Sponsored Information: World of Concrete

Following last year’s record-setting event, World of Concrete 2007 will be bigger and feature more than 130 seminars in both 90-minute and 3-hour sessions on a variety of topics. The January 23-26 event in Las Vegas will also include operator competitions and exhibitor demonstrations.

Many of the seminars in this year’s show will focus on not only the basics of concrete, such as troubleshooting and repair guidelines, but also on newer techniques that center around decorative concrete. Several seminar sessions are devoted to human resources tactics, such as improving relations with employees.

Over the course of the week, 1,800 exhibitors in 875,000 net square feet of exhibition space will provide information about products, techniques and strategies to help industry professionals’ operations become more efficient and profitable.

New to the show is the Operator’s Precision Challenge, sponsored by CE Attachments, which invites equipment operators to prove their expertise with compact equipment and attachments by attempting to maneuver, control and master the equipment in tight spaces. Participants face tests of skill using skid-steer loaders, track loaders and excavators combined with various attachments. Prizes will be awarded to those who demonstrate exceptional skill.

Other outdoor competitions include:
JLG Telehandler Skills Challenge, preliminaries on January 23 and finals on January 25: Watch telehandlers in action as peers compete and test their driving skills. In this competition, participants must navigate a course to bring masons their supplies.

Spec Mix Bricklayer 500, January 24: A total of 20 teams – made up of one bricklayer and one tender – compete to lay a double-wythe, 26-foot wall in an hour. Mason professionals will also get a chance to compete in the Toughest Tender competition prior to the bricklayer challenge.

Mack Driving Skills Safety Challenge, January 23-25: If you are qualified to drive a ready-mix truck, show your operating and safety knowledge out on a course designed to test the skills of drivers.

Some of this year’s highlights include the seventh annual Artistry in Decorative Concrete, sponsored by Concrete Construction magazine, taking place January 23-26. At the event, leading artisans will demonstrate decorative concrete techniques for both residential and commercial applications.

For the second year, Concrete Construction and The Concrete Producer magazines are hosting the Women in Concrete Luncheon and Forum, which will be held on January 24. The two-hour program seeks to bring more than 200 women working in all areas of the concrete construction industry together to network, learn and discuss issues.

An unreserved auction, hosted by the Concrete Industry Management National Steering Committee, will have industry-related items available with all proceeds benefiting the CIM Program Expansion. Middle Tennessee State University, Arizona State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology and the University of California at Chico now offer the CIM program.

Here’s a sample of World of Concrete’s 2007 90-minute and three-hour seminars:
Monday, January 22
8-9:30a.m.: Time Management for the Construction Industry; OSHA – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

8-11a.m.: Concrete Repair, Part I: Evaluation and Repair Strategies; Basics of Concrete Floors on Ground; Markup and Profit: A Contractors Guide

1-4 p.m.: Concrete Repair, Part II: Surface Preparation and Placement; Building Single-Wythe Walls; How to Use Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

3-4:30 p.m.: What Makes a Good Concrete Contractor and Field Manager; Profitable Business Planning

Tuesday, January 23
8-9:30a.m.: Job Leadership – Now You’re Leading and Man-
aging People; Construction Accounting Software: Evaluations and Comparisons

8-11a.m.: ResidentialProblem Clinic; Getting the Most From Your Power Trowel; Minimizing Floor and Pavement Curling and Shrinking Problems

3-4:30p.m.: Construction Outlook for 2007 and Beyond; Concrete Hardscapes: Emerging Trends and Challenges

Wednesday, January 24
8-9:30a.m.: Practical Cash Flow Management; Interfacing Access Safety with Concrete Construction

8-11a.m.: Training Course for ACI Concrete Flatwork Finisher Certification; The Volumetric Mixer in Today’s Marketplace; Creative Forming and Finishing of Tilt-up Walls
3-4:30p.m.: Managing Customer Expectations; Women Improving Profitability

Thursday, January 25
8-9:30a.m.: Controlling the Costs of Workers Compensation; Troubleshooting Construction of Slabs on Grade and Pavements

8-11a.m.: How to Handle Hot and Cold Weather Concreting; Beyond Countertops: More Concrete Opportunities Inside the Home; What You Need to Know About Mortars and Grouts

3-4:30p.m.: Accident Investigation and Analysis; Mitigating Your Risk with the New ACI 302 and 360 Guidelines

Friday, January 26
8-9:30a.m.: Equipment Management for Profitability; Fall Protection Solutions for Masonry, Concrete and Precast Projects

8-11a.m.: Troubleshooting Concrete Cracks; Using Decorative Overlays on Existing Concrete; Legal Issues Every Contractor Should Know.

