Cover Story: Attachments

Six-way blade brings versatility to compact track loader

At 7 feet wide and 24 inches high, the six-way dozer blade from ASV offers precision control and visibility. The blade mounts to the company’s All Surface Loader hydraulic quick attach. Quick-disconnect fittings speed the hydraulic connections. Power, tilt and angle functions are controlled by switches integrated into the machine’s right-hand joystick.

Belly blade turns tractor into motor grader
With its ability to raise, lower, angle, tilt, pitch and side shift, the Grouser Belly Blade performs the functions of a motor grader. By giving you the ability to see the cutting action of the blade it eliminates the need to look behind you to find out what you’re doing. The heavy-duty frame and reinforced blade also exert more down-pressure than pull-behind attachments.

Backhoe attachment swings 110 degrees
The SwingHoe, a skid-steer backhoe attachment from Manufacturer’s Diversified Services, swings 110 degrees, allowing you to dump and pick up material on either side of a trench without having to maneuver the carrier from side to side. Hydraulics are connected directly to the skid steer controls. The SwingHoe digs 6 feet deep, and buckets come in 12-, 15- and 18-inch widths. For digging parallel to walls the mounting frame has two swing pivot points, one on the center and one on the right.

Boosts breakout force 70 percent
Caterpillar’s new backhoe for skid steer and multi-terrain loaders comes in two models, BH150 and BH160, with or without auxiliary hydraulics. The new boom and stick shape boast a 70-percent increase in breakout force compared to the old model. Both models offer a boom swing of 182 degrees. The interface linkage is the same as the 303C CR compact excavator, making it possible to operate buckets and other work tools designed for compact excavators.

Grading attachment comes in 8-foot width
A good choice for skid steers with 75 or more horsepower and operating loads greater than 2,500 pounds, the Roadrunner grader-spreader-maintainer has a new 8-foot-grading-width series. The series retains the center of gravity close to the front of its prime mover and maintains good balance.

Extend your standard excavator’s reach
Young Long Reach Fronts transform standard excavators into long-reach digging machines. They feature thermal stress relieved booms and sticks for extended structural life, a strong pin joint with large diameter pins and bushings and a high strength-to-weight ratio. The stick tucks away under the boom for reduced transport height.

Skid steer dozer handles dozens of tasks
The skid steer dozer blade from Grouser Products is suited to move loose material, level sand and gravel, backfill around foundations, backfill trenches, create run-off trenches, remove rocks, push snow, back drag and build septic tank mounds. Equipping the carrier machine with tracks improves traction and enhances the dozer’s performance.

Arm extender reaches up to 100 feet
Designed to increase excavator reach, the Extendavator from Paul Wever Construction Equipment is available in lengths from 4 to 50 feet and in six weight classes. It can be installed in just two hours and requires no additional hydraulic valves. On a 250,000-pound machine it can give you more than 100 feet of reach. It is rated at full reach with a full bucket and no extra counterweight.

Land plane not limited by hydraulics
John Deere’s Worksite Pro land plane attachment for skid steers is a simple mechanical attachment that can be used to complete the final grade on both flat and sloping ground. Ideal for tight spaces close to buildings, the land plane is available in three widths – 72 inches (LP72), 78 inches (LP78) and 84 inches (LP84) – to fit various machines. An optional hydraulic control is available for the scarifier. Because the speed of operation is not limited by hydraulics, Deere says the land plane can grade as fast as the operator and skid steer are capable.

Next generation Groundbreaker-X backhoes fit compact tractors and skid-steer loaders
Designed for skid steers and compact tractors in the 18- to 45-horsepower range, the Groundbreaker-X backhoe from Woods easily attaches or detaches with either a three- or four-point hitch. Its excavator-style curved boom and large dipper cylinders offer up to 3,780 pounds of digging force. The curved boom reaches over objects with better visibility and repositioning than a straight boom. A 180-degree swing arc and 180-degree bucket rotation allows the backhoe to maneuver around difficult obstacles. An optional mechanical thumb with six adjustable positions is available.

Dozer blades power over bumps, pivots and small obstacles
Hydraulic angling allows LR Attachments’ Spring-Trip dozer blades to angle left or right 30 degrees while providing extra pushing power for bumps, pivots or small obstacles. The blades fit on skid-steer loaders and are offered in 6-, 7- and 8-foot versions.

Slope packer saves on fuel, undercarriage costs
Rather than pack slow with a crawler tractor, the Thompson Slope Packer allows you to complete this application in much less time with an excavator. The attachment is self-cleaning and comes in 4-, 6- and 8-foot widths. It can pack soil up close to obstacles and silt fences without causing damage.

Blade turns skid steer into a dozer
Made by Quick Attach, the Versa Blade six-way hydraulically controlled dozer blade attachment for skid steers has adjustable-depth skid shoes that allow you to control the cutting edge depth. Quick Attach says the Versa Blade is ideal for dozing, scraping, cutting swails and leveling roads and yards. An industrial design provides the strength and endurance necessary for daily commercial use.

Quick coupler makes short work of changing buckets

The Spring-Tach manual spring loaded coupler from Werk Brau allows operators to quickly and safely change from one attachment to another and works with any bucket or attachments meeting OEM specification. The coupler is available for excavators, backhoes and most models of compact excavators.

Hardened parts increase tilt bucket life
For shaping, ditching and excavating, the Amulet Tilt bucket tilts 45 degrees each way using twin heavy-duty, double-acting cylinders. Induction hardened pivot pins and bushings minimize wear and bolt-on edges are available to increase bucket life. Tapered sides allow for easy release of material. The buckets are sized to fit machines from 9,000 to 100,000 pounds.

Staggered teeth exert maximum forces
For quarries and mining operations the new style Hi-Cap Multi Ripper Bucket from Leading Edge Attachments uses staggered ripper teeth to fracture the substrate in sequence. No two teeth align with each other, so maximum breakout force is applied to each tooth. The bucket functions similarly to a trencher except it uses the rolling action of the excavator arm to rip.

Quick attach thumb simplifies switching
The Rockland Smart Thumb, for backhoes with extendable inner sticks, has hydraulic clamping action without the expense of a control valve, stick plumbing or another hydraulic cylinder. A quick-mount feature makes the attachment easy to add or remove. With the installation of a 3-inch-by-5-inch mounting pad on the outer stick, the Smart Thumb can be removed or installed in less than two minutes.

Tooth design prevents scalloping, enhances bucket loading
H&L’s DeltaWing Lip Saver teeth are designed as direct replacements for a variety of OEM side pin backhoe teeth. The cutting edge protection prevents scalloping and increases bucket payload. Spade penetration is enhanced, and a pin groove guide makes pin installation easier.

Remove ditch sediment
Aim Attachments’ DC excavator buckets have an AR400 steel cutting edge and beveled AR400 steel side cutters. The ditch-cleaning bucket design also has an abrasion-resistant bottom with thick wear straps. The wide, shallow shape evenly removes sediment along the length of the ditch and allows wet, uneven soil to slide out when dumping, giving you a clean start each time. Four-bolt side cutters and extra pins are also available.

