Caterpillar, Chinese industrial park developer sign agreements

Caterpillar subsidiaries in China have signed three memorandums of understanding with a Shanghai-government-affiliated company that is developing the world’s largest industrial park.

Shanghai Lingang Economic Development and Caterpillar reaffirmed commitments to the success of Caterpillar’s distribution center in the Lingang industrial area and to the establishment of a regulatory system that facilitates trade and investment in the region. Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services hopes to make the industrial area its premier center for supporting customers in China and the Asia Pacific region. A proposed service consortium alliance between Caterpillar Logistics Services and Lingang Group would create a one-stop service center to attract investors and clients to the Lingang industrial area.

Caterpillar operates 10 facilities, both joint ventures and wholly owned businesses, in China. It also has a network of independent dealers in the country.