifier and optional front blade provide all the tools for precision grading at low speeds.

Crush, dig and stockpile with one attachment
RR Equipment’s Crush-All combines an excavator’s flexibility with the latest crushing technology, all in the form of one heavy-duty attachment. The Crush-All is a loader, hopper, feeder, crusher and conveyor all in one, making it an efficient tool. Features include an automatic dust suppression system and a tramp iron relief system that allows un-crushable material to pass freely. The Crush-All is easy to operate and maintain, with a rugged design that provides for durability and longevity.

Motor grader maneuvers easily for multiple roadway applications
Powered by either a 110-horsepower turbo-charged Cummins engine or a 100-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine and hydrostatic drive system, the LeeBoy 685B motor grader offers contractors a versatile and maneuverable machine for multiple roadway and jobsite applications. Features include a 10-foot sliding and tilting moldboard with a total sideshift reach of 36 inches, allowing the operator to shift the blade in or out of hard to reach areas. The grader’s 16,000-pound weight, scarifier and optional front blade provide all the tools for precision grading at low speeds.

Feed concrete cure directly to the pump
E-Z Drill’s cure sprayer trailer can be used for a variety of concrete cures. This heavy-duty trailer has a 2,000-pound axle, fork tubes and 40 feet of 1/2-inch sprayer hose. The trailer’s self-loading feature includes a Roper pump to feed the cure directly from its container or barrel into the trailer’s 100-gallon tank. A 5.5-horsepower Honda engine powers the pump and includes a weatherproof cover.