Axios publishes leaked draft of Trump infrastructure plan

Updated Jan 31, 2018

Donald J TrumpThe news website Axios has obtained and published a draft copy of the White House infrastructure plan.

It’s unclear when the draft, which is embedded in its entirety in the Axios article, was written. It doesn’t mention a gas tax increase, and it provides less leverage for infrastructure spending.

White House officials have previously spoken about $200 billion in federal outlays as part of a $1 trillion program. That could lead to a possible 5-to-1 leverage when it comes to infrastructure spending, Axios reports, “but the draft plan appears to fall short, at least at the outset.”

The draft refers repeatedly to the “total appropriation,” but it does not say if the requested amount will be $200 billion or some other figure, Axios says.

Axios also quoted reaction from the White House:

“We are not going to comment on the contents of a leaked document but look forward to presenting our plan in the near future,” spokeswoman Lindsay Walters tells Axios.