Calif. Transportation Commission allocates $126.4 million for improvement projects

The California Transportation Commission has allocated $126.4 million for 49 projects for road and bridge upkeep and transit and rail system upgrades.

“Caltrans is working to ensure every dollar counts when it comes to California’s transportation infrastructure,” says California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Although we must not forget that our state highway system’s needs still exceed what resources are currently available, all these investments will benefit Californians now and for decades to come.”

The new funding allocations include:

$47.4 million from the State Highway Operation and Protection program for 15 “fix-it first” projects. These projects will “repair bumpy pavement, preserve roads that are in good condition from deteriorating and upgrade bridges to make them safer and stronger,” Caltrans says.

$32.6 million for eight capital improvement projects for, including work on and off the state highway system, that are part of the State Transportation Improvement Program.

$25.6 million for 21 Active Transportation Program projects.

$20.8 million for Transit and Intercity Rail Program projects.

The full list of projects is available here.