Pro-life contractors association halts clinic construction

A boycott by a pro-life contractors association recently resulted in the halt of construction on a Planned Parenthood facility in Austin, Texas.

One of the state’s largest construction companies, Browning Construction of San Antonio, pulled out of the project because of difficulty in hiring subcontractors willing to do the job. The owner of Browning, James Browning, said his company wanted out because it could not continue construction “due to events beyond our control.”

The Austin Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Association started the construction boycott seven weeks ago. According to the group’s chairman, concrete contractor Chris Danze, every concrete supplier within 60 miles of the jobsite had agreed not to supply materials.

Danielle Tierney, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region, told the Associated Press the boycott is a harassment and intimidation campaign, and that one subcontractor had received more than 1,200 calls from contractors nationwide urging him not to work on the project. According to Tierney, contractors have been told they would lose business if they participated in construction.

As for now, a replacement contractor has not been found. But Tierney says the building will be completed.