It’s a bucket and a hammer
The PicBucket percussion bucket 2000 Series by PowerTech combines the power of a hydraulic hammer with the maneuverability of a bucket. It permits excavation of several soil types and even makes it possible to work in frozen ground. The rugged design of the bucket’s tool holder allows material to be broken from any angle. The unit comes in 12-inch (1/4-cubic-yard overfill load volume) or 24-inch (1/2-cubic-yard overfill load volume) bucket versions. The oil flow rate is 9 to 13 gpm, making the attachment adaptable to small and medium-sized carriers. The attachment is produced in partnership with Atlas Copco.

Low-profile couplers offer optimum break-out force
The Wedgelock mechanical and hydraulic pin-grabber couplers from WagMann fit excavators from 3,000 to 150,000 pounds. Their low-profile design ensures optimum break-out force and power at the bucket lip, and lifting eyes are standard to ensure safe lifting capability. The couplers will accommodate multi-pin centers.

Swing attachment gives carrier machines 180-degree capability
Helac’s PowerTilt swing attachment gives backhoes and excavators up to 90 degrees of left and right bucket swing for 180 degrees of total side-to-side swing capability. The dipper stick has a clean, compact configuration with no cylinder rods or external moving parts exposed to damage. The attachment is available with two built-in couplers: the hook-style mechanical quick-coupler for use with OEM pin-on buckets or the universal coupler for quick-hitch-style couplers. It can also be combined with most popular hydraulic quick couplers. Seven models, sized by machine weight, are available.

Bucket has rear-mounted scarifier teeth
Wisconsin Metal Fab’s Power Bucket, available in 36-inch to 72-inch widths, features rear-mounted, hydraulically operated scarifier teeth and an optional cutting edge and landscape rake.

Bucket performs multiple functions
The Mobile Integrated Screening Unit padding bucket from National Attachments processes and mixes a variety of materials including sand, soil, salt, compost, clay and municipal waste. The bucket screens, sorts and pads. The MISU is available for excavators from 16,000 to 125,000 pounds, wheel loaders from 1 to 5 cubic yards, backhoes and skid steers.

Mechanical thumb provides economical alternative
The new ESCO rigid style thumb with universal mounting installs on excavators from 10 to 40 tons and provides an economical alternative to hydraulic thumbs. Three working positions allow for maximum range of movement. The four-tine design allows the thumb to mesh with standard bucket widths in each weight class, and staggered, serrated teeth provide a continuous bite across the width of the thumb. T1 plate steel strengthens critical component areas.

Compact excavator attachment easy to switch
Made of high-tensile steel, the Rotobec Mini Power attachment has replaceable bucket teeth and a continuous rotator fully sealed against water and dust. Optional bolt-on, positioned luggings allow for easy interchange from one excavator to another. An integrated, electro-hydraulic selector valve eases installation on compact excavators equipped with a single auxiliary hydraulic circuit. The Mini Power attachments are designed for excavators from 4 to 8 metric tons.

Quick coupler lets operator change attachments from cab
The SUR-LOK hydraulic quick coupler for excavators from PSM allows the operator to change attachments without leaving the machine. No manual safety pins or bars are required, and the coupling process takes place with the attachment on the ground. The design includes visual indicators and five safety devices to prevent unintended release of the attachment.

Easily manipulate and load irregularly shaped objects
Werk-Brau has made significant improvements to its multi-tine thumb EZ Grip attachment, re-engineering it to achieve 120 degrees of rotation instead of the 90 degrees of previous models. The EZ Grip is engineered to work on most makes and models of compact and full-size excavators and backhoe loaders and is specifically designed to handle and load irregularly shaped objects that cannot be managed with a bucket alone. The thumb retracts up against the dipper stick, allowing it to remain on the carrier during normal use.

Improved design for PowerClamp bucket thumb
Now featuring an improved, curved profile and tooth bar and 180 degrees of rotation, Amulet’s G2 PowerClamp bucket thumb provides versatile grasping and handling capability for demolition, logging and land-clearing applications. The PowerClamp features high-strength steel teeth and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. The new tooth bar is custom positioned for specific buckets and is offered with non-linkage or progressive linkage versions for use with or without a quick coupler.

Maximize excavator efficiency with minimum thumb weight
ACS Industries makes thumb packages for compact to full-size excavators. Each excavator package includes a thumb, bucket and hydraulic kit. Additional buckets, an ACS coupler and a rake are available as optional equipment. The design of this machine-specific package allows maximum machine efficiency by minimizing weight and attachment tip radius. All the items in the thumb package are tested to verify machine compatibility before shipping.

Grade and level while back dragging this 6-in-1 bucket
The 6-in-1 Quick Combo Bucket from Quick Attach has interlocking, serrated grapples coupled with two powerful 3,000 pound cylinders for securely gripping objects while providing optimum digging forces. The bucket can be used for dozing, grappling, leveling, digging, loading and dumping.

Industrial bucket with extra stiffness and torsional rigidity
LR Attachments offers 62-, 72- and 84-inch versions of its industrial bucket for all modern skid-steer loader makes with standard attachment mounts. Designed with a box beam integrated into its lower rear structure for added stiffness and torsional rigidity, these buckets are perfect for dirt, gravel, stone, sand or manure.

Swoop in and grab objects with the Raptor
The Raptor, from Pro-Tech Machining and Fabrication, is a heavy-duty hydraulic grapple available in widths from 66 to 84 inches. It can be spec’d as a 1/2-inch tined root grapple or as a closed bucket grapple. Both versions feature 1/2-inch construction with 3/4-inch uprights for the grapple claw and cylinder mounts as well as a 10-inch stroke hydraulic cylinder with a 2-1/2-inch bore.

Three grapple models for excavators 15 to 45 tons
Rotobec offers three different size grapples in different jaw configurations for hydraulic excavators ranging from 15 to 45 tons. The RPA 4570R is a heavy-duty model with a three-by-four tine configuration designed to handle logs, wood debris, stumps and similar materials. All Rotobec grapples can be used with the company’s RGP rotator system, which is positioned by the excavator’s tool cylinder. The rotator offers high swing torque forces thanks to a large slewing ring designed to withstand the tool cylinder force.

Grapple with double quick attach capability
The Sheyenne Double Quick Attach grapple allows you to quickly attach the grapple to a carrier machine and then attach a bucket, bale spear or tines to the grapple. The grapple is offered with a choice of two teeth sizes and comes in five different models. All models open to a width of 46 inches.

New thumb designed to work with or without coupler
Geith’s Auto Klamp automatically folds away when not in use and is designed to work with a variety of manufacturers’ buckets. The thumb has serrated edges for superior load holding and safe handling of stumps, rocks, brush and pipes. The Auto Klamp fits machines with operating weights of 16,000 to 62,000 pounds.

Slot cutter keeps your hands in control

The roll-in depth control on the Coneqtec/Universal SSG slot cutters allows the operator to keep both hands on the skid steer controls at all times. You can change the cut depth using the skid steer’s bucket controls. High-torque, direct-drive motors deliver power directly to the cutting wheel. It cuts 9 inches deep and uses 5,000 psi.

