Forklift attachments video provides safety tips, load capacity calculation info

In an effort to provide information about forklift attachments used to lift increasingly heavy loads into smaller spaces, the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association has produced a 15-minute program available in DVD and VHS formats.

The “Forklift Rigging Attachments” video includes descriptions, typical usage information and safety tips for common forklift attachments, including booms, winches, side-shift carriages and fork extensions. An accompanying workbook provides a knowledge test and detailed information about how to accurately calculate load capacity.

The DVD format of the video costs $95 for SC&RA members and $125 for nonmembers. VHS format costs $125 for members and $155 for nonmembers. To order, call SC&RA at (703) 698-0291.

SC&RA is an international trade association of nearly 1,100 members from 42 countries. The association monitors and affects pending legislation and regulatory policies at the state and national levels and researches and reports safety concerns and best business practices. To view the organization’s website, click the link to the right.