Iowa DOT extends partnership with INRIX for road safety services

Updated May 8, 2017
Interstate 80 coming into Iowa. Credit: Flickr user Nathan BushInterstate 80 coming into Iowa. Credit: Flickr user Nathan Bush

The Iowa Department of Transportation has partnered with INRIX to use additional traffic services for real-time traffic and road safety management. INRIX has been supplying traffic data for the past three years for the agency to use in its traffic management and operations.

Iowa DOT will now use the INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns system that provides warnings to drivers and DOTs of stopped traffic or sudden traffic speed reductions.

“INRIX real-time traffic services has helped us to actively manage traffic on our system and more accurately measure and report the impact of transportation investments,” says Scott Marler, director of traffic operations at Iowa DOT. “The quality of data and innovative features give us the tools necessary to keep congestion at a minimum and keep drivers safe while on our roadways.”

In addition to the Dangerous Slowdowns system, Iowa DOT will use the following tools from INRIX:

  • INRIX Performance Measures – an on-demand, cloud-based analytics suite that leverages INRIX traffic data across the U.S. to help transportation planners understand what is happening on the roads, benchmark and improve roadway performance and maximize the investment of public funds. Performance Measures enables transportation agencies to analyze, visualize and understand road performance without the need for additional technology investments.
  • INRIX Trips – provides insight into the trips people take, including where they begin and end their journeys, and the waypoints in between. Trips is derived from industry-leading geospatial data processing, which enables a new understanding of population movement such as origin and destination zones, diversion routes during peak time and incidents, corridor usage, and more.
  • INRIX Real-Time Traffic Flow – leverages anonymous, real-time GPS data from millions of connected vehicles and devices to deliver the broadest and most accurate traffic information on freeways, highways, interstates and major arterial roads. INRIX enables transportation agencies to monitor live traffic data including roadway name, time, current speed, typical speed and travel time.

“We are proud to supply road safety and traffic information that improves system management and incident response, as well as delivers better information to travelers in Iowa,” says Scott Sedlik, vice president and general manager for INRIX global public sector. “The expansion of our existing agreement with the Iowa DOT further validates our world-class traffic services.”