Bucket mounted wheel slices through asphalt
The 190C Cut-R-tach rotary asphalt cutting attachment from General Equipment clamps directly to the buckets of backhoes and loaders without modifications or special tools and stays tight in both forward and reverse. The 19-inch-diameter cutting blade cuts asphalt to a depth of 5 1/2 inches and yields a blade life in excess of 25,000 lineal feet.

Backhoe mill puts carrier’s down force to work
Using the down force of a backhoe, the Maddock Backhoe Mill milling attachment cuts to a depth of 12 inches while offering good visibility and a larger working envelope. It can also cut surfaces above grade, useful when working on steep slopes. It cuts pavement or rock outcroppings and, with a change of bits, becomes a stump grinder.

Coring machine sets up in confined spaces
Weighing just 700 pounds, the 48-inch-wide Minicor skid steer mountable rotary cutting unit can be used on sidewalks or other confined spaces where truck mounted coring machines won’t fit. Fully loaded with water the Minicor weighs 1,500 pounds. Quick-connect hydraulic hoses speed setup and an onboard, high pressure wash system facilitates quick site cleanup.

Side shift dowel hole driller doubles production
For drilling wiggle bolts and dowel bars, the H-3SS skid steer mounted hydraulic drill unit from Minnich Manufacturing can drill three holes and then side shift and drill three additional holes without repositioning the skid steer. Users report being able to drill 600 to 700 holes a day, the company says.

New cold planer models feature added versatility
Last October, Zanetis Power Attachments introduced two new cold planer attachments for skid steers. The new models are available with 16 or 18 inch cutting widths and can cut up to 8 inches in depth. An optional lateral milling feature enables the cold planer’s drum to be hydraulically rotated 90 degrees and laterally side-shifted up to 46 inches, allowing operators to cut corners, patches or utility cuts across roads without shutting down additional traffic lanes. A removable side cover allows flush cutting against walls or standing curbs.

Operate pneumatic drill with remote control
The Model 210 two-gang vertical drill system by E-Z Drill attaches to most skid steers and is pneumatic, requiring 260 cfm of air. The attachment has a remote control box the operator can use from the seat. It can drill 3/4- to 2 1/2 inch-diameter holes and has an 18-inch standard drill depth. Also from E-Z Drill, the Model 210 Eq. Mt. multi-gang dowel drill mounts to most backhoe loaders and excavators and features a hydraulic side-shift function that allows you to drill two sets of holes without moving the boom. A “floating” bucket curl pin speeds positioning, while an automatic drill shut off extends drill life.

Attachment turns trucks into patching machines
The HTC Patcher 48 mounts directly to any truck and turns it into a self-contained production patching system. It comes in off-set or center-mount versions. You can connect it to existing plow hitch points and hydraulic control connections or use the factory mounting bracket and hydraulic controls. Down pressure is around 12 tons at 2,000 psi.

New line of cold planers available
Case Construction Equipment has introduced the Case/Bradco HP Series with five models that range from 16 to 40 inches wide and provide cutting depths to 5 inches. Powered by high-flow hydraulics, Case/Bradco HP Planers feature in-cab control of depth, tilt and sideshift. An independent pivoting head provides better contour tracking, and independent, self-leveling depth adjustment allows for lapping cuts and tapering.

Internal breaker design offers longer service life

Bobcat has introduced a hydraulic breaker line for concrete and general demolition work. The breakers feature few moving parts and no external tie rods, reducing service intervals and time. The auto power feature and an automatic pressure regulator ensure maximum performance regardless of hydraulic flow variations in the host machine or changes in outdoor temperature. The regulator also limits excessive pressure during start-ups, protecting the energy chamber diaphragm.

Damping system reduces noise by up to 18 decibels
With a service weight of 795 pounds, the PB 420 Penta Series breaker from Atlas Copco Construction Tools works with skid steers, backhoes and compact excavators. The unit’s high power-to-weight ratio allows it to fit a broad range of small carriers and deliver an impact rate of 1,050 blows per minute. It accepts a maximum hydraulic flow of 23.8 gallons per minute at 2,175 psi. The VibroSilenced damping system, made up of elastic elements between the percussion mechanism and box enclosure, reduces noise by up to 18 decibels compared to similar guide systems.

Rotate shear cutting edges much like you rotate tires
Genesis Attachments now has an interchangeable blade system on its XP line of mobile shears. The new blade system has four identical cutting blades that can be rotated top to bottom and front to back, extending blade life. The blades can also be rotated in place, using all four cutting edges. In addition, a new dual guide blade system lets you shim the piercing tip to the type of scrap you’re processing.

Attack material from any angle
The Lemac Demolition processor combines a twin cylinder design with an unusual jaw configuration to deliver quick demolition and efficient processing of reinforced concrete structures. The single piercing tooth on one jaw concentrates the crushing force of the processor into one intense point, enabling initial breakage of sections that would otherwise be problematic. The processor has 360-degree power rotation for processing vertical, horizontal or angled structures. It can be attached to carriers ranging from 16 to 18 metric tons.

Breaker lines fit backhoes, excavators
Indeco North America now offers its HP 1800 Side Plate and HP 16000 breakers. The HP 1800 (pictured) has an operating weight of 1,430 pounds and is designed to fit large backhoes. It offers a hydraulic flow of 22 to 34 gallons per minute and up to 1,800 psi. The largest model in the HP line, the HP 16000, has an operating weight of 17,200 and fits excavators 75 metric tons and up. It has an 86- to 111-gpm hydraulic flow and up to 3,400 psi.

Turn your compact excavator into a rock drill
The MDA-A25-8 pneumatic drill from CanAm Rock Drill turns compact excavators into rock drills and produces up to a 90-inch-deep hole with an 8-foot rod. Weighing 650 pounds, the drill has a 3 1/4 -inch cylinder bore and a 2 1/2 -inch cylinder stroke. It has a feed swing of 20 degrees left and right.

Process wet or dry material
Allu Group’s SM screener crusher replaces the standard bucket on your skid steer, wheel loader, backhoe or excavator. You can crush, pulverize, separate, aerate and screen materials in one step. The attachment processes wet or dry material and can be used in various applications, including asphalt and concrete recycling, environmental processing, composting and pipeline padding.

Just two moving parts in hammer design
Komac’s KB-S Series breakers offer a simple design with only two moving parts. Replaceable tool bushings give the breakers longer life and the series’ power-to-weight balance offers efficient breaking. They are gas charged to maximize efficiency and minimize recoil. Shock-absorbing polymers control vibration, minimizing machine wear and sound and improving the operator’s comfort level.

Simplified design increases hammer reliability
The Caterpillar H55D hammer features a simplified design that reduces the number of parts by almost half when compared to the previous model. The hammer also has a higher blow rate and 25 percent more power. It is sized for use with all Cat skid-steer and multi-terrain loaders as well as the 302.5, 303.5 and 303 CR compact excavators. Recommended carrier weight is 5,500 to 9,900 pounds.

