Liebherr PR 764 Litronic: The world's largest hydrostatic crawler tractor introduced at MINExpo 2008

In 1982, Liebherr created an entirely new class of crawler tractors when the first hydrostatically driven dozer was introduced to the market. Inspired by its popularity and proven success, Liebherr decided to step up its crawler range a notch by introducing the largest hydrostatically driven crawler in the world: the new PR764 Litronic.


Committed to bringing breakthrough products that make a real contribution to the earthmoving industry the PR764 Litronic has been carefully engineered. This crawler dozer delivers maximum pushing power and ripping force in all speed ranges regardless of the surface. It has an operating weight of up to 52.5t and features a new revolutionary drive concept: the D9508 310kW / 422hp Liebherr V8 diesel engine drives the crawler by means of four variable displacement pumps and engines, each in a closed circuit.


Operator Comfort and Ergonomics


The PR 764 Litronic has a completely redesigned operator™s cab which is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and safety.  In addition to a large comfortable cab, Liebherr has implemented air conditioning as a standard feature to ensure operator comfort for a full day™s work.


Its distinctive angled outer edges offer the operator an unobstructed panoramic view of the entire work area and great visibility of the blade and rear ripper.


Noise levels in the cab itself are minimal thanks to excellent sound insulation materials used. Noise levels are reduced even further by the low-revving 1,600-rpm engine and the demand-controlled hydrostatic cooling system.


Easily accessible maintenance hoods, a fuel tank filling point on the side, a standard tilt cab and the centrally posi­tioned maintenance modules make the PR764 Litronic extremely easy to maintain and also ensure safe operation.


Maximum pushing and ripping performance


The PR764 Litronic features a hydrostatic driveline system that provides increased pushing power, tractive force and counter-rotation providing excellent performance in any type of terrain and application; whether the machine is being used for heavy ripping jobs or to transport material.


The hydrostatic drive has a particularly low center of gravity, which makes the machine safe to operate even on very steep slopes. The machine also provides exceptional ground clearance a crucial advantage in rock applications.


Available as an option; a pivoting track system enables the rollers to adapt to the ground conditions. This ensures the engine”s pulling power even in the toughest ground conditions.


The suspension mechanism evens out irregularities in ground level and cuts impact stress to a minimum. This not only increases the life of the track system but also protects the machine from long-term damage.


About Liebherr:


The Liebherr family business was established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. The great success of his first patented mobile tower crane was the foundation on which the company flourished. Today Liebherr is not only one of the world™s leading manufacturers of construction machinery but is also an acknowledged supplier of technically innovative user-oriented products and services in numerous other fields.


The Liebherr Group is decentrally organized; divided into company units of manageable size that operate independently. This is to ensure proximity to the customer and the ability to respond flexibly to market signals in global competition.  Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. (LCE) is an independent business unit that operates under the Liebherr group umbrella. It came to America in 1970 when the Liebherr™s holding company decided to broaden its horizons meeting the needs of the North American market.  At present LCE is headquartered in Newport News, VA.


The Liebherr Group™s holding company is Liebherr-International AG in Bulle, Switzerland, which is entirely owned by members of the Liebherr family. The family business is already in the hands of the second generation and is jointly managed by Isolde Liebherr and Willi Liebherr.