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During the power crisis in the Northeast last month, Caterpillar and its dealers helped many businesses, homes and utility companies get back to normal, thanks to 500 megawatts of backup and primary power.

By transporting power modules to the blackout areas, Caterpillar and many of its dealers helped meet customer demands in New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Cleveland and Detroit. The company also helped bring stability in the days following the blackout as power companies worked on the electrical grid.

“We had units on the road 30 minutes after we learned of the situation,” said James Parker, vice president of Caterpillar’s power systems marketing division, during the Caterpillar Analysts Meeting held near Tucson last week. “Our emergency response team in Mossville had access to all of our inventory, and we called on five of our largest dealers to stage units to the affected areas.”

“Our dealers responded immediately with power modules to support large utilities, businesses and residential areas,” Parker said. “The unexpected power shortages underscore how completely our economy and personal lives depend on the reliable transmission of electricity.”