Arizona DOT to launch I-17 driver safety project near Phoenix

Updated Dec 1, 2016

Arizona-Welcome-SignThe Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will launch a driver safety project on Interstate 17 north of Phoenix to include alerts for speeding, curves and traffic conditions.

Included in the project are digital displays showing drivers their current speed in relation to the speed limit, new signs indicating curves in the highway ahead of the driver and four overhead message signs providing details of traffic conditions.

ADOT describes the stretch of interstate between Black Canyon City and Sunset receiving the updates as steep and winding. It reports a recent analysis finds more than 40 percent of driver violations cited in crashes in the Black Canyon City area is “speed too fast for conditions.”

“I-17 is vital for passenger and commercial traffic between Phoenix and northern Arizona communities,” says ADOT Director John Halikowski. “We’re determined to identify options to increase capacity in that stretch of I-17 while also working with Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and other agencies to emphasize what drivers can do to improve safety.”

“We drive these highways too and care deeply not only about the time motorists lose in delays but the toll in injuries and lives lost due to speeding and driver inattention,” Halikowski said. “We’re committed to improving traffic flow and enhancing safety on I-17 and won’t stop until we get this done. But we can’t ignore driver behavior. We can all get home sooner and safely if we work together to avoid crashes.”