Dust collecting system improves visibility
Minnich Manufacturing’s Dust Collection System offers benefits for both the operator and surrounding traffic by providing a dust free environment for greater visibility and fewer blind spots. By diminishing dust in the air, compressor filters run cleaner for a longer amount of time. The Minnich Dust Collection System can also be retrofitted to any existing dowel drill unit with minimal cost and lead time.
Booth # C-6557
Minnich Manufacturing

Complete soft demolition tasks with electric, remotely operated machine
The electrically powered Brokk 180 gives off zero exhaust fumes and features remote controlled operation for safety purposes. Equipped with multiple attachments that can be easily changed, the lightweight and compact Brokk 180 fits through narrow door openings, climbs stairs and is easy on floors. The Brokk is especially handy for indoor and confined space breaking, crushing, digging and soft demolition jobs.
Booth # 0-30234

High frequency radar transducer compatible with concrete imaging device
Mala Geoscience’s radar transducer emits a 2.3-giga-hertz signal for high resolution concrete imaging of rebar, conduit, post tension cable and other features embedded in concrete structures with radar technology. The 2.3-giga-hertz transducer is compatible with Mala’s CX10 and CX11 concrete imaging radar devices. The CX series is capable of combining radar and electro-magnetic technology to locate rebar and identify energized power cables in one transducer. With the newest transducer the system is available in three frequencies, including 1.2, 1.6 and 2.3 giga-hertz. The CX series allows the user to image concrete in a wide range of thicknesses and embedded targets to a small size.
Booth # S-11910
Mala Geoscience

Drill dowel holes up to 18 inches deep for concrete paving jobs
The Model 210B SRA from E-Z Drill is a versatile drill system designed for drilling dowel holes in all types of concrete paving jobs. The system fits in a 4-foot patch and drills up to 18 inches deep. Drill holes from 5/8 inches to 2 1/2 inches in diameter with a minimum of 100 cubic feet per minute of air. The 210B SRA can be used for patching, lane additions and other applications where dowel holes are required. An adjustment for “skew’ drilling is included, which can also be adjusted for vertical drilling.
Booth # C-6545
E-Z Drill

Lessen the mess of replacing oil
The Sage Oil Vac 250 series Model 11256 offers a quick and efficient alternative to changing oil and other fluids by using a vacuum and pressure to replace oil – without pumps. The 11256 features two standard American Society of Mechanical Engineers rated 250-gallon tanks, as well as four 80-gallon ASME-rated tanks. Other components include an 8-horsepower Honda Puma air compressor, a weather tight toolbox, 3/4-inch by 25-foot spring-retractable hose reels, highway ready and street legal lights with electric brakes and a patented Sage Oil Vac used filter receptacle along with a filter stinger used to evacuate used oil from the filter before removal.
Booth # N-2677
Sage Oil Vac

Dig, crush and stockpile in one swoop
RR Equipment’s Crush-All replaces an excavator’s bucket by combining the flexibility of an excavator with the latest crushing technology, all in the form of one heavy-duty attachment. Simplify crushing, recycling and screening with this all-in-one loader, hopper, feeder, crusher and conveyor. The Crush-All is capable of crushing concrete slabs down to 1 1/2-inch-minus base product, as well as other applications. The built-in tamp iron relief system allows un-crushable material to pass freely.
Booth # S-14221
RR Equipment

John Deere showcases eight models
Eight models of new and existing John Deere equipment will be on display at the 2007 World of Concrete, including the 850J bulldozer with integrated grade control technology; the 644J wheel loader with new TM4 axles and new Tier 3 engine; the 310 SJTC backhoe; the 200D LC excavator; the 332 compact track loader; the 320 and 328 skid-steer loaders; and the 17D compact excavator. Additionally, a 544J loader will be shown in the outdoor competition area.
Booth # C-6469
John Deere

Reduce energy costs this season with waste oil heaters
Burning used oil in Lanair’s Model MX-200 waste oil heater can reduce heating bills and eliminate the cost to haul used oil off site. Lanair’s waste oil heaters are approved by the EPA and provide a safe alternative to fuel burning. Individual heaters or complete value packages are available. The MX-200 value package can heat up to 7,000 square feet and comes with a 215-gallon tank, heater pump, filter, fuel piping kit, fuel lines and fitting, and a chimney for 16-foot eave through-the-roof installation. Through the wall kits are also available.
Booth # N-167

