Virginia DOT reopens Isle of Wight County bridge 7 months ahead of schedule

roadworksignThe Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has announced that the new Route 680 bridge over Stallings Creek, one of two Isle of Wight County bridges being rebuilt, reopened seven months ahead of schedule, according to the Daily Press. Early completion of the bridge was due mostly to the utility relocation being ahead of schedule.

The new bridge has no weight limit, while the old Route 680 bridge was structurally deficient and had a weight limit of 18 tons, VDOT spokeswoman Tiffany Whitfield said, adding that the new bridge is also higher, longer, and wider than the old one, measuring in at 50 feet long and 26 feet wide.

The second bridge, the Route 621 bridge over Passenger Swamp, is part of the same $1.7 million rural bridge project that was awarded to Abernathy Construction in March 2016. Construction of this bridge should be completed in June 2017.

“The bridges were both in need of replacement at approximately the same time, and the bridges are of the same general construction type,” Whitfield said in the press release, according to the news agency. “By combining these bridges into a single contract, the state was able to save money and time.”