Bomag's Walk-Behind Single Drum Vibratory Roller – BW55E

Achieve optimum compaction results with this compact, versatile roller

The BW55E single drum roller has been designed for use on granular, mixed soils and bituminous materials. The high compaction performance, compact size and excellent maneu-verability makes it the ideal machine for road repair; patching and various other confined space applications. When conventional double drum rollers are unsuitable due to their size, the BW55E can be counted on to complete the job. This single drum vibratory roller has repeatedly proven its value in the field by consistently producing high compaction results under the most challenging conditions.


¢ Walkways, bicycle and cart paths
¢ Road rehabilitation and patching
¢ Driveways

Handling is Easier & Safer:

¢ Ease of operation through positioning of travel and vibration control levers ensures a high degree of user friendliness.

¢ The steering handle is fully adjustable to match the operator™s height.

¢ The narrow lateral overhang ensures maximum compaction right up to walls and curbs.

¢ The large diameter drum ensures high surface quality when working on asphalt and minimizes scuffing and tearing.

¢ Large water tank provides extended periods between refills; removable design simplifies filling.

¢ Ergonomic positioning of the controls together with the height adjustable steering handle makes handling easier for the operator.

¢ The drum is fitted with two scrapers to reduce material pick-up.

¢ The BW55E Honda engine is powerful and reliable.

Less Service & Maintenance:

¢ Thick drum shell provides maximum strength and long service life.

¢ The plastic water tank ensures that there are no problems due to corrosion.

¢ Life-time lubricated bearings are maintenance-free.

¢ The multi-disc oil bath clutch is adjustable and has a long life.

¢ The simple mechanical construction of the machine allows virtually maintenance-free operation.

¢ Honda gas engine will automatically shut off if engine oil is too low, preventing costly repairs.

¢ Efficient low-maintenance drive system ensures minimal operating costs.

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