Terex Bid-Well partners with Terex Materials Processing Systems dealer network

Updated Apr 12, 2017
Terex Bid-Well Flatwork Paving

Terex Bid Well 4800 Paver

Terex Bid-Well is partnering with Terex Materials Processing Systems (Terex MPS) sales and support in an effort to grow equipment sales and service outside of the U.S. market.

“We are excited to work with the Terex MPS sales and distribution network, so we can offer a deeper level of customer sales and service for our versatile concrete paver design,” says Christal Dietzenbach, site director for Terex Bid-Well. “The experienced Terex MPS team already sells equipment that produces the material used to make the concrete paved by our equipment. We see many advantages for our customers by striking this relationship.”

Terex Bid-Well reports the partnership includes the full line of Terex Bid-Well concrete paving and placing equipment. Terex MPS says its reps, who will work directly with paving contractors and Terex Bid-Well techs, have gone through “extensive factory training” of the equipment covering the design, features and capabilities.

“Customers in many global markets can benefit from the quality increases and efficiency gains offered by the flexible Terex Bid-Well paver design,” says Simon Croker, global product line director, Terex MPS. “Contractors manually hand-pouring flatwork and bridge deck projects can substantially improve ride smoothness while significantly reducing labor costs and time requirements by using Terex Bid-Well pavers. Additionally, our paver can complete many applications historically paved by concrete slipform pavers, but at a fraction of the acquisition cost to lower long-term operating costs. Plus the Terex Bid-Well paver offers on-the-fly paving-width changes, which slipform pavers do not.”