Freightliner details new Business Class M2 V options

Freightliner Trucks has announced a collection of new options for its Business Class M2 106V and 112V trucks. For severe-duty applications, owners can now spec a one-piece, heavier-duty bumper. The bumper is crafted from 11/4-inch-thick solid steel and is available in painted or chrome versions.

For applications in which the truck’s hood cannot be raised due to front-end implement use, hood access hatches are now available, allowing easier pre-trip engine inspections or general maintenance work to be performed.

Additionally, an air-intake cleaner is now offered for all M2 vocational model trucks. This pre-cleaner creates a cyclonic action to capture dust and debris in a built-in drop-tube and helps extend the life of the primary air filter.

All of the new options will be available later this year.