Reduce risk of dropping attachments at initial latching stage
Wedgelock Equipment’s I-Lock Multi-Model hydraulic quick coupler has an independent front latch that automatically engages onto the front pin. The I-Lock helps operators by eliminating the risk associated with dropping attachments at the initial latching stage. Even if an operator gets distracted while changing attachments, the I-Lock safety latch automatically resets itself to ensure that the coupler is always in safe mode.
Wedgelock Equipment

Eliminate over-excavation with GPS grade reference
Minimize material waste and eliminate over-excavation with Topcon Positioning Systems’ 3DXi GPS+ grade reference. Consisting of two GPS+ antennae, a GPS+ receiver and the GX-60 control box, the 3DXi offers four temperature compensated 360-degree CAN-based tilt sensors, which measure angles from cab, boom, stick and bucket for precision cuts. The GX-60 creates an in-cab display to allow the operator to see the machine’s exact position on the site at all times. The 3DXi combines up to three user-defined views including plan, profile, sectional and single or dual grade indication, can store up to six different bucket sizes and offers access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites.
Booth # C-4889 (Central Hall), N-2513 (North Hall)
Topcon Positioning Systems

Anti-theft device allows truck and SUV hitches to be hidden
The Equipment Lock Company’s Hide-A-Hitch Lock anti-theft device allows truck and SUV owners the ability to easily store and secure their trailer hitches out of the way. With Hide-A-Hitch Lock, vehicle owners can stow their hitch away directly below their bumper and lock it into place with the existing lock and pin. TELC’s Hide-A-Hitch Lock is made from hardened steel and powder coated for a more durable finish.
Booth # C-3812
The Equipment Lock Company

Utility terrain vehicle maintains agility and high-speed
Ausa’s Task 50 is a Utility Terrain Vehicle that supplies agility and high-speed capabilities, as well as 1100-pound payload capacity and rough terrain characteristics. Access difficult to reach areas in extreme conditions and accomplish multiple tasks. The vehicle comes equipped with a dump bed for carrying loads. The Task 50’s components, functionality and design grant maximum performance, productivity and reliability to move in all types of terrain.
Booth # N-2962

Automatic blade control aids in earthmoving and grading applications
Apache Automatic Blade Control is a laser based grade control system used on construction machinery to automatically control the blade in earthmoving and grading applications. Installations can be adapted to dozers, skid-steer loaders, box blades and scrapers. It can also be used with agricultural drainage and land leveling machinery. A Bullseye laser receiver is mounted above the cutting edge of the blade. A control box designed to work with most hydraulic valves and a hydraulic installation kit are included with the machine’s hydraulic system. The unit processes grade information from a rotating laser and automatically directs the machine’s hydraulics to maintain the blade’s elevation.
Booth # C-4547
Apache Technologies

Increase paving versatility with automatic roller paver
The 4800 automatic roller paver from Terex Roadbuilding’s Bid-Well line offers contractors versatility with paving widths ranging from 15 feet to 172 feet. The paver’s 48-inch truss depth houses the operator’s console, keeping the operator clear of carriage movement for maximum efficiency, safety and 360-degree visibility. The Bid-Well Rota-Vibe system delivers exceptional concrete surface smoothness, no matter the paving width, for a wide range of applications from bridges to airports and highways to city streets. The system’s vibratory unit mounts to the paving carriage and delivers a light touch to the surface to facilitate the sealing of difficult-to-finish concrete due to harsh mix designs, delays, low slump specifications and wind exposure causing abnormal surface drying.
Booth # C-5313
Terex Roadbuilding

Pipe handler offers 10,000-pound capacity for stable lifting and carrying
Pettibone’s 10032 Extendo, equipped with a 60-inch-wide baler attachment, tackles pipe handling applications with increased maneuverability. The 10032 can handle pipe from 4 to 20 inches in outside diameter. Hydraulically actuated hold-downs on the baler arms stabilize the pipe on 48-inch long forks. A single joystick allows smooth operation of all boom and baler functions for maximum productivity. Contributing to operator comfort and safety is a cab with high visibility, adjustable right-side armrest and a full set of gauges.
Booth # C-7023

Wheel loader scales benefit limited cab space applications
Loup Electronics’ Load Log 880L and Load Log 8000L wheel loader scales benefit applications where cab space is limited. Both of these scales are equipped with features required to track bucket loads, total weight, last bucket tip-off or reweigh functions. The Load Log 8000L can also be connected to a printer, data card module or Wireless Telemetry.
Booth # N-1574
Loup Electronics

Volumetric concrete mixer handles a variety of mixes
Cemen Tech manufactures and distributes stationary, mobile and trailer mounted volumetric concrete mixers designed to handle varying mixes including pervious, self-compacting concrete and rapid set. Cemen Tech’s equipment is versatile enough to perform in applications from precast to gunite/shotcrete, short loads in remote locations and high-production batch plants. The company offers models with material capacities from 2 to 10 cubic yards and production rates ranging from 12 cubic yards per hour up to 100 cubic yards per hour or more.
Booth # C-6231
Cemen Tech