System prevents breaker damage
The P60 PS rock breaker from Italian manufacturer Promove weighs 10,000 pounds and fits excavators from 40 to 70 metric tons. The breaker allows up to 560 psi back pressure and has a blank firing prevention system. A frequency/energy adjustment valve regulates the energy from the stroke, matching it to the hardness of the surface.

Breaks up to 30-inch concrete
Universal Impact Technologies offers the Cyclone drop hammer in three different sizes, accommodating carriers ranging from walk-behind skid steers up to 20-ton excavators. Depending on size, the Cyclone is capable of breaking up to 30-inch concrete. It features a skid system that dissipates the shock back into the ground, transferring no shock to the carrier.

Break with the Beak
Daniel Manufacturing’s Beak crowbar fork multiplies a skid steer’s breakout force while its lower grapple jaw holds the load in place. The Beak also works in demolition applications and in moving and placing large stones, pipe and logs. It taps into a skid steer’s auxiliary hydraulic system and does not require high-flow hydraulics.

Increased cutting capacity
BTI’s SH Series hydraulic shears cut steel beams and rebar, crush concrete and pick and sort materials. The large bore hydraulic cylinder combined with a speed/regeneration valve increase cutting force and reduce cycle time. The shears have a guide slide puck system to reduce jaw stress and eliminate jamming. The addition of a front blade increases cutting capacity and eliminates wear inside the lower jaw.

Hammer circuit drives jaw crushers
The BF70, BF90 and BF120 EcoCrushers by Giberson Enterprises are driven with a hammer circuit to crush concrete, asphalt and rock at an 18:1 ratio, with a consistent and adjustable end product of 1 to 6 inches minus. The BF70, which fits on a 15-ton-plus excavator, produces 40 tons per hour. The BF90 fits on a 25-ton-plus excavator and produces up to 50 tons per hour, and the BF120 fits on a 40-ton-plus excavator and produces up to 60 tons per hour.

Quickly mounts to compact excavators, skid steers, backhoes
Allied Construction Products’ 538-pound AR70C impact hammer mounts quickly on a compact excavator, skid steer or backhoe. Conversion brackets allow the hammer to be changed from backhoes to skid steers in minutes. The breaker offers steady blow energy for maximum breaking power and straight hydraulic hose fittings for leak-free connections.

Magnet power system doesn’t require permanent installation or wiring
Gensco’s Dynaset hydraulically driven magnet power system for excavators now has a hydraulic power and control system in a small, protected package on the magnet itself, eliminating the need for permanent installation and wiring. In most cases you can connect the magnet to the auxiliary circuit on the excavator’s boom. Breaking the hydraulic flow to the magnet begins a built-in electronic drop circuit that allows you to power and control the magnet.

Multiple tine configurations attack differing jobs
National Attachments and Nye Manufacturing created the Hercules grapple, designed for extreme service demolition. The grapple has internal bridging and gussets, slot welding and multi-alloy steels, including CHT400/500 replaceable jaw inserts. Tine configurations include a high volume three-over-four tine configuration, a bulk capacity four-over-five configuration and two-over-three demo configuration.

Demolish concrete flatwork
The Hammerhead II Model HB 550 by Allied Con-struction Products is a self-contained hydraulic concrete slab buster. Concrete flatwork up to 12 inches thick can be broken at a 45-degree angle from the point of impact. Using only three moving parts, the unit minimizes maintenance and repair costs. It will operate vertically or horizontally on any concrete surface.

Rock breaker takes advantage of gravity
The Universal Rock Breaker simplifies the problem of secondary rock breaking by employing mechanical free fall operation and single impact energy to create an impact up to five times its own weight. Because the impact of the Rock Breaker is greater than that of conventional hammers, it can break larger rocks with fewer blows. Service is easy with no piston seals or bushings to replace and no accumulators to recharge.

Multi-tool performs shearing, cracking, crushing applications
Allied-Gator’s MT Series Multi-Tool is designed to give recycling professionals options when looking at hydraulic-powered processors. The quick-change jaw sets offer fast and efficient processing of structural steel and scrap metal. The power-link and guide system provides continual power gain to the dual-moving jaws throughout the tool’s closing phase. The fully enclosed, single-cylinder design offers complete protection from damage caused by material contact.

Concrete crusher works in confined spaces
Brokk’s Concrete Crusher CC320 weighs just 306 pounds but can break reinforced concrete up to 11.8 inches thick and steel reinforcement up to 0.78 inches in diameter. It can be teamed with compact excavators in the 0.9- to 1.5-ton class. It uses wear resistant, replaceable steel alloy crusher tips and cutter blades.

Hammers fit directly onto excavators for maximum mobility
Surestrike hammers generate up to 75,000 pounds of force per foot for breaking oversized rock and concrete. The minimal vibration generated by the Surestrike hammer ensures the carrier machine is not abused.

Four new hydraulic hammer models big on performance
Case is offering four new hammers, the CH300, CH500, CH750 and CH1000, which range in impact energy from 350 to 1,200 pounds. Case dealers can now offer a hammer for the manufacturer’s 400 series skid steers and the new line of Case M Series 2 loader/backhoes.

Hydraulic Crusher innovative in design
Mid Atlantic Hammers’ GS300A Hydraulic Crusher not only comes with 360 degrees of rotation, but offers powerful crushing performance with its special steel construction. The GS300A is ideal for working in small or narrow areas and for cutting steel reinforcement.

Hammers increase breaking power up to 50 percent
Huskie’s Hydraulic Series II breakers include models HH150-2 through HH1000-2 that have impact energies from 200 to 1,200 foot-pounds. All Huskie Hammers with impact energies up to 8,000 foot-pounds offer users improved serviceability due to a reduction in total parts.

Fewer parts reduce hydraulic hammer noise, costs
Rock Tools’ developed its hydraulic hammers for a wide variety of applications that include utility work, construction, demolition and quarrying. The box-type hammer reduces noise for urban use and increases operator comfort. The percussion system reduces vibration to both the carrier unit and operator.

Patented technology improves breaker production
Kent has produced two breakers that can be used in varied work environments. The TLB version for backhoes is available with the patented Switch-Hitch side-plate mounting system that can be changed to accommodate quick couplers. The Qt breakers are designed for reduced noise environments and are encased in a one- piece enclosure to protect components.

IronWolf Crusher eliminates need for debris removal
The IronWolf Crusher 1000 Series attachments mount on wheel and track loaders for a variety of construction, reclamation, mining and forestry applications. The Crusher includes a cutter assembly with a 10-foot-wide cutter drum and auxiliary engine package. Cutter drum diameter options are 40 and 48 inches, allowing cutting depths up to 12 and 16 inches, respectively.

Lightweight breaker hits hard, requires minimum hydraulic flow
Stanley Hydraulic Tools’ new 1,500-foot-pound-class mounted breaker, the MB15EXS, is designed for backhoes and excavators in the 14,000-to-26,000 pound range. The unit hits like a heavier breaker yet can perform using just 15 to 25 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow. The enclosed housing eliminates damaging shocks to the carrier and the narrow profile improves visibility.

