Texas dealer adds largest North American demolition machine to rental fleet

A Dallas equipment dealer has put the largest demolition machine in North America – a 100-metric-ton excavator – in his rental fleet. While only a handful of demolition jobs large enough to justify a machine of this size go on at one time, Mike Detzler, president of Continental Equipment Company, says the Komatsu PC1000 equipped with a JRB primary crusher is the key piece of equipment for concrete demolition.

“It’s not a smasher,” he says. “It’s not a shear. It’s a crusher that reduces concrete into rubble that can be handled by the smaller machines that are mainstays on most large demolition contractors’ jobs.”

The PC1000 hits the scales at more than 200,000 pounds, and a 542-horsepower engine allows the JRB crusher to deliver more than 280 tons of force. The crusher rotates 360 degrees, allowing the operator to quickly attach its jaws, which open to 96 inches.

Detzler says having the mammoth machine on hand is a great way for large demolition contractors to get to know his company, which covers northern Texas. The excavator is made for huge jobs that take months to complete or for large jobs that must be completed in a hurry.

Two trailers transport the rig, but it can be set up and ready to go in a day. “If the job’s right, it’s the kind of machine that can get a contractor in and out far faster than any other way he could approach it,” Detzler says. “With the fast-paced way that this kind of business is done, this is another thing that will get the attention of demolition contractors.”

Detzler says he expects the machine’s schedule to fill quickly as contractors become aware of its availability.