Excavator mounted screeners and crushers cut contractor’s fees
Giberson Enterprises’ distributes excavator mounted jaw crushers and screeners that are portable and affordable. Cut hauling and tipping fees out of contractors’ cost by improving productivity during onsite preparation with Giberson’s Eco-Crusher and Flip Screen. The 7,716-pound BF90 crusher produces up to 50 tons per hour and has a jaw width of 35 inches.
Booth # S-12253
Giberson Enterprises

Diesel power buggy moves and places concrete
Miller Spreader’s Scoot-Crete power buggies are primarily for moving and placing concrete, but are versatile enough to transport most material around a jobsite. Now available in diesel power to meet more diverse jobsite applications, the MB16 power buggy provides strength and structure. Features include 2- by 9-inch solid steel frame for durability and balanced weight distribution, full hydrostatic drive for demanding conditions, hydraulic dump and return cycles of 4.5 seconds and easy to use directional and speed controls. The enclosed, vented console also protects the engine and drive components from concrete buildup.
Booth # N-1618
Miller Spreader

Break through 8-inch concrete at a rate of 3,500 square feet per hour
The Cyclone Model SW3500 mid-size breaker from Universal Impact mounts easily to a skid-steer loader and can break 8-inch concrete at a rate of 3,500 square feet per hour. There is no point to break or wear out, no front head bushing to grease, no accumulator to recharge, no seal kits to replace and no daily or weekly lubrication necessary. The SW3500 features a patented skid system that dissipates the shock back to the ground, transferring no shock to the carrier.
Booth # C-7697
Universal Impact

Hole coring system eliminates the need to rent bulky systems
U.S. Saws’ Concrete Hole Coring System, or the Hole Core Buddy Kit, enables a contractor to core holes up to 8 inches deep with one cut and from 2 inches to 8 inches in diameter using hand-held equipment. Eliminate the need to rent a unit or hire a specialist to perform the task. The lightweight and compact system is offered in three different kits for use with a 5/8-11 right angle grinder, a Hole Hawg, or a 1/2-inch professional drill motor with water feed. Several different size bits designed for use with the system are also available.
Booth # 0-31100
U.S. Saws

Improve traction and stability for a smoother ride
Convert a wheeled skid-steer loader into a track loader in under an hour with Loegering’s Versatile Track System. The complete rubber track undercarriage bolts directly to your skid-steer’s standard hubs. VTS uses forward placement of the front idler wheel to maintain flotation and stability for digging and backing out of trenches, or hauling and dumping heavy loads. VTS tracks provide bi-directional suspension, which adjusts independently from one side of the machine to the other.
Booth # C-7345

Telescopic boom lifts rotate 360 degrees
Skyjack’s new SJ 40T and SJ 45T telescopic boom lifts with swing up cowlings offer unrestricted compartment access and a swing out engine tray allows for quick maintenance inspection. Skyjack’s jobsite terrain ability is provided by an axle drive system that delivers 45 percent in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations. One of the standard components on the SJ 40T and SJ 45T is continuous drive and steer directional sensing, a feature that automatically adjusts the control inputs based on the operator orientation relative to the base. Other standard features include the ability to drive at full height, 360-degree continuous turret rotation and up to 170-degree platform rotation. The SJ 45T model also includes a 5-foot hydraulic jib.
Booth # C-7213

Mobile silo increases plant versatility
LeeBoy’s LBC-24W concrete curber produces a highly maneuverable compact curb in an economical package. The LBC-24W smoothly pours a tight 24-inch radius, eliminating most hand forming. The LBC-24W has the capability for below-grade pours for efficient street rehabilitation work, as well as slipform curb and gutter and alley ribbons and sidewalks up to 4 feet wide. The curber is powered by a 44-horsepower diesel engine and offers fingertip control of all curbing functions from front and rear control panels. The LBC-24W has two 10,000-VPM vibrators, all-wheel hydrostatic drive, an articulating mold option and a hydraulic driveway cutter option.
Booth # C-7745

EarthWorks determines preparation and excavation beforehand
Designed for contractors, Tally Systems’ EarthWorks software helps determine how to prepare and excavate a site before construction begins. The software calculates demolition material removal, topsoil strip and re-spread quantities, in addition to cut-and-fill volumes for the entire site. EarthWorks also measures site quantities from either paper blueprints or digital blueprints provided on compact disc.
Booth # S-12746
Tally Systems