Maryland DOT to use web-based electronic bidding for transportation projects

Updated Jan 5, 2017

marylandThe Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) will soon begin using a web-based service for electronic bidding in an effort to save money for the department and for contractors using the system.

Early this year, MDOT will employ Info Tech’s Bid Express system, which is used by roughly 40 transportation departments.

“By bringing our highway project bidding into the 21st century, contractors can securely submit bids from any computer, download contract documents, immediately receive any addenda to the advertisement, and collectively save $800,000 every year,” says Gov. Larry Hogan. “The contracting industry has been asking for e-bidding for many years, and we are pleased this will allow them to spend more time being productive and less time navigating red tape.”

The agency has been requiring contractors provide a hard copy bid package to its State Highway Administration (SHA) offices in Hanover.

“Any minor error could result in disqualification of a bid,” MDOT reports. “For the state, the new system is secure, bids include bond verifications, are instantly tabulated, results are ranked, and reports can be exported. By using Bid Express, SHA also saves five days in the process and $68,000 a year because they will no longer need to send documents to Maryland Correctional Enterprises for data entry.”

“Thanks to Governor Hogan making e-bidding a reality in Maryland, the contracting community will benefit tremendously,” says Jim Russ, president of the Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association. “Time spent driving can now be productive. E-bidding saves time, gas and money.”

“Each bid costs my company between $750 and $1,000 for document assembly, printing, gas, travel expenses and associated wages to execute this archaic process,” says Todd Becker, senior vice president of Wagman Heavy Civil Incorporated. “The savings using Bid Express are significant, and we are glad Maryland is moving forward.”

MDOT says the SHA will fully implement the e-bidding process by summer 2017.