Broom attachment cleans up dirt, leaves, snow, material spills

The SweepEx Mega 720 broom attachment from TrynEx International has a 72-inch-long mainframe and can be adapted to most service vehicles. Also available are mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches and skid-steer pivots. The broom’s brush sections can be easily replaced, rotated or removed by simply detaching the end protectors.

Sweeper holds more debris with less recirculation
The VRS pick-up sweeper by Sweepster has a volumizing feature, allowing the bucket to hold more debris volume with less recirculation when compared to conventional sweepers. The high dump design holds the sweeper head clear of the dumping bucket, and you can quickly change the brush without breaking hydraulic lines. The sweeper comes in 60-inch, 72-inch and 84-inch models.

Broom angles 30 degrees left or right
The Model HL broom by MB can change its angle hydraulically 30 degrees to the left and right. The broom comes in 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot widths and has a four-point, self-centering swing system. The brush hood covers 155 degrees of the broom. The broom can reach speeds of up to 200 rpm.

Snow plows travel with ground contours
Sno-Way’s 29TSKD series plows have a 10-inch-high trip edge and a compression spring trip design. A center A-frame float linkage allows the blade to travel with the ground contour for efficient snow removal. The blade and A-frame are made of high-strength steel with a powder coat finish, while the trip edge base is constructed of 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Squeegee blade eliminates time-consuming hand labor
When it comes time for the final cleanup of a jobsite, Hall’s Dirt Squeegee Blade covers the teeth on a backhoe or compact excavator bucket so you can pull the dirt off grass and other improved surfaces. By eliminating most of the hand work with rakes and shovels you save time and labor. The Dirt Squeegee comes in six sizes and installs in less than 60 seconds without tools. The company also makes a crumbing blade for smoothing the bottom of a ditch or trench.

Designed for soil compaction, driving and extracting sheeting and posts
Atlas Copco Construction Tools’ HC 409 and 920 compactor attachments have FAG bearings, Permco motors and Lord shock mounts. Accepting a maximum hydraulic flow of 20 gallons per minute at 2,200 psi and weighing 900 pounds, the HC 409 delivers an 8,000-pound impulse force and produces 2,100 cycles per minute. Weighing 1,600 pounds, the HC 920 has an impulse force of 16,000 pounds and delivers 2,200 cycles per minute with a maximum hydraulic flow of 30 gallons per minute at 2,200 psi.

Tight quarter compaction made easier
The Diamond SK Series compaction wheel by American Compaction Equipment is designed for skid-steer loaders and compact excavators. Available in widths from 4 to 48 inches, the wheels fit both front-mounted skid steers and backhoe attachments on skid steers.

Delivers 6,000 pounds of vertical compaction force
The Coneqtec/Universal DCS6000 compaction plate extends to 36 inches below the trench surface. The dual counterweight design delivers 6,000 pounds of vertical compaction force. Available in 16-, 18- or 24-inch widths, the plates attach to any skid steer equipped with a quick attach.

Packer works in tight spots
For tight spots that require compaction but have limited access, the Skid-steer Packer/Roller from Handy Hitch works in landscaping applications as well as limited-access construction sites, parks and recreational areas. The unit uses the carrier’s hydraulic power to create downward compaction pressure.

Double-duty trench grader
The Wallace Trench Grader fills and compacts trenches in one pass. It attaches to skid steers or three-point hitches and works on trenches with spoils from 4 to 12 feet. Rubber blades move with the contour of the ground, and a new optional set of blades are designed for golf course, lawn and landscaping applications.

Compaction bucket replaces dozer or loader for backfilling
Felco Roller Wheel and Vibratory Compaction Buckets allow an excavator to dig, place and compact with one attachment. The Compaction Bucket combines the compaction performance of tamping pad roller design and a sealed journal bearing all within a regular duty bucket. The Compaction Plate Bucket, with flow control valve, combines the compaction performance of a vibratory plate with the versatility of a bucket.

Broom model offers ease of maintenance
The York Broom Model YB32 is available in 6-, 7- and 8-foot widths, mounts to a standard category I or II three-point hitch tractor and requires a PTO running at 540 rpm. The broom may be angled a maximum of 30 degrees left or right. The Model YB32 is equipped with a reversible gear.

Vibratory roller attachment designed to do a lot of work
For trench and slope compaction, MBW has developed the EXA Vibratory Roller Attachment for excavators and backhoes. The EXA’s vibratory and static pressures ensure inspection-passing compaction levels on all soil types from granular to cohesive. The EXA is available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch widths and is suitable for backhoes and excavators up to 60,000 pounds.

Compaction roller allows faster speed
Double D Manufacturing’s Roll-N-Go 60-60G Series hydraulically lifted compaction roller is equipped with an optional 12-foot hydraulically positioned grader blade. The roller weighs about 1,000 pounds and can be towed at speeds ranging from 8 to 10 mph, allowing operators to compact materials at a high rate per hour.

Remove tough roots, brush, rocks and other debris

Bobcat’s new root grapple features a rugged, skeletal design that allows dirt to fall through its teeth while minimizing topsoil removal. The result is lighter and fewer loads for operators to haul. Curved bottom teeth allow material to be scooped by plunging the grapple into the ground. The root grapple is available in 72- and 82-inch widths.

Grapple rakes for backhoes and loaders of all sizes
Fleco offers a full line of heavy-duty rakes that will fit backhoes and loaders of all sizes. These rakes feature independent dual arms for the safe carrying of uneven loads and tines designed to maximize machine reach. High-strength steel construction with a close-in center of gravity optimizes the carrier machine’s full lifting capacity.

Grind up to six acres a day
Sneller’s 275-horsepower stump mill mounts on excavators 20 metric tons or larger. At its business end, the stump mill turns a high-performance, patented cutting wheel and teeth that can take on up to six acres a day. Its patented lower bearing system extends bearing life up to 10,000 hours. The company will offer a 170-horsepower version soon.

Self-propelled mulcher handles material 12 inches in diameter
The Seppi Forst m 225 is a self-powered mulching head that mounts onto a wheeled or tracked loader. It is powered by a 170-horsepower Deutz motor driving through a fluid clutch, allowing use on carriers fitted with torque converter transmissions. The m 225 has an 89-inch cutting width and can be spec’d with either a fixed knife rotor or a swinging hammer rotor. Both rotors can handle material up to 12 inches in diameter.

Root grapple improves site cleanup productivity
Crafted from abrasion-resistant, high-strength steel, Construction Attachments’ RG-Series root grapple can handle the removal of surface and sub-surface. A large grapple opening accommodates irregularly shaped objects while providing the clamping force for safely removing and loading debris. An available slat kit provides smaller tine spaces when working with bricks and smaller rocks. The RG-Series is offered in 66-, 78- and 84-inch models.

