Colorado DOT iPhone app helps put drinking drivers in cabs

Colorado DOT has come up with an app for the iPhone -essentially a blood alcohol calculator; there’s no breathing itno the phone — that lets people enjoying holiday drinks figure out if they had had too many of them. If they have, it helps them call a cab.

According to Colordao DOT, “The R-U-Buzzed BAC Calculator iPhone app is rolling out just in time for the holidays.  The free app available in the Apple App Store allows users to calculate their estimated blood alcohol concentration (BAC) based on how many drinks they have consumed, how long they have been drinking, and their gender.  The app suggests that having a sober driver is the only safe option, and it will even provide the phone number of a local cab company with just a tap of the screen.

 “The holidays are a time of year when people know in advance when they’ll be attending parties and drinking alcohol. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make the right decision to get a sober ride home,” said Pam Hutton, CDOT governor’s representative for highway safety.  “There’s never an excuse for a DUI, especially when it’s easy to find a safe and sober alternative.”

The BAC calculator is only a guide that calculates averages.  Alcohol affects everyone differently.  Influencing factors include food consumption, medication, health and psychological conditions.  Experts recommend that if a person is in doubt, they should choose to have a designated driver.”

Check out the full CDOT press release.