New app allows for management of message boards, traffic safety signs from a smartphone

Updated Jan 10, 2017

Cc App Home ScreenSolar Technology has released the Command Center Mobile Companion app for remote access to fleet management software for SolarTech traffic safety message boards and signs.

The company says users will be able to access the app using a 4-digit pin number, which replaces a lengthier and slower browser-based login procedure.

“By accessing Command Center, SolarTech traffic safety sign users can ensure that the right message is displayed, can change a message from the field, and can maintain a log of what message was displayed, and when,” the company reports. “Command Center also allows users to see the battery status and other remote diagnostics, which means their repair and maintenance crews have the info they need before traveling to the sign.”

Solar Technology says the app will also send automatic notifications in the event a sign is moved, the power fails or low battery.

“Once again, we’re pushing the boundaries to make our products the most technologically advanced in the industry,” says John Hayes, vice president, sales. “Making it easier to access Command Center is the latest innovation to ensure that SolarTech products are the easiest to use.”

The app is available from Google Play and from the App Store and can be found by searching for “SolarTech Command Center” on either platform.