McLaughlin no longer selling, distributing or repairing HDD tracking equipment

The following is a press release from McLaughlin Manufacturing Company

McLaughlin Manufacturing Company, a Greenville, S. C., based manufacturer and supplier of auger boring machines and verifier pipe and cable locating systems hereby announces that it will no longer sell, distribute or repair any horizontal directional drill tracking equipment, including that marketed as Spot-D-Tek or Mole Map.

Digital Control, Inc., a Renton, Wash., company, has acquired the horizontal directional drill tracking business formerly sold and serviced by McLaughlin Manufacturing Company. Any questions regarding Spot-D-Tek or Mole Map products should be directed to Digital Control, Inc.

McLaughlin Manufacturing Company continues in its core business of selling and servicing auger drilling and pipe and cable locating equipment. For information on current equipment or accessories, call toll-free 800/435-9340, worldwide 864/277-5870, fax 864/235-9661, email [email protected] or write McLaughlin Mfg. Co., 2006 Perimeter Rd., Greenville, SC 29605. Also, visit the McLaughlin website at