Reach up and down slopes to grind stumps
The SH340 Stump Hog from Fecon reaches up or down slopes and other areas that can’t be accessed by traditional stump grinding equipment. The Stump Hog fits on hydraulic excavators and is engineered to move from stump to stump quickly with 90 carbide teeth. The Stump Hog can run on just 40 gallons per minute when mounted on a 20-ton excavator, but will accommodate up to 100 gpm of hydraulic flow when powered by Fecon’s self-contained power pack.

Excavator-mounted brush cutter excels in tight timber
The Extreme Duty Brush Cutter from Promac mounts on hydraulic excavators and uses their reaching ability to clear brush in constricted timber areas. The brush cutter is designed with an aggressive, heavy-duty mulching disc and cutting bits. A shock-absorbing, “quick-flex” drive assembly helps protect both machine and operator from impact loads while a high-torque hydraulic motor boosts productivity.

Break down stumps or simply pull them out of the ground
Bandit’s Megabyte log and stump shear attachment can break down stumps and oversized logs into manageable pieces or act as a stump puller and split stumps while they’re still in the ground. It has a new universal mounting system that allows easy attachment to most excavators without boom modifications.

PTO-powered chipper turns compact tractors into mulching machines
Bandit PTO chippers are highly mobile and can attach to a compact tractor via a three-point or trailer hitch. Six models are available: the 6-inch Model 65 XL, the 9 inch Model 90 and Model 95 or the 12 Model 150, Model 200 and Model 250. All feature heavy-duty components.

Low-flow mulcher designed especially for small skid steers
Gyro-Trac’s low-flow, fixed-tooth, planar-head Toma-Ax Cutter Head can clear small trees and shrubs while mounted on a small skid-steer loader. The Toma-Ax attaches quickly to any small skid steer and its knife-like cutting teeth can be removed and replaced easily.

Who ya gonna call? Stumpbusters!
Shaver’s SC-25 Stumpbuster is designed for compact tractors in the 15- to 35- horsepower range. Two hydraulic cylinders raise, lower and move the cutting wheel from side-to-side, grinding stumps to mulch in minutes. The Stumpbuster can be mounted to the tractor’s 3-point hitch. The tractor’s PTO turns the attachment’s 24-inch cutting wheel up to 980 rpm and can grind large stumps down 10 inches below grade.

Mowhawk brusher cutters clear all terrain types quickly
Protech Machining and Fabrication’s Mowhawk brush cutters fit compact excavators from 7,500 to 20,000 pounds and are available with 36- and 48-inch cuts. Their modular design features interchangeable machine mounts to accommodate future machine upgrades. Two swing-away blades and crossport relief valving provide trouble-free performance.

Control discharged material better when clearing brush
Hydro-Ax’s Model 800 Rotary Ax features a bi-directional hydrostatic motor that mulches small trees up to 7 inches in diameter while cutting an 8-foot path. The motor provides operator control of discharged material; the containment area holds material longer for better mulching action. The mower is ideally matched with Hydro-Ax 764 and 864 site prep tractors.

Timberwolf adds log splitter to attachment lineup
Timberwolf’s S3 skid steer log splitter allows operators to move and split logs with one attachment. The attachment can split logs up to 30 inches long and grip and transport whole logs. The is powered by a single hydraulic cylinder. All operations are controlled from within the skid steer’s operator’s compartment.

Slow grinding speeds combined with high torque for rocky ground stump removal
The LTC Stump Grinder from Lang Tool turns a relatively slow 250 rpm while developing 6,750 pounds-feet of torque. The slow rotational speed and high torque characteristics allow the stump grinder to work in extremely rocky ground conditions grinding stumps and underground root structures.

Promac Brushcutter contains clippings and directs them downward
Promac’s rotary brush cutter removes brush, scrub, shrubbery, small trees and other undergrowth in rural areas. A steel shroud encloses the cutting disc to contain cuttings and direct them downward. Cutter bits are mounted on the rim and upper and lower face. The cutting disc is mounted on a steel shaft driven directly by the hydraulic motor.

Denis Cimaf adds lighter brush cutter to line
The DAF-080 brush cutter from Denis Cimaf is a lighter version of the company’s DAF-180 model. The DAF-080 features a 72-inch-wide cutting rotor with 25 fixed knives with bolt-on blades. It is designed to fit on skid steers with more than 65 horsepower and requires continuous hydraulic flow between 25 and 30 gpm and an operating pressure of 3,000 psi.

Slasher land-clearing attachment from Iron Wolf
Designed to work on track loaders, the Slasher series of land clearing attachments from Iron Wolf feature a 10-foot-wide cutting assembly and an auxiliary engine package. The cutter drum is 40 inches wide and allows cutting depths up to 8 inches. Auxiliary power is provided by a Caterpillar C-15 diesel engine. Rexroth variable volume hydraulic pumps are standard.

Shears fit different types of machines
At 1,450 pounds, the new 14-inch bunching shear from FECON is sized to work with skid-steer loaders, small wheel loaders and excavators. The shear can cut trees up to 14 inches in diameter and its accumulating capacity is 350 square inches. Heavy-duty cylinders with large cylinder rods speed up cycle times.

Upcutting leaves clean results, draws less horsepower
The Loftness Timber Ax uses reverse rotation with the knives rotating upward on the front side of the rotor. This lifts material up off the ground against an adjustable shear bar for cleaner cutting action and reduced horsepower requirements. The Timber Ax cuts trees up to 6 inches in diameter with reserve capacity for larger trees using as little as 38 hydraulic horsepower.

Forks for multipurpose backhoe buckets

CTI’s new MP60 and MP80 forks are designed to mount on 4-in-1 or multipurpose backhoe buckets. Safety chains ensure the forks stay in place even if the bucket is pried open while they are attached and the forks mount and dismount in seconds. The MP 60 has 48-inch tines and a 6,000-pound lift capacity. MP80 forks use 60-inch tines to deliver 8,000 pounds of lifting capacity.

Bucket fork line fits wheel loaders and backhoes
manufactures a complete line of bucket forks designed to fit and work on backhoes and wheel loaders of all sizes. The bucket forks feature durable, fully forged tines that are completely adjustable. A 2-inch-diameter, 84-inch shaft is included. The Aim Attachments shaft is crafted from 1144 stress-proof steel alloy. In all, Aim Attachments offers 10 different sizes of forks for wheel loaders and backhoes.

Handle bulky or palletized material with ease
Designed for front-loader tractors, the PF-448 rail-style pallet fork from Worksaver replaces the company’s older ULF-348 fork model. The fork has an all-welded frame measuring 54 inches in width and is rated at 4,000 pounds. Pin-on brackets are standard, and an optional quick-attach bracket is available.

Turn your earthmover into a material handler
MDS clamp-on bucket forks are available in 1,000-, 2,000-, 3,000-, 4,000- and 6,000-pound-capacity versions. All models have 3-to-1 safety ratings, while the 4,000- and 6,000-pound versions have wide openings to fit the thick cutting edges of large buckets. Their inherent design makes them easy to install and remove.

