SAKAI's Most Valuable Players: Heavy Hitters on Dirt

Las Vegas, Nevada At ConExpo ™08, SAKAI introduced an advanced line up of heavy-duty dirt rollers with enhancements designed to help earthmoving contractors move more material faster.

Included in this impressive group of products was the SV510-III Series, a line of 84 single drum compactors with a choice of drum types and options that bring this line to a new level.  These compactors are designed for high yardage compaction jobs on a wide range of soil types and rockfill highway and airport subbases, embankments, dams, reservoirs, and large commercial tracts.

The SV510-III Series comes in four model variations to suit the end user™s needs.  A smooth drum model, the SV510D-III, is designed for rock and granular materials while its sister, the padfooted SV510T-III is most useful on cohesive materials, silts and clays.  This latter model is also available as a TB version with a strike-off blade that eliminates the need for additional backfilling equipment and labor.  

The TF version includes a padfoot drum encased within a bolt-on smooth drum shell that can be removed when working on cohesive soils.  Unlike other ˜combination™ models on the market, this unique design keeps the diameter of the padfoot at optimum size when the smooth shell is removed.  This major design consideration enables a drive system without the surges presented by the alternative method that of a padfoot shell over a smooth drum.

For sheer compaction clout, the SAKAI is the best in the industry.  With high centrifugal forces and amplitudes to 0.09, these machines can make quick work of materials placed in even the thickest lifts.  All models come standard with dual amplitude, a productive feature on applications such as soil cement.

A new traction control system on all models in the series provides increased gradability on slopes up to 62%, making them excellent sources of compaction power in large trenches and up steep embankments.  The steering system of the SV510-III machines centers on the center point of one of the strongest articulated hitch designs in the industry.  With an average of over 12,000 pounds connected to either side of the hitch, this becomes a key safety factor that other manufacturers sometimes choose to ignore.  The system consists of taper roller bearings for articulation and a large ball bearing for oscillation.

The SAKAI patented shock isolation systems are completely independent of the drum drive system and are better designed and stronger than any other on the market today.  Located between the chassis frame and the drum drive motor, the shock isolators reduce the transmission of vibration back to critical machine components and the operator.

Competitive machines place the shock isolators between the drum and the drive motor meaning these isolators wear out faster because the drive torque is transferred to the drum through the rubber isolators whether the vibration system is on or off.  This wear then causes the machine to jerk with changes in direction, resulting in an irregular or rough compaction surface.

The SV510-III Series machines are powered by a Tier III, 148 hp Cummins Model QSB4.5 water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine.  This engine provides high fuel efficiency and fully complies with current EPA/CARB emission standards. This turbocharger has plenty of power in reserve and has shown excellent performance, even at high elevations.  The engine is mounted on rubber isolators to provide added vibration protection.

The SV510-III Series is equipped with a two brake, three-way failsafe system.  A hydrostatic service brake is located at the forward-reverse lever.  A wet disc, spring-applied, hydraulically-released (SAHR) parking brake switch is located on the instrument panel.  An emergency brake foot pedal activates both the hydrostatic and the SAHR brakes, and will automatically apply in the event of an engine or hydraulic system failure.  With operator safety as SAKAI™s highest priority, ROPS and seat belts are standard equipment on every SAKAI roller sold in North America.

SAKAI manufactures and markets a full line of compaction equipment, including vibratory soil compactors, vibratory asphalt rollers, vibratory pneumatic tire rollers and static three wheelers and other combination rollers.  For more information on the new SV510-III Series or other compaction equipment, please contact your nearest authorized dealer, or log on to or call 1-800-323-0535.