Volvo CE sells compact motor grader line

Volvo Construction Equipment has sold its compact motor grader business to Champion LLC, of Charlotte, N.C., a company organized by Gary Abernathy, manager of the Volvo compact motor grader product line since 1997. Abernathy became manager of the business in 1993 under its previous owner, Champion Road Machinery, which was acquired by Volvo CE in 1997. Using present production facilities in Charlotte, Champion will manufacture the motor grader product line under the “Champion” brand as models C60, C66, C80 and C86. Volvo marketed the machines as the G60, G66, G80 and G86. Volvo CE dealers will have the opportunity to retain distribution rights to the equipment from Champion, and Volvo CE will continue to support Volvo-branded compact motor graders in accordance with its warranty policy. Champion will be responsible for parts and customer support for Volvo compact motor graders that are out of warranty.