Continuous rotation grapple for tough demolition applications
Sneller’s 360 degree grapple is built tough enough to use in log piling, scrap sorting and demolition clean-up work. Both its continual rotation and jaw movements are hydraulically operated.

Quick and easy placement or removal of concrete road barriers
The Barrier Grabs attachment from Construction Lifters lets you quickly and easily place or remove concrete road barriers without the need to use chains or slings for lifting. Barrier Grabs are available with either 8,500 pound capacity or 14,500 pounds of capacity. Standard urethane pads lift unpainted barriers. Steel “dog points” are available for lifting painted barriers.

Three-function attachment combines hitch, ballast box and fork
The 3-Point Threesome system from Earth & Turf Products consists of three components: A receiver hitch attaches directly to Category I three-point hitches and serves as the base frame unit. A ballast box pins onto the receiver hitch and holds 4.2 cubic feet of ballast weight. The system’s pallet fork attachment also pins to the receiver hitch to permit lifting pallets with the tractor’s three-point hitch

Match a bucket to your material handling needs
Young’s light and standard wide rehandling buckets are designed for all free-flowing stockpile materials such as wood chips, coal, fertilizer, aggregates and similar materials up to 3,000 pounds per yard. All buckets are engineered to load and discharge material quickly while minimizing spillage. The company’s clamshell buckets can do excavation work or rehandle heavy materials. They can also be used in demolition applications, for rock handling or for dredging materials up to 6,000 pounds per cubic yard.

Grapple capability for compact loaders
You can now turn your compact utility loader, compact tractor or skid steer into a material handling machine with Anbo’s GRL Site-Pro series grapples. The line consists of seven different lightweight models that offer substantial strength and lift capability. Grapple widths range from 35 inches to 6 feet, and lift capacities range from 275 to 500 pounds.

Easily manipulate utility poles with the Pole Claw
You can now use your skid steer to easily move and manipulate large utility poles up to 45 feet in length. The Pole Claw from EZ Spot UR allows a skid steer operator to pick a pole up off of the ground or from a truck, rotate it to the vertical, then place and position it however they like without the need for cranes, slings or manual labor. The attachment has 115 degrees of rotational capability and opens to 20-1/2 inches wide. A rubber lining prevents damage to poles.

Pour materials in hard-to-reach locations
The BakSaver hopper/spreader fits under any dump truck or attaches to any skid steer with a quick disconnect and universal mount. The BakSaver holds up to 3/4 yard of material and can pour flowable substances through a hydraulically controlled 8-inch-by-8-inch self-cleaning chute.

Handle, sort and compact material with the Claw Bucket
Allied Gator’s Claw Bucket is strong enough to withstand a carrier machine’s tractive force, allowing it to easily handle, sort and even compact materials. Fully enclosed hydraulic cylinders are durable and tough and Allied Gator’s proprietary two-pin installation and removal system allows quick changes between the attachment’s standard bucket configuration and the Claw Bucket configuration.

Tines lift irregular objects without hydraulics
No hydraulics are necessary to use Kenco’s Triple Tine Lift. It features three points of contact to safely lift irregular objects and can take objects in a wide variety of sizes. The actuator allows for hands free operation in the lifting, moving and setting of objects.

Barrier lift available with self-aligning guides
The Kenco barrier lift provides a 5-to-1 grip ratio to safely and efficiently lift any concrete object including media barriers, sound walls, curbing and piling. Lift capacities range from 1,500 to 30,000 pounds. Elastomer pads grip firmly even in wet weather and the automatic actuator allows for hands-free barrier placement. Optional self-aligning guides extend down from one set of pads to allow the lifter to align itself with the barrier wall whenever the lifter is lowered into position.

Turn a skid steer into a compact crane
Sheyenne’s Tele-Boom attachment for skid steers is a compact, high-performance crane attachment that reaches from 8 feet 6 inches to 30 feet. It requires only one hydraulic output and fits most skid steer makes and models.

Vacuum Lifter’s design means safer, faster pipe handling
Vacuworx International’s RC-10 vacuum lifter features a self-contained tank and a 360-degree hydraulic rotator that is powered by the excavator’s bucket curl. The RC-10 lifts weights up to 22,000 pounds and specializes in handling pipe with coatings, including cast iron or plastic pipe, ranging from 4 to 48 inches in diameter and concrete pipe 60 to 84 inches in diameter.

Two grapples for material handling applications
Kinshofer orange peel grapples are offered in four- and five-tine versions, each rated for excavators in the 36 to 50 metric tons classes. Replaceable steel tips are standard and all hydraulic cylinders, rods and oil and hydraulic lines are protected from impact damage.

C-Hook pipe lifter saves time
Construction Lifters’ C-Hook Pipe Lifter is available in six capacities up to 30,000 pounds to handle pre-cast pipe from 4 to 8 feet in length. The adjustable lifting eyes allow the hook to be carried level and stand up for easier attachment.

Orange peel grapples feature special, internally mounted, armored hydraulic hoses
Young Orange Peel grapples are designed for tough jobs like handling demolition debris, scrap metal, refuse and other loose materials. All Orange Peel units feature continuous, high-torque, bi-directional, 360 degree rotation for fast positioning of the grapple and load. The hydraulic rotation motor is equipped with a built-in relief valve for protection against pressure spikes. All bearing bolts are accessible from the top of the grapple.

Laser receiver corrects for dipper arm angle

The Apache Bullseye 6 machine control laser receiver uses patented Angle Compensation for Excavation technology that automatically calculates and corrects the grade display for the angle of the machine’s dipper arm. You can check grade with the dipper arm extended or retracted up to 30 degrees. Quick, one-man setup doesn’t require cables, welding or on-board batteries.

Depth monitor available with graphic display
The Ocala Excavator Depth Monitor eliminates the need for a helper in the hole and has an optional graphic display. You can simultaneously monitor depth, slope and horizontal distance. The graphic display is ideal for applications where the bucket is out of sight, such as when digging under water. An automatic laser receiver for the dipper stick complements the system.

Tilt indicators alert operators to dangerous situations
Rieker Electronics makes several products that improve the ability of operators to detect potential roll-over situations. Its H4 Series inclinometers provide single axis sensing and are available with analog or digital outputs. Rieker’s RDI Series digital inclinometer is available as a display or remote sensor package for off-road, rough-terrain construction vehicles.

Excavator laser won’t block view
The MR360R from AGATEC Construction Lasers shows the position of the bucket or blade in relation to the reference beam from any rotating laser. The system uses wireless technology to link the in-cab display to the receiver. The clear panel remote mounts to the cab windshield and won’t block the operator’s view. A built-in vertical indicator monitors the angle of the stick, signaling if it’s plumb or under- or over-extended..

Leave the truckscales behind with loading monitor
3B6 Technologies’ Top Dipper excavator scale gives you load information in the cab as you load trucks, eliminating trips to the truck scale or return trips as a result of over or under loading. The system allows you to set target load limits for individual trucks, with an alarm sounding if you exceed the truck’s maximum capacity.

