Dec. 17 Webinar: How to Repair Concrete Pavements in Urban Areas

The American Concrete Pavement Association will be offering the Webinar, “How to Repair Concrete Pavements in Urban Areas” on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 1 p.m. CT.

Guest instructor Dale Harrington, P.E., Snyder & Associates, will host the training session.

The webinar will cover full-depth repairs; partial-depth repairs; diamond grinding; slab stabilization and other types of repairs that can be used for highways, airfields; and lower volume streets and roads. It also will provide “how to” information on the repair methods listed above, tailored specifically to streets and roads applications.

A special focus will be utility cuts and repairs. The discussion will include methods for backfilling, selection of repair materials for rapid opening to traffic; and construction methods.

The presentation will last about 60 minutes, followed by questions.

For more information on the Webinar or to register, click here.