Cab cover keeps the chill out
The Burch 3S Kab King cab cover protects operators from wind and cold and installs easily over standard ROPS canopies. Enclosing the cab on three sides, the Kab King leaves the front open for visibility. The cover is made of heavy-duty, vinyl-reinforced nylon. The Burch Heat Tube, which mounts to the radiator grille, works with the Kab King.

Get a clear view with acrylic cabs
Fremar’s EZ2CY Acrylic Cabs fit most skid steers and backhoes. The manufacturer says the cabs are stronger and clearer than glass cabs and cost less. They come with windshield wipers.

See what’s behind you with video system
Intec video systems help prevent backing accidents with cameras that give operators a complete view of what’s behind their vehicles. The company’s XL cameras and cables feature a mil-spec connector that locks out moisture. A built-in switcher on the CVM640LCD display allows the operator to monitor the view from three cameras.

Grade 50,000 square feet a day with laser system
With Orthman Manufacturing’s Grade Mate laser grading system, a single trained operator can finish a fine grade job of up to 50,000 square feet while maintaining an accuracy of 1/4 inch in one eight-hour day. A tractor-mounted console allows you to monitor all functions, and a full width roller compacts sub-base materials and eliminates tire tracks.

Customizable driveheads let you pick motor
With the Eskridge Model D440 digger drivehead you can pick the best motor for your job, whether you need high torque and low speed for applications such as installing piers or low torque and high speed for digging applications. Depending on the motor you choose, the drivehead can produce 21 to 75 rpm and 8,000 to 35,000 foot-pounds of torque.

Excavator system shows elevation of bucket teeth
The MikroDigger XC 2 excavator system by Mikrofyn Positioning Products shows the elevation of bucket teeth throughout the digging cycle numerically and graphically. With a base system, you can excavate slopes and trenches, grade and perform blind cuts. If you add the RS 10 pitch, roll and direction sensor you upgrade to a dual grade system and can excavate compound slopes.

Get real-time dig depth readings with guidance system
Leica Geosystems’ MC200 Digger excavator guidance system allows you to dig rapidly and accurately. It features a “learn and dig” profile mode along with real-time dig depth reading and target indication and operates in stand-alone mode or with laser grade reference.

Rear-vision systems help prevent collisions
The SV-CLCD-65-620 rear-vision camera system from Safety Vision consists of a camera, LCD monitor, control box and remote control camera switcher. Built-in audio lets people communicate with the operator through a one-way speaker. The color camera features infrared technology for optimum imagery and the monitor includes a distance grid and a day and night sensor and can switch views among up to three cameras. Safety Vision also makes a black and white camera with a flat-screen monitor.

Trench filler does the job in one pass

Toro has introduced a trench filler attachment that allows you to fill trenches with a single pass. Developed for use with the company’s Dingo compact utility loader, the trench filler is equipped with two sets of opposing augers that direct spoils from the sides of the trench back into the hole. Then it levels the work area as it continues to push material forward. Toro says the attachment can cover a trench faster than a machine can dig one and is less intrusive to landscaping than a bucket or blade. It also fluffs the turf on each side of the trench, leaving a minimal footprint on the ground.

Hydraulic auger bits dig at least 3 feet deep
ASV offers eight hydraulic auger bit sizes for its RC-30 all surface loader and four bits for its RC-50 and RC-60. The bits have a minimum 36-inch dig depth and replaceable heat-treated teeth. The smaller bits are good at penetrating hard ground, while the larger bits perform well in soft soil. The RC-30 auger drive unit has a 29/16-inch round drive shaft, and the RC-50/RC-60 auger drive unit features a 2-inch hex drive shaft and a planetary drive.

Drilling system works with low auxiliary hydraulic flow
General Equipment designed its 471 Dig-R-Tach earth drilling attachment system for use with the lower auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates found on popular compact loader backhoes, compact excavators and compact utility loaders. The system includes a universal mounting bracket that conforms to a wide variety of loader bucket configurations and one person can attach it without using special tools, drilling or welding.

Auger backfiller handles up to 12-inch trenches
Brown Bear has introduced two scaled-down versions of its self-propelled auger backfiller as attachments for skid steers. The R24B can be used with standard-flow hydraulics, while the R24C works with high-flow hydraulics. The backfiller is available in 7- or 8-foot widths, and tilt and angle options are available. The unit quickly backfills trenches up to 12 inches wide, working in parallel to the ditch line.

Mini skid steer trencher digs 4 feet deep
Ditch Witch offers several attachments, including a trencher, for mini skid steers. The trenching attachment will dig in a variety of soil conditions. An offset wide trencher, for digging footings, digs up to 4 feet deep and up to 12 inches wide. Dual augers and a trench cleaner are available.

Boom trencher moves dirt to outside of wheel track
The Bainter boom trencher attachment for skid steers uses a standard skid plate to maintain precise digging depth. Short and long augers move dirt to the outside of the wheel track, and an optional wheel kit ensures accuracy in soft soil.

Boring attachment nothing to yawn about
The McLaughlin horizontal boring attachment installs irrigation pipes, sprinkler systems and utility lines under landscaped areas, lawns, driveways and sidewalks. It can create clean, compacted cavities from 1-1/4 to 41/2 inches in diameter. It attaches to mini skid steers, and its motor produces 100 rpm at 9 gallons per minute hydraulic flow.

Work close to buildings
Premier Auger is launching the T150 and T250 planetary-driven trencher attachments for skid steers. Offering a wide range of speed and torque, the attachments include a replaceable spoil auger that mounds most spoil to one side of the trench and a manual side shift.

Drill has power to turn big auger in tough soil
Offering 110,000 foot-pounds of torque, the LoDril DH-100 is the most powerful unit in Bay Shore Systems’ lineup. Because of its low clearance and ability to turn a large diameter auger in tough soil conditions, the DH-100 is especially suited for power line contractors upgrading and replacing high voltage transmission lines.

Drive units come with five-year warranty
Danuser Industrial Group’s Model MS-615 drilling unit comes with single- or double-swivel mounting and a 2 9/16-inch round or 2-inch hex shaft. It offers 1,558 foot-pounds of torque. Danuser makes 24 drive units. Torque for the models ranges from 1,039 to 8,759 foot-pounds, and hydraulic flow ranges from 6 to 60 gallons per minute.

Create holes up to 50 feet deep with rotary drill
The MMC250 hydraulic rotary drill from TEI Rock Drills is capable of drilling holes up to 5 inches in diameter to depths of 50 feet. With 1,000 foot-pounds of torque and 1,500 pounds of pullback, the MMC250 is suited for tiebacks, blasting and fencing.

Drill close to structures with auger drive units
The Lowe 1650XL/XLH auger drive units have a vertical alignment that makes drilling a straight hole easy. The output shaft is located in front of the XL drives, allowing you to place holes close to structures. Designed to operate with hydraulic flows between 14 and 25 gallons per minute, the attachments are available in two shaft options: 2 9/16-inch-diameter round (XL) and 2-inch-diameter hex (XLH). Mountings for